5 Indian online shops you must consider for return favors if you are planning to throw a party

Hi everyone!

I really miss reading books. It’s month 6 and I had targeted to finish 67 books this year. I reached to 3 in first 2 months of the year and now the book that I had pre ordered (was really excited for it) has reached me I haven’t yet opened it. It’s been like.. 2 months it’s just been lying there… trust me I really want to read it. However, I think I will find some solace in the fact that the reason why I haven’t opened the packing is perhaps because I am in middle of another book. To those who are interested the book I am currently in the middle of is ‘Heartless’. It’s a nice simple read but I have still not completed it. It’s a unique take on Queen of Hearts from Alice in wonderland before she went all evil how she was all good!
I have been really obsessed  with Alice in  wonderland since I was a kid and once when someone I knew told me I was so muddled in the head that I was like Alice trying to find my way after falling down the rabbit hole, I didn’t quite agree with that person then, but hey it did get me thinking.. aren’t we all Alices? Trying to find our inner strength fighting those inner battles? Out to slay the jabberwocky?
That’s exactly what I hope for Ivanka, to be able to combat the jabberwocky with all her inner strength .. and know that her mother believes in her and all her strength that even Ivanka doesn’t know she has!
So anyway, now that we have again started talking about Alice and you guys have been writing to me for birthday favor inspiration then honestly look no further as I have compiled a list of businesses which can really help you with return favors:
1. Paperdesign Company
Alice’s adventures in wonderland inspired gift tags that we got done to go in Ivanka’s birthday favor bag.
This is my top ranked business for personalised stationary that you will absolutely love. I am a very complex person who loves to complicate things more than it’s necessary and it’s inevitable that I fall in love with things and people who can see through all these complexities and help me solve my problems in the way I could have never ever anticipated.
Two different designs for notepads that we got done for the kiddies because we couldn’t choose one!

aIMG_2582 (1)




Paperdesign Company is just that. And more.
With Ivanka’s birthday favors on my mind and only a few bullet points in my head and vague snippets of ideas from here and there, fragmented thinking, headless ideas .. and voila a complete synchronisation of all the muddled up thoughts done even more beautifully then I could do is what Paperdesign Company is for me. They left no scope for improvement.
I had given them 3 things to begin with:
Theme: Ivanka’s adventures in One derland
Colors: pastel palette
Characters: Mad hatter, Alice, Queen of hearts, Cheshire Cat, Rabbit, caterpillar, cards
They spun magic out of this and shared with me images after images of designs for finalisation! They had me so spoilt for choice that I actually ended up choosing everything, it just wasn’t the question of pick this or pick that because it was practically impossible to do so. I picked them all! Have a look and think if you could disagree!
The only alteration I had to make was change the color of Alice’s outfit from pink to blue.. mainly because Alice wears blue also because Ivanka’s first birthday outfit was blue to go with the theme. One more thing the folks at paperdesign company are super professional, from the beginning to end. Also, I loved how everything was packed to reach me in proper condition and it made it way easier for me to put in goody bags that were supposed to be hand delivered. There was not one folded edge on any of their products, no smudged inks,no fowl paper / ink smell. The product was of far more superior quality than you would find at any of the regular stationary people. The price they charge for their products is absolutely perfect for it. And yes my emphasis is always on quality for which I am willing to pay whatever.
For more on how to place your orders from their existing lot of stationary to anything you would like for them to personalise head to www.paperdesignco.com
Or find them on Instagram and send them a direct message: @paperdesigncompany
 You can also find them on Facebook: @paperdesigncompany
2. Little west street
What’s not to love about these darling cushions! Love them.
This picture gives me so much happiness! Everything properly packed together that was set out to go to loving homes of Ivanka’s little squad!
Hey! Can we ever stop crushing on LWS? No! Never! When it comes to anything baby my choice is always LWS because they are sooooo good. I instantly fell in love with their personalised heart cushions when they had sent them for Ivanka (as you must have seen in previous posts) and I knew then I wanted to gift these cushions to all the little friends Ivanka has. Though these cushions are steeply priced but one look at them and you would know why. Their alphabets that are stitched are nothing short of perfect. You might get alphabet cushions cheaper from somewhere but they will always have that cheap feeling especially with the lack of finesse that comes with stitching the alphabets or shape of the alphabets. They will always lack some symmetry. For Ivanka’s birthday I wouldn’t have compromised with quality for anything in the world. Hence, we chose these cushions in their super cute fabrics for girls and boys for Ivanka’s friends.
I love the prints they have for boys! They are super classy hence I chose cushions as part of her birthday favor bag.
When loving homes send you images like these for your birthday favors! You know the presents have been well appreciated! I love how she appreciated the personalised alphabet cushion! Thank you A, for this once again.
Instagram: @littlewestst
Facebook: @littlewestst
3. Payal Savla Designs
The cute box in which came all the knick knacks from Payal Savla Designs.
Thinking about cake toppers? Chalkboard milestones? Name plaques? Anything at all? Think Payal Savla Designs!
The keys that we got done from Payal Savla Designs to go with Ivanka’s birthday theme.
Payal too played a big role in shaping the Goodie Bag aka the birthday favor for Ivanka. She too was given the same theme of Alice in wonderland and I asked her to do personalised luggage tags with the quote “down the rabbit hole written on it” and obviously Alice on it too! Yay! It really added the zing to favor bag, along with the initialised golden key to go with the theme! Loved these tiny knick knacks from Payal Savla Designs. For the cake toppers we got done for Ivanka’s birthday , go have a look on my Instagram!
Ph number: 9819004466
4. Pluie Kids
The pluie doll bag that can be hung as a wall hanging and also as a 2 shoulder bag for little ones.
There were too many to fit in one frame! It’s so adorable.
Oh pluie! This is the ever creative house of Pluie that we are talking about that’s ever changing! I ordered the Alice shaped bags (aka Pluie Doll Bags) in which birthday favors were packed. Remember the last time when I introduced Pluie on my blog I told you how these doll bags are adorable for any kid or adult alike!? Well I just used my idea and put all of the above mentioned return favors in this bag and shipped them all away to their new owners! What a merry thought!
Everything that went and everything that this Pluie Doll Bag could hold. Belive me there was more space left in the end to hold a little something extra!
Psst….. Pluie has launched their super cute brooches I already have them I know you will love them too! Go check them out and yes, they too can be wonderful return favors! Had they launched earlier I would have definitely picked up all the cat and bunny brooches to go with Ivanka’s birthday theme! Also, a good news! Pluie is coming out with a line for boys too now! Win win.
Find them on
Instagram: @pluiekids
Facebook: @pluiekids
5. Pretty your Party
Last but not the least you guys have to visit www.prettyurparty.com just take my word for it. More on what I got from them in the next blogpost. I discovered them too late to get return favors done from them. But they are fabnot just for favors but for decor too.
Hope you are less stressed about things related to party now!


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  1. Very nice thought for the birthday party and the links which help me to organise my girl birthday party as a blast … Thanks for the great info…

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