Did you hear about the Delhi Dabbawala?

Before I start with this blogpost. Let me give you a mood dampener, the last day is tomorrow. Now you can read.

I know you have heard such good reviews from me of each and every restaurant at Shangri La Eros Hotel in Delhi by now. But what do you do if your favorite restaurant keeps changing every month and continues to surprise you, serenade you, mesmerize you and make you fall in love with it all over again? Tamra is just that, keeps me coming back for more! You want to ask me why what’s special this time around??

Chicken Krapow

I am not sure who should I pick – the restaurant or the creative genius of the Chef Neeraj Tyagi! This chef is an outright genius. A gem! This time I was surprised with the Desi Dabba menu. Who ever could think of Dabbawalas in Delhi? It’s such a Mumbai thing! Trust Chef Neeraj Tyagi at Tamra, Shangri La’s Eros Hotel to bridge the gap between not just Delhi and Mumbai but also various other International destinations all through his sensational dabbas!

Phorner Dabba

Paying tribute to these Dabbawalas, Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi along with his culinary masters have curated a tiffin lunch by creating meal combinations from cuisines across the world with a local flavour.

I know you are very excited by now to know about these dabbas in more detail than what you saw on my Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat (Theblogofruchi) account, SO HERE IT GOES!

Desi Chineez Dabba

7 dabbas are up for choice (mind you they cater equally well to both vegetarians and non vegetarians alike)

  1. Thailand ka dabba (Chicken Krapow, Vegetable Green Curry, Jasmine Rice)
  2.  Desi Chineez (Chilly Chicken, Vegetable Manchurian, Fried Rice)
  3. Phorner Dabba (Baked Macaroni, Grilled Chicken, Ratatouille, Garlic Bread)
  4. Desi Dabba (Bhuna Boti Masala, Lehsuni Dal, Mint and Tamater ka Pulao)
  5. Mera Gaon Mera Desh (Puran Singh ka Kukkad, Kadi Pakoda, Sadha Chawal)
  6.  Shudh Shakahari (Tawa Champ, Kairi ki Dal, Pulao)
  7.  South ka Dabba (Andhra Fish Curry, Koi Vepudu, Pori)
Thailand ka Dabba

Each Dabba can be paired with a beverage of your choice, guests may choose from popular classics such as  Thanda Banta, Shikanji or Masala Cola.

Desi Dabba

The Dabbas are brought to the table by  Dabbawala’s on their bike and lots of honking or the tring tring of the traditional bicycle completely adds up to the entire ambience. Each of the options are served in brightly coloured aluminium tiffin boxes that instantly uplift your spirits and appetite.


I chose to order: Thailand Ka Dabba, Desi Chineez, Phorner Dabba and Desi Dabba

Let me rank them in the order of my preference: Tie between Desi Chineez and Phorner Dabba, Second comes Thailand Ka Dabba and third Desi Dabba.

If I had to pick one dish that I absolutely loved…Ce n’est pas possible. Let me pick 3! It has to be 1. Grilled Chicken (Phorner Dabba), 2. Chilly Chicken (all MSG Free- Desi Chineez), 3. Chicken Krapow (Thailand Ka dabba) Ok I think I am going to be a bad girl and choose one more because I can’t miss out on the 4th- Baked Macaroni (Phorner Dabba).

At the end of the meal I felt that Dessert was what I missed as my drink scene was sorted with Masala Coke. I think I can go all the way to Shangrila any time of the day to just have a bite of their Homemade ice creams! But but but there’s an entire buffet of ice cream that awaits you if you just add Rs.400 to the price of the dabba!

Ice cream and Cake

Date: 1st – 31st May 2017

Price: Rs. 1,100 plus taxes per person and includes one beverage of your choice

Timing: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm from Monday to Saturday

It’s hard not to go to Shangri La with a biased mind that everything will be good. The thing is everything turns out to be better than the good you imagined. The reason has to be these different menus that Chef Neeraj Tyagi keeps bringing forth, that makes coming to Shangri La for good weekend meal an exciting experience. Chef Neeraj Tyagi’s focus on culture rather than cuisine keeps the excitement alive and I am looking forward to the next menu/ festival he comes up with! How about desserts from all over the world?

Tomorrow is the last day to try out this extremely affordable dabba! Don’t miss.


Foodie for life,



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