What a luxury weekend experience in Delhi feels like

I remember how Select CITYWALK has always been an integral part of my younger years in college. From dating to celebrating birthdays to running into common friends to hanging out with best friends to all the special festivals that come in with great Facebook worthy DP material decoration that they always have!

Especially, how Christmas is not Christmas if you haven’t visited Select CITYWALK for their awesome luxurious experience! The vibe they exude is not just limited to Christmas Day but every other day and how can I not mention Diwali mela? Also, they were the ones who made flea markets so popular in Delhi!


Now, as I have grown up and my outings are usually numbered to the outings on the weekend as days with my baby keep me busy all the other times, I still look forward to my outings to Select CITYWALK. How huge is Select CITYWALK? I have never been able to complete the entire place in one day ever! Especially if the sale season is on I just have to go to all the shops before I make the final purchase this usually means dividing my shopping days in Select CITYWALK to 2 days!

Select CITYWALK – Go shopping! Oh yes!

After baby the pace definitely slows down but experience Select CITYWALK offers is still the same. Though, I have to admit I am not that up to date with locations of new restaurants I want to try , to new outlets that have opened up over there. So this weekend when we headed to the extremely gentle and helpful staff at the concierge we also got to know of the baby changing and baby feeding centre that’s right there, next to the concierge which I happened to spot and was not ready to believe, the concierge had to doubly assure me smilingly that yes it is true and it’s been there since forever! I don’t know why as a new mum I had always assumed that no place in Delhi would be sensitive to this need of all mums! And there it was my stress reliever! What’s even better is there are 3 booths inside for 3 mums to feed at a time. We were so happy to change Ivanka and feed her and be glad that she was well taken care of by us and now we could go ahead enjoying our time at Select CITYWALK without the guilt of taking our baby for granted! Needless to say this service along with the patient and helpful staff treating me like a guest instead of customer with excellent hospitality led to me spending extra time at Select CITYWALK!

You all know my weakness for trying food at new restaurants and on my list were YUM YUM CHA and Andrea’s Eatery! Because Puneet wanted Dim Sums and I wanted Pizza! We went to YUM YUM CHA first and as expected there was peak waiting! How popular is YUM YUM CHA! We ordered Chicken and Chilli oil Dim Sum basket which I am sorry to say but Puneet got very less of because I am like that switching my preferences mid meal to what’s on his plate like every other time. Ok, I am lying. Not every other time but every time! Every. Single. Time. I eat what he has ordered for himself.

Packed at any hour


We literally placed the order while browsing menu outside as we waited our turn for agonizingly long minutes.
Savoury sauces
I know you want it now.
One word- YUM
Favourite summer drink this season
Cuteness overload

We also ordered the most refreshing drink that’s around this season Thai orange and Kafir Lime ! This drink is love! All the tiredness from endless shopping madness gets swept off in one go with this drink. And also there’s something very satisfying about the meals you have post shopping. I have this feeling of contentment of mixing food and shopping on repeat every time after shopping at Select CITYWALK.


Any way it was obvious that if I chose to have Puneet’s food I still wanted my primary staple choice of Pizza! I am such a Pizza junkie! To be honest, I never used to like pizza to begin with but it’s a habit,  a very bad habit I got from someone. I almost always resent having Pizzas but but but this brings me to Andrea’s Eatery and the amazing thin crust pizza we had there without the strands of Pizza guilt attached! Yes, Puneet ate more slices than I did and yet we had some left for take away. What surprised me at the time of take away was the branding on the bag – it reads Amici! So though I thought that my beloved Pizza place in Select CITYWALK had shut down but in truth it just got revamped to it’s more cooler self with more variety and cooler ambience! The pizza was just how I wanted it just how I always crave at Amici! Andrea’s Eatery is Amici raised to the power n! The staff is so quick on their feet at the newly revamped repackaged Amici aka Andrea’s Eatery with lots more added to the menu!

Voila a new place to feast those taste buds
How cute is the menu resembling a coffee table book on travel


Love the entire casual vibe at both the places – YUM YUM CHA  and Andrea’s Eatery. Also, I think I was not over my Kafir lime drink at YUM YUM CHA… that I ended up ordering a similar drink called Summer is back at Andrea’s Eatery for take away because hey we have a baby and we needed to get back home after the long and satisfying day we spent at Select CITYWALK! Our perfect shopping weekend topped with yummy food!


An empty platter of highly satisfying meal. P.S. What satisfaction truly looks like


All the new things happen over here first in the city…It was and is always a luxurious experience to be here. Signing off now on the musical notes that are often heard live from the piano at Select CITYWALK.



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