Spotting a pixie in the land of Big Bows, Balloons and Golden glitter

Hello my lovelies,
By now you all know that White is by far my favorite color.. followed by Black then Pink! Most of my wardrobe is just Black and White and lately getting full of Peaches , Blush Pinks , Sage Greens etc .. what’s even more surprising is that if you actually end up looking at my wardrobe from a distance and Ivanka’s from a distance you will almost end up thinking, hey, they are probably same things in different sizes.
Yes, I do take my twinning with her very seriously but as much as I would love it that all my outfits resemble hers and vice versa, mostly it’s just the colors that we coordinate well, with a bit of twinning here and there. The colors of our wardrobes subconsciously are exactly the same! Definitely because I am the one who chooses! I can’t wait for Ivanka to have her own personality, independent enough to make her own decision… until then we are both one or the same person.
White is my go to color for summers. And she being a summer baby, my choice for what she should wear for the day part of her birthday was a beautiful White dress with a big Golden glittery bow and lace back detail. Also, there was a beautiful Golden glitter filled head gear with my favorite white dress!
The dress was so beautiful that I knew instinctively that I wanted to freeze the memory in my head forever, hence, we did what Ivanka loves best in colors that went with the outfit. For Ivanka’s first birthday we got both the floors of of our suite filled with hundreds of Golden and Pink balloons so that Ivanka could have fun whilst we happily captured her in one of the prettiest and most practical birthday outfits.
To be honest this birthday outfit is very comfortable and I think she was able to well manage herself in this dress independently. I think if you have a big birthday plan that involves lots of guests then this outfit is not just practical but equal parts gorgeous too and believe me it will make managing the baby less difficult on the big day meanWhile you and your baby will bask in compliments all through the event. Ivanka definitely looked like a cute little pixie in this outfit and she charmed everyone completely and left them all besotted!
I know you all are very interested to know where I got this outfit from well its from ASP baby couture
This outfit is Avvantikka’s  design entirely. I had seen similar designs in international boutiques and had wanted them instantly for Ivanka. International boutiques are great but the products themselves cost 4-5 times more than how much ASP couture has priced them at and that is one of the biggest advantages. I was relieved to find ASP couture because I am so into big glittery bows and lace details for little girls, and for not having to pay for the international shipping costs/ import duties either.
This outfit had no design input from my side and yet it was the most incredible outfit I saw and wanted. Her designs are all shown on her Instagram page (@asp_babycouture) and I suggest you grab them as soon as possible because she runs out of sizes super soon coz hey the products are so beautiful and also she constantly keeps designing new outfits simultaneously for new borns and small children.
And one more thing that I love about Avvantikka is how her delivery is so prompt and fast!
She delivers worldwide in 4-5 days and in india her products didn’t take more than a day to reach me.  
She makes sizes from 0-7 years.
For direct orders you can contact her on – or
directly ping her on her number- +919820907809
Her website is:


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  1. Sushil Chander Joiya June 17, 2017 — 12:29 pm

    Nice blog Ruchi.

  2. Superb decoration n ur doll is so adorable.. May GOD bless her.. 😊

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