Which coloring book is the best for your baby?

Hi everyone,

Finally the long weekend is over and honestly I need another one. It just flew by. This time of the year is the best, the festivities and this entire lit up atmosphere of joy that engulfs us all into this big whirlpool of happiness is just beautiful. Ivanka saw her first Raavan go up in flames and enjoyed a fair that was full of extremely yummy stalls and swings that she saw other big kids enjoy. And oh there was Anupam Kher too!

All this while on the long weekend one of you mums asked me a question which coloring book is the best for your little ones. I am sure the long weekend necessarily called for engaging the baby even more. Finding whatever time we can to be with the baby is incredible and such bonding activities only enhance the pleasure manifold. These memories are forever.


To answer you all, I told you how I use My Name Quest and how satisfied I am with the result. This is not just a coloring book. This is actually a story book. A personalized story book to be exact. An activity book. A book that teaches your baby to spell his or her own name in the most creative way ever. An art and craft book. All in one.

Also, if your baby has it then yours is the only baby who has it unless someone else shares his or her name, then too the choice of clothes on the character (yes you can even choose the color on the clothes of the character) can be different making the adventure even more different. How could I not suggest something that covers so many bases in just one go! It’s too different from the other books that I have ever got for her.




Now, I am sure you are more intrigued to know what exactly is this product all about, so here goes:

Before getting Ivanka’s My Name Quest I was asked to choose the color on the outfit of the lead character- my baby, give the name and gender of my baby and if I wanted a personalized message to be written on the book, sort of a dedication for our baby.

We received our quest and this is what we found inside the box to put Ivanka on the quest of her name:


-My Name quest book (First was the message that lifted up our spirits instantly and being a person who loves art so much and a mum who wants to pass on the joy of art and reading to her baby I was delighted to read “The world is a wonderful, colorful place! This book gives you just a glimpse of the beautiful colors sure to bring a smile to your face 🙂 ” You guys sure did! The best coloring book ever. And again I find myself unable to put a label on this book because it’s not just a coloring book it’s so much more.)

-Facts and Trivia for grown ups and kids (this is pretty interesting and again would be different for different quests)

-Crayons (ours weren’t personalised but I have seen that they have personalised crayons in the past, this dampened our spirits a bit because we love everything personalised)

-Chalk (they are so thoughtful they have used the back surface of the box to act as a chalkboard, it’s pretty awesome really, especially since babies love scribbling everywhere using a different medium makes the activity more fascinating)

-Ribbon (what for???? read the next few contents and in my opinion another bonus usp of this product)

-Bunting solid color panels

-Bunting printed panels to go with the object baby just colored

-Alphabet cut outs of the name of your baby (unfortunately for us Ivanka’s name was misspelled as LVANKA but we didn’t let that hinder the process as we simply cut the lower line of L and turned it into an I woohoo! We were happy to excuse them for this error because L could easily turn into an I but I think if we had say S in place of L then I am sure we would have asked to exchange the product and the super helpful guys at My Name Quest would have replaced our product immediately. We were too excited to send it back especially since the L looked like an I just fine once cut!

One thing that I really missed out on was Glue stick. Because one of the days when we were doing this activity we were not at our place and we so wished there was a glue stick or you know stickons, or maybe they can turn these alphabets into stickers? it would be so much fun to see Ivanka peel off these stickers! I love handing out stickers to Ivanka as an activity it keeps her busy for a long time. To make it easier for her I usually remove the outer stickers which are useless but hold the sticker shapes in place.

All in all this activity book/story book/coloring book/ quest book/ adventure book kept Ivanka’s interest piqued for an entire week. That’s saying something.

I think this book is perfect for any age group of small children for instance:

0-6 months : Can enjoy listening to the book and seeing the vibrant pictures (once they are out of the black and white stage) name comprehension

6-12 months: Start practicing their princer grip on crayons and chalk, name comprehension gets better

12 months- 2 years: Lacing activity of putting the ribbons inside the punch holes on the bunting, sticking, coloring, browsing, learning to spell their names whilst enjoying the adventure

2 years + Enjoying art and craft independently whilst simultaneously learning how to spell their name with alphabets

Older children can enjoy the coloring by engrossing themselves and reading themselves!

It’s a book that will stay with you for a long long time. It will be with me till the time Ivanka actually learns to spell her name and even after that also!


How we went about the book:

We spread the activity out over a week and used the early morning hours when she best enjoys some activities and retention power is at it’s best. Also, some days we tried right after waking up some days after breakfast to tire her out before her morning nap. This trick was adopted: one alphabet+ one page colored+ one bunting panel a day! It just gave her something to look forward to every morning and also we made the book last much longer while it was still colorless. Now she enjoys browsing through these colored pages which have new colors done by her on them everyday. It was extremely fun making the name bunting come together on the last day. We have made it a permanent part of Ivanka’s nursery to remind her of how mumma helped her way too much into making something Ivanka loved a lot as an outcome.

This quest is the one that is a must for your children! If you would like to order yours right now or would want to know more about this book then click here!


Some of you also asked me about colors to let your babies use, well I use any regular colors, infact Ivanka uses my Staedtler set, for My Name Quest she used the colors provided by them. I am not too fussy about the colors she uses because I am always eyeing her like a hawk, and don’t let her put the hands full of color in her mouth. She also gets a bath soon after her coloring session.

If you are an overtly conscious mom then you can go ahead with making vegetable colors, fruit colors, flower colors at home for your precious ones. I frankly don’t have the time. Though I would love to take up this activity with Ivanka on a rainy day spent in. If you would like an easier option then you can also use regular colors that are used to color food we eat. These are available readily in the market.

We also started using Melissa and Doug colors for Ivanka, they are quite safe but sadly just to bring the color out from them on the paper takes so much effort even for us that we see Ivanka just give up or the color over to us to color because the color is so light.

That in my opinion steals away the joy to explore the beauty of colors.


One of you mums even messaged how incredible a product is Water Wow by Melissa and Doug, and how it gives you a wet brush (colorless/transparent) to paint in the book and it’s like real water colors and perfect travel companion. Also, this book can be re used multiple times. I am yet to buy it and try it (maybe I have figured it out all wrong)but I think that one of the characteristic flaw in it is that the baby will never get to know which color is he/she using because the color that comes out in the book will be pre programmed sort or rather pre done. I personally feel I would want Ivanka to choose the color of her choice and scribble all over-I would love to see Pink trees, Blue sun, Green sky, Golden stars and who knows what else a baby’s imagination is full of if we don’t put boundaries on their beautiful mind.


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