All I want for Diwali is…

Hi guys!

So everyone has been waiting for Diwali and I have been no different. The ‘Festival of Lights’ brings a different kind of joy that cannot be found in any other festival. I believe I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that every year we wait with bated breath to enjoy Diwali with all our families and friends.

With Diwali comes the tiring but joyous activity of buying gifts and presents for our close ones, and even ourselves. The best destination for all our gifting needs for the last ten years has definitely been Select CITYWALK. The revolutionary shopping center has changed the perception of people’s experience of shopping, eating, watching movies or just having fun. Even in its 10th year of gifting us an amazing shopping experience, Select CITYWALK has never been a showdown, which is why I decided to go for my Diwali shopping at this perfect hub! main facade

Even though I found the perfect gifts for everyone else I had in mind, it turned out that I myself had not decided what I wanted to buy this festive season. Setting into a mild sense of panic, I started browsing all the shops once again. Suddenly, I see the poster of the new ‘iPhone 8’ on the walls and I finally know what to get for myself!iphone

Just like Select CITYWALK, the iPhone 8 has been launched on the Apple iPhone’s 10th year anniversary, and with its revolutionary features like the best processor and camera along with wireless charging, the product has me sold. The new blush rose gold color also looks spectacular and I quickly made the decision that I wanted to buy iPhone 8 this Diwali from my preferred technology store of Croma or send someone there to gift an iPhone 8 to me for Diwali. Finally, feels like the festivities are kicking in! Croma also has a range of other items like cameras, TVs, and laptops that you can purchase to bring in the festival of light.croma

There have been times when I have had the exact same dilemma regarding what I had to buy. But for the last 10 years, it has always been Select CITYWALK which saved me from my misery and cropped up with options so that I never have to think about what I need to buy again.

As the shopping centre brings a decade of existence and celebrates its 10th anniversary in style this November – the pleasant Delhi weather also makes it a perfect time to be there –it invites everyone to shop, dance and win prizes with them. So if you are the adventurous one or like sitting back while relaxing music plays in the background, you know Select CITYWALK is your place to be.So what are you waiting for? Block your calendar already and be sure to have a ball!

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