Why I am throwing all of my baby’s colors out and switching to this incredible product instead

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After gushing all about yesterday’s discovery on my insta stories (Instagram handle: @the_blog_of_Ruchi) and getting so much of appreciation on my find I thought I will make it a permanent part on my blog. And add in some other amazing product recommendations too, which believe me, are as magical a discovery as my yesterday’s find.

It’s safe to say these products have turned me into a Crayola fan!


Being a hands on mom with no help some times it gets very difficult to make paints at home. Even though our favorite home made color is beetroot based, sometimes there’s no beetroot at home. There’s always a possibility to go for food colors available easily in market but I think I have found an easier and more accessible way out with Crayola’s washable finger paints. This is the only mess free painting solution that you have always been looking for. You can let your baby be with these paints, watch over them from a safe distance so they don’t start eating it, and let an open ended art activity begin! It’s recommended for 3 years + (perhaps because the cap is the small part which can be a choking hazard) but I just couldn’t wait to try them, as the packaging says they are non toxic! The result was out of the world. Ivanka enjoyed them yesterday in their individual color capacity but today we got even more comfortable and I let her mix all the colors together to make her understand how all the colors (we have the Orange, Green and Violet combination) when mixed together give the muddy color Brown! Over time I will try to explain to her gradients of various paints that can be made by adding the color white, but till then I am happy to let her get the muddy color,that, we who have grown up painting are very well accustomed to! So, what was amazing about this was that without even the use of soap the color got removed from hands immediately under running tap water! With no effort! It was a thoroughly amazing experience.






Ivanka posing with her master piece. On Ivanka: Outfit- Chiquitita by Payal BahlChiquitita by Payal Bahl , Kolhapuri- Preet Kaur 
Ivanka posing with her master piece. On Ivanka: Outfit- Chiquitita by Payal BahlChiquitita by Payal Bahl , Kolhapuri- Preet Kaur 

I picked them up from Hamleys India, but they are available here.


Honestly I had just picked these up because (they were non toxic) I am such a sucker for stationary and all things art. But you have to know that after falling in love with Crayola yesterday I only fell more so in love with crayola today! The reason why I am throwing all her other colors out!

Today, while my baby was in her nursery she decided to color on her customised hand painted table. I can’t even tell you how horror struck I was. Usually she has been taught to color only in her art book. But to my amazement the crayons read that they were washable, I didn’t remember this aspect. One smooth water wipe and the color went away. Today only I realized that my baby has entered the phase where the art book is not going to be sufficient and I am so glad that I have these washable crayons. You can’t believe how relieved I was after the color went. But simultaneously it was a lesson for my baby to not do this again. Repetition of a message I believe is a great method to reinforce a habit instead of shouting or scolding. Keep in mind that every mistake is an opportunity to teach a child the right way and not really an opportunity to shout at them or shame them.


I picked up these from Bangkok. You can buy them here


Well when the art book is not enough and you don’t have the washable white wash at home! Window is your arena! I was reluctant in using these at first. But do I need to again repeat what was the outcome? The window was same as it was before even after using these! AND we had truck loads of fun!


I picked up these from Hamleys India. You can buy them here.

Most of the stock of all these quantities is 2-3 on the link I have shared! I hope you shop them fast or you can always head to the official website of Crayola.

Have fun guys! I love hearing back from you and all the love you pour on me! In case you miss anything on my blog or in Insta stories, just know that I have highlighted everything on my Instagram feed (@the_blog_of_Ruchi do give it a follow if you aren’t already) so you can always come back and soak it all in!


Ok I think it’s time for another coffee.

This post was powered by a mom with cafffeine in her system. The mom is me.

Ruchi xx


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