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Hi guys!

It’s Friday night and I actually have no plans for the night. As of now. Hence, this post is seeing the light of the day..night.

We are busy decorating Ivanka’s nursery and oddly enough, the first item we purchased was an airplane. It might appear to be a rather masculine choice for a girl, but that’s what this blogpost is all about. There’s no such thing as a masculine or feminine toy. Toys for girls or toys for boys. Let’s try to bridge the gap and say it’s completely ok for boys to like dolls and girls to like planes or cars! “All toys are for all children” something I read is what sums up my sentiment the best.

I remember while growing up we always played house.. amongst other things and hey, guess what? guys played with us too! This involved tea time parties for the barbies and guys back then were completely ok with it and also had as much fun playing it as did the girls. Equally important here would be to mention that I tremendously enjoyed playing in He-Man’s den or was it Skeleton’s? with my childhood friends. In fact I (made my mom dad) purchased Skeleton’s action figure because my other friend and his sister had the den and He-man along with Battle Cat (though i totally wanted He- Man action figure but for benefit of all I picked up Skeleton). We were just so happy playing, that, this gender division never came to foreplay. Now, that I am thinking of all these toys, I remember how I had everything for my barbies from bath tub (with actual running water), to kitchen to bed to little barbie Nikita,and we all played together, girls and boys and sharing of toys was always on top of the list.

It’s saddening to see most of these toys are being replaced with technology and how we are all but killing the kids’ imagination by letting them play with our phones and view videos on repeat or play with battery operated toys.

These things might have become a norm, however, I still rely on toys that are manually operated and require imagination to bring them to life in the eyes of the child they are in front of. Also, I am a fan of wooden toys (with no sharp edges) for children. Ivanka is mostly a fan of all things that are not toys.

To drive home the fact that A. I don’t believe in gender differentiation in terms of toys(or even colors – remember how Ivanka’s main birthday dress was Blue in color? However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the color Pink. But it’s a matter of preference and not something related to Gender), we made another new addition to Ivanka’s nursery – a car! It’s a pretty Cadillac model from India Model Art and is at the moment being used in the nursery for decorative purposes only as it has small parts that are not safe for children under 3 years of age. B. For all practical purposes in future it is manually operated and the most fascinating thing has to be that all doors can open and I love it’s size. (I had such puny hot wheels as a kid. And yes I was completely into cars too as a kid and those car tracks, I even had a steam engine that blew out actual smoke, oh god this post is reminding me of so many favorite toys….oh I just remembered the visits to rail museums and doll museums equally well, with planetarium being my favorite. Not to forget I was a lot into Cricket, Football .. any sport really. And I don’t see why Ivanka shouldn’t play with whatever she wants to.)

To highlight the Cadillac’s features:

  • Highly detailed precision Die-cast models
  • Metal body and plastic parts
  • Opening doors, Bonnet and Trunk (MY FAVORITE PART)
  • Detailed Interiors and Chassis (YES!)
  • Full Functional Steering (DEAL MAKER)
  • Working Suspension (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

To conclude and to let you chew on it a bit -the consequence of segregating toys for boys and girls by labeling them girlish toys or boyish toys can result in children of both gender stopping to play together at a much earlier age by creating stereotypes which are largely unhealthy for both genders, ultimately resulting in various social inequalities in future leading to an imbalanced society.

P.S. I was often labelled Tom boyish, heck, let’s just stop labeling every thing that breathes. And live. Life in peace. You may say…

Car Model we got for Ivanka from India Model Art can be seen by clicking here.


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