How do you like your mushrooms? I like mine in this unique and special way.

Hi guys!


My love for Mushrooms is eternal. I think I have rubbed off that bug onto you too with my consistent morning ritual that revolves around garlic pepper butter Mushrooms! At least that’s what I like to call them because that’s almost all that I use to make those yummy mushrooms and yes, I have them every single day as a side to my well done omelette. I am so glad my kid is following the suit and loves mushrooms- actually we give her everything off our plate no matter whether we are eating out at a restaurant or eating a home cooked meal, moderation is the key!

I love including my kid in everything we eat as I firmly believe that nutrition is the most important thing and we need to moderate our children’s diet very methodically by maintaining a balance. I even go down to planning her day to day diet on a chart with alternative fun recipes in case she throws a fuss. I cook all her meals. I won’t hesitate to admit that at times I need to get creative about how I get nutrition in my kid’s diet when she is acting all fussy.

So one day when she wouldn’t have the mushrooms my way I did it in a way that was pleasing to both of us (keeping in mind that she only has one tooth till date), I experimented with my recipe that I had come up with in my school days. And guess what? It involves every Indian household’s favorite- Maggi! Done even more healthily. I might as well add that fat is also a key content in a balanced diet for adults too, quantity of which is determined by your own lifestyle.


So guys here’s a question for you… what goes best with mushrooms???? yep you guessed it right! Butter! Cheese! White sauce! Garlic! Parsley! Basil! Pepper! Ta da the magical ingredients have been presented to you! And my recipe for cheesy mushroom Maggi follows:


STEP 1•Melt butter on a frying pan or tawa


STEP 2• Add 2-4 diced garlic pods (depending on your taste) on the hot melted butter and let it fry for 30 seconds. Unfortunately I didn’t have garlic so I had to do away with it

STEP 3•Add 1 box of sliced button mushrooms to the still white garlic, don’t let the garlic get too brown


STEP 4•At this point take the Maggi cake and put it to boil.


(Trailing off a bit here with tips on how to make a regular masala Maggi better , to continue with the Cheesy Mushroom recipe hit STEP 5 or to continue with nostalgia chain and insightful insights on a regular masala Maggi continue to read below:

You know how Maggi has 2 cakes even in the single packet if you break it apart gently from centre so I did just that and used the half of the single packet because this mushroom cheese version doesn’t need the taste maker, however, since 3 of us were having the breakfast, namely- me, my husband and my kid, I used the second half to make the regular masala Maggi for my husband (who is not a white sauce fan) and it turned out to be amazing because I used the entire tastemaker in that half a cake of Maggi- though I solemnly swear by Tom Uncle’s Maggi in North Campus or Irfan Bhaiya’s Maggi in SRCC or various versions of Maggi at St. Stephen’s canteen I can also swear that the masala Maggi I fixed for my husband in which he luckily got the extra tastemaker was equally good the only thing we missed was green chilli – Hari Mirch and some onions.

Entire packet of taste maker in half a cake magi for Masala Maggi


Masala magi for my husband because he is not a Cheese person)

STEP 5• Once the mushroom starts to leave water let it get a bit brown but make sure the water doesn’t dry off I love the flavour in excess that mushroom leaves. Fried along with butter and garlic it smells so good and tastes even better.

STEP6: Now when the mushroom is hot enough add all your favorite cheeses! I used the Herb and Garlic version of it along with some regular cheese slice that was kept at home.

Wait for cheese to melt but keep on with the process of tossing and turning.

Some regular cheese slices at home

STEP7: Once I have added the cheese and my mushrooms are a light brown but still looking fresh and full of juice do I add salt to quicken up the cooking process. Along with Black Pepper and very less herbs – Parsley, Basil and Oregano if you have it.


STEP 8: Though this much sauce is more than enough but I even used the classic Alfredo white sauce which I have readily available at home. If you do not have it, just heat lot more butter (250gm) in a separate pan fry 7-8diced garlics in it for a bit with salt and pepper then add milk to it and let it thicken. Add this to your cheesy mushrooms to make more sauce or compromise and be lazy like me and add milk directly to the cheesy mushrooms if you don’t have the sauce, but let it thicken.

STEP9: Use the now done (al dente preferably) Maggi along with a little bit of water depending upon how thick a gravy you like and add it directly to the mushrooms! You can even grate more cheese if you like.


STEP 10: Toss it well let it blend and add parsley and oregano to it according to taste or other herbs that you might like!


STEP 11: Mix well and serve.

The outcome of my age old recipe was quite extra ordinary. My kid had quite a bit of it because I mixed it up with mushrooms hence taking away all the spice from it. I think she even took some from my husband’s masala Maggi.





We don’t believe that we should deny our child or ourselves any food, as we come from a school of thought that no food is unhealthy, the quantity that you consume it in is what makes it healthy/unhealthy. A balanced diet is mandatory along with physical activity.

I loved eating Maggi cold in school from my friends’ lunches! And oh that’s another favorite version of Maggi with which I am sure so many of you relate with- cold Maggi cakes shaped like lunch boxes! Even at work I was so hooked to Maggi that I always kept ordering Maggi at my desk daily. Along with cold coffee of course! So in short I believe that there’s no point denying children the foods they like completely.

Especially since Maggi strikes the balance with protein, carbs and fat which is quite similar to the recommendations of Indian Council of Medical research.


Also, ending this blogpost on a fun fact that I read recently and was fascinated with , did you know that there are steps in Maggi noodles cake’s cooking process which are very similar to that of idli? First, they are steamed, then they are baked. Later they are quickly fried to reduce moisture, so that we can boil it and cook it at home. Finally, after drying and cooling the noodles are packed! All this is done to increase the longevity of the product that reaches us at home.


Happy cooking you guys! This mushroom Maggi will take about 15 minutes to cook once you have the cut mushrooms ready. Trust me it will be a hit amongst adults and kids alike. Also, after this I am going to try out the oats Maggi next! I was so excited to discover the very many versions of Maggi that exist now in super market! Maybe Maggi should do a mushroom version too like they have veggies in atta noodles (my anotherfavorite)! Because try as I might I couldn’t reduce the cooking time to 2 minutes for my version of Maggi!


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