Best birthday party themes that every Delhi mom should be thinking of right now (psst… includes a party planner recommendation too)

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It’s January, and you all loved my Christmas gift recommendation list (on my Instagram handle: @the_blog_of_Ruchi) so much that I am still receiving compliments on that from you all! Now while gifting ideas have been resolved and most of your birthday/ party outfit queries have been handled over my feed, it’s finally time to give you the dose of party inspiration!

Painstakingly, I am making sure that there’s no lack of ideas when it comes to you celebrating big events in life! Especially when these events revolve around the little ones who tug at our hearts with their equally little fingers (I often address to mine as a pint sized dictator who has me wrapped around her fingers)!

My mind works in checklists, especially with the flood of Direct Messages I receive each day! The love, the out pour of free flowing gratitude, from you guys completely makes my day, and keeps me hugely motivated!

Talking about checklists, if you observed I have been closing the loop of throwing a perfect party for you!

  1. What to make the little one wear for that perfectly joyous occasion  (CHECK)
  2. What to gift as party favors (CHECK)
  3. What to gift (CHECK)
  4. What theme should you opt for the special party! (allow me to cover this topic in this post even though you guys have enjoyed Party Sunday on my feed for a very long time)

Following are my top 3 recommendations to make your party the talk of the town (and no it does not include unicorns! please let’s get over unicorns and Frozen too!)


Hello World/ You are our sonshine  (age group  0-1years)

Here I am trying to make recommendations loosely depending upon age groups but you should feel free to mix and match themes, if you like details from another theme you should go full throttle to make your party a success full of customization that would please you! After all it’s the very first of the very many parties you are throwing your little one!

Now, these 2 themes can be made gender neutral! That’s the beauty of it! Whether it’s a boy or a girl you can have a Hello World introductory party to let everyone know that the young one has arrived! With the You are our Sonshine you can simply go ahead with You are our sunshine for the little girl! I don’t discriminate between colors.

Hello World Theme : Party executed and planned by Craftstruck Design Studio, Images provided by Craftstruck Design Studio



Now for the age group of 0-1 years (unless you have friends who have babies who are very old my guess is that you would be in the stage where your friends are just getting married, just married or just about to pop stage ) you don’t really need many activities to engage the children as there would hardly be any children but more likely adults for whom it would be at best a party with a great theme where you, your baby, your family gets to play dress up and the adult guests get to enjoy a cocktail party! These two themes will be just perfect for that! A nice cocktail party with the perfect ambiance and decor details! If you would like to splurge why not get artists to perform!

You are my Sonshine: Party executed and planned by Craftstruck Design Studio, Images provided by Craftstruck Design Studio

Alternatively a Carousel theme OR a circus theme can also be planned! However, don’t forget to insist on the perfect photo booth, and cute centre piece details for the table arrangement!

Enchanted Garden/ Once upon a time/ Princess theme (age group 2-6 years)

Now this is the theme that I think every darling little girl is going to love! We are fans of all things Disney! So if you would like your girl to have a theme like these then just pick up a princess and let your imagination get wings! Plus these parties when it comes to decor can be extravagant to the point that I only feel that sky can be the limit! Now, when your baby and your baby’s friends from pre school are coming over, it becomes imperative that you have something to keep the little guests entertained with! There are tonnes of activities (even sensory activities)that can be planned around this theme. If the baby is a little older think: shelves full of princess-y clothes for little guests to play dress up from, hair styling, nail art etc this theme has the possibility to be endlessly girly! Also, I don’t think you need to be restrictive in terms of age groups for this one you can throw this theme for your new born or even your teenager (I have seen people do the whole arrival in carriage thing in this theme for first birthdays too)!

Princess Rapunzel theme: Party executed and planned by Craftstruck Design Studio, Images provided by Craftstruck Design Studio


Once upon a time theme: Party executed and planned by Craftstruck Design Studio, Images provided by Craftstruck Design Studio

If you are looking for a recommendation for a boy then you can also have a Farm animals (like below was a farm theme thrown for a first birthday party so age group is not really a bar when it comes to themes mentioned here in this blog post, they have been drawn just loosely/indicatively)or a barn theme (or pick up your baby’s favorite nursery rhyme or story book????) for this age group and have lots of fun activities planned around that!

Farm theme: Party executed and planned by Craftstruck Design Studio, Images provided by Craftstruck Design Studio

Olympics / Harry Potter (age group 7+)

Now if Harry Potter is not for all age groups I don’t know what is! Yes we are still waiting for our letter from Hogwarts and dying to get one sip of Butter beer. This theme is for super energetic children because as you can imagine both a witch and wizard can be entertained endlessly with this theme! The activities are all interesting and children can be entertained so very easily! Making it a party to remember forever!

Harry Potter birthday theme: Party executed and planned by Craftstruck Design Studio, Images provided by Craftstruck Design Studio

Same is the case with Olympics. I think it’s the most unique theme and will get you so many brownie points among your mum circle too! Think of a dazzling party full with gold medals and trophies for the children! Nothing unites children more than play and this theme is just that! It definitely gets our vote!

Olympics theme: Party executed and planned by Craftstruck Design Studio, Images provided by Craftstruck Design Studio

All these themes mentioned above have been done lovingly by Craftstruck Design studio, one of the best party planners in Delhi! Their decor is on point and we recommend you to check them out! If the pictures above have not converted you into believing so maybe a phone call will definitely make you believe that no matter how dreamy you want your party to be, it can be executed by the Craftstruckdesign Studio.

A little note to help you get acquainted with Craftstruck Design studio philosophy: They love helping parents who are keen on creating custom experiences at the party. The kind of experiences where the children will feel they are actually a part of that unique theme’s world! The entertainment of junior audience is their forte as all the above mentioned parties executed by them have always prioritized the small kids! The birthdays done by them are more than just balloons, rides and games for them. It is all about the children believing that magical moment! Kids living the actual characters by immersing themselves in the theme completely!

2 mumprenuers behind Craftstruck Design Studio

You can find Craftstruck Design Studio (Luxury Event Styling+theme based handcrafted decor+bespoke experience) on Instagram: Craftstruck Design Studio Facebook: Craftstruck Design Studio

Or quickly give them a call on: +91 9818474308




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