Ridhima Bhasin’s SS’17 ‘Lucidus’ Collection Launch

After the food review that just went live in my recent blogpost, I rushed to attend the launch of Ridhima Bhasin’s latest collection. Ridhima Bhasin is the contemporary Indian Women’s wear designer known for her form flattering outfits launched her Spring Summer ’17 collection ‘Lucidus’ at her Flagship store, celebrating in style there was Wine and Cheese for a fun filled evening. That weekend was pretty hectic especially since I had an appointment with doctor for the little one after all the launches and food reviews.

It was a delight to see Ridhima Bhasin’s collection in store (basement) at South Ex part 1. The collection is inspired from shapes that are iconic in Moroccan architecture- the inverted domes, slender minarets and jaali windows. The prominent colors in the collection were Ivory, Apricot, Sage Green and Vanilla hues with use of delicate thread, tassels. Fabrics used in the collection are Lycra, Organza, French net and Butterscotch Georgette.

Ridhima Bhasin
Me and Ridhima



My choice was the collection in sage green as I am completely over the peaches hence apricot was completely ruled out for me. Whites in the form Ivory and Vanilla are classics that never quite go out of fashion. Do check out the entire sage green collection you will be surprised with what you can find!

My favorite outfit from the entire collection


If you’re looking for Indian wear with a slightly contemporary spin or beautiful pieces to wear for a spring wedding, Ridhima’s collection is perfect for you.

Let’s hoard Sage Green this summer,



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