Are you traveling to Goa with a toddler?.. then this post has a hidden treasure for you!

Flashback: Circa before my baby

Everyone who has been following me since the time I started my blogging journey probably remembers how I was all about travel and making my vacation matter more than the hotel I stayed in. My logic was simple, invest on travel and not on an empty room! Why make your luggage have the time of it’s life in the room that you as the owner of that luggage are only just going to sleep in?

Fast Forward: Circa after my baby


I do not go on a vacation any more unless the stay that is finalised is up to the mark simply because any need can arise at any hour of the day when it comes to a baby and you need good service and hospitality at your beck and call.

Hospitality is the main thing that drives me coupled along with the comfort at property and facilities that the property has for kids. We love having a resort like experience so that we can enjoy spending time indoors too if we are unable to step out for whatever reason. Mostly because we do not interfere with Ivanka’s sleeping and eating pattern. This results in more limitations while planning a travel and any parent can understand that.

Now, as is custom, we have developed a family tradition of sort, it’s too early to call it a tradition because it’s only been 2 years since Ivanka has been in our life, but it was us travelling for the mother’s day 2 years in a row now..and this time the destination was Goa! This trip to Goa was uber special also because this was Ivanka’s first domestic flight! And what wonderful way to remember it because a. it was Goa b. Le Meridien, Goa, Calangute made it so special for me that it’s stuck in the memories forever now.

unnamed (23)

This Mother’s Day, Le Meridien, Goa, Calangute, invited and hosted me and my family in the best manner possible and we were so overwhelmed by the entire experience that whenever we go to Goa next with Ivanka, we don’t think we would want to stay at any other property! It’s the perfect stay-cation cum resort like experience for a family with such warm people all around! The hotel caters to all the needs that a parent of a baby of any age can have be it a toddler or an adolescent!

unnamed (3)


unnamed (19)

unnamed (22)

For mother’s day the itinerary they planned was also so relaxing keeping in mind that children can also be engaged and husbands don’t feel left out either! I was hosted along with 2 other fabulous bloggers. It was the most dynamic group and we went back to hotel room each night feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated with the meaningful chatter and bonding over the meal times.

We had an incredible art tour of the hotel, it was unbelievable to know not only that at every turn the art in the hotel had a common thread of meaning but also that there was presence of so much art all over the property, so much that it was even part of our family rooms as well. In keeping with this spirit and the brand’s signature ‘Unlock Art Programme’, Le Meridien Goa has collaborated with Museum of Goa, a privately owned Contemporary Arts Museum by Dr. Subodh Kerkar. With this partnership, guests of Le Meridien Goa, Calangute also get a complimentary visit and tour of Museum of Goa and be a part of the immersive cultural experiences that Museum of Goa hosts.

Later on what happened was my favorite part of the day the Eclair making session! You wouldn’t believe! Not only did I get to learn first hand from the masters but also that I managed to do it in one go! Aah.. I know a secret now! How to get eclairs to not only look good but taste good too!




The parts of the day when me and my husband wanted to unwind by the pool or just generally chill were resolved as the kids’ club at Le Meridien Goa, Calangute is a treasure! It’s indeed amazing to see a property go over and beyond to take care of it’s patrons every single need and especially understanding the needs of parents who travel with kids. It was not only the kids’ club that was incredible but also the fact that we got a very comfortable room right next to a well stocked library lounge! If that isn’t joy then I don’t know what is.

unnamed (27)


unnamed (24)



Oh wait, I do! Food! There are so many places in Goa famous for their food, and we tried to cover as many as are possible with a baby in tow without making the baby uncomfortable by adhering to the timelines that the baby imposes on us because we are very particular about her routines. Come what may! To be honest by reviewing the food at Le Meridien Goa Calangute, I would be putting a big amount of shade on every other place we went. So let me keep it short by saying that if you are staying in Le Meridien Goa Calangute you don’t need to go out for food at all (I mean who gets chicken and puri for breakfast buffet (Latest Recipe) and khichdi as room service for baby? The chefs are doing such a tremendously great job, the breakfast buffet at Latest Recipe had me floored the most as did Jazz and Grills-one of it’s kind venue in Goa! ) !

unnamed (28)



unnamed (1)unnamed (8)


If it’s for sunsets you step out then it’s a different story.


unnamed (14)

The only thing that’s perhaps lacking is the fact that they don’t have a private beach. Had they had a private beach I don’t think there would have been a property better than theirs’! Anyway to make up for the lack of beach, let me tell you that the beach is hardly at a 5 minute walking distance. This beach is one of the cleanest beaches too! We had such a fun time rolling in the sand with kids and the team from Le Meridien Goa, Calangute.

TRAVEL TIP: Do not by any chance take the pram to the beach.

All those who were asking me whether they can go to pubs with their baby and whether pubs allow babies. It’s not a question of which pubs allow or not but it’s more about are you comfortable with taking your baby to place full of smoke? This is the reason why choosing a great property becomes imperative when the location is great especially when travelling with the baby.

I had a very relaxing time with my family, mostly because the issue of food and keeping my child positively occupied with age appropriate activities was taken care of by the lovely people at Le Meridien Goa, Calangut.


unnamed (9)

unnamed (12)


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