November rain, April Birthday, Alice Blue: The journey of a first birthday outfit



Hi everyone!

It’s early morning and I am sitting by the pool right now and listening to very bad salsa music and I have no idea how the instructor is making these pleasant ladies in the pool do aqua zumba to these tunes.
To escape from my reality I am resorting to creating a bubble and thinking about good things (to block this sad music mainly that’s literally killing the tranquility of the greens that surround me) like Ivanka’s birthday!
Ivanka’s Powder Blue outfit has received more compliments than I can remember.    It all started with me trying to find a right dress for her birthday that will leave a mark on our minds forever. However, as it turns out the outfit has left a mark on everyone who has seen it. Especially the design of the hi-low has really left its mark on one and all!
I, very clearly remember how it was January and I was in touch with a lot of boutiques and designers. I was getting lots of things which were predesigned. But none really matched my taste as much as I would like.
However, to experiment I tried most of these stores/online boutiques. One that particularly struck a chord was the one from whom I had got a one shoulder Pastel Green outfit done. Ivanka wore that outfit to one of her dear friend’s first birthday. We had really liked the outfit and also thought it would make a great first birthday outfit, however, we made Ivanka wear it because it was such a dear friend’s birthday party that she was attending! That in itself made the occasion all the more special and I did what I do best- doll up my doll!
I even went to the extent of color coordinating my outfit with hers! She got lots of compliments that day and I was a happy mum.
Not only because the outfit looked absolutely stunning on her but also because a designer duo made me break away from the monotony of pinks and whites. That’s saying a lot because I am so into Pinks and Whites for little girls!
That’s how Pa:Paa entered into our lives. A designer duo of Priyanka and Pragati!
I was so happy with the pastel green dress that I eventually asked them if they were up for a challenge to make THE DRESS for Ivanka! This required not just a customisation of an existing outfit they had done but creating something entirely different from what they had done before and what’s more is – please a hard to please super anxious nervous mom planning a perfect first!
What started was us embarking on a  journey of back and forth sketches, choices, finalisation of fabric, fabric color, design.
It was a monumental decision to choose Blue instead of Pink for her birthday. (None of the floral applique was used but the color choice became more clear and I chose to opt for a lace bodies instead of a floral applique one as shown below)
It was the perfect choice simply because it went perfectly with the theme of her birthday – Ivanka’s adventures in One-derland. I think the fictional Alice is definitely tossing and turning between the pages wishing she had a chance to wear Ivanka’s outfit to feel all princess-y! Because yes that outfit was the kind that would give any little girl a princess moment!
Color inspiration drawn from the current Alice in Wonderland movie
The designer duo are so sweet that they actually made it a point to get the fabric for Ivanka’s birthday on gudi parwa day! Which is an auspicious day in India!
Everything from them settling my nerves to me sending them incorrect measurements to Priyanka always telling me to not stress about it, her confidence reassuring me till the very last moment when the outfit almost didn’t reach me before my flight to Dubai….. phewwww!
Outfit inspiration was largely drawn from November Rain’s Stephanie Seymour’s wedding dress
The dress was just like I had dreamed. How I had asked them to make it. There was a 100% execution of my design. This level of customisation is so hard to find.
All credit for this goes to Priyanka, Pragati and their Master Isstiyak.
Mostly I think it’s the passion with which the sisters work, their desire to actually make my dream outfit a reality is what will take me back to them for all of Ivanka’s future special outfits.
The pricing of Ivanka’s outfit with lots and lots of tulle and largeeee glittery bow (which I got made as detachable so that I can use it on her other outfits too) and a lovely hair accessory is: Rs.12,000
The only thing I would have additionally wanted was a matching bloomer full of ruffled lace.
I hope you and your babies have found the perfect destination to go to for that dream first birthday outfit and also for all other special occasions and I have made your decision making process easier!
You can call them/ whatsapp them directly on 9967970888 to design your baby’s outfit, or find Pa:Paa on instagram as @Papaa05 where you can start a convo over DM, or simply find them on Facebook here.
Love sent from Alice who is in One-derland!
P.s. This post got finished 2 days after the bad salsa music morning at night ..that is right now.

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  1. Keep up the good work Priyanka so proud of you 😘

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