Firsts with Dark chocolate ice cream, Macarons, French toast, Whipped cream and something as big as Tiny Joy

This is a long due post. This was supposed to be the first post I was to write after I returned from Dubai. This post is essentially about the very first taste of sugary delights for Ivanka on her very first birthday! She dabbled with the very best Godiva, Laduree, Angelina to name a few! Yes, all in one day- her birthday!

All outfits on Ivanka are by Tiny Joy.
Ivanka’s reaction to chocolate! Don’t miss the pretty lace detailing on this outfit by Tiny Joy.

We wanted her first brush with something sweet to be memorable for her and for us (she wasn’t given honey when she was born in defiance of Indian custom, that’s poison for an infant less than an year old!) . Her first sugary delight had to be chocolate. We made Ivanka have a chocolate ice cream from Godiva to start her food journey to make her palette of food more colorful, sweet, salty and savory! This was followed by Omelette (which she was already used to), orange juice, French toast and dollops of whipped cream. At this point you are probably thinking we are such bad parents to indulge our child into bad food eating habits! But it was her birthday! The lil one deserved it! In our defense she didn’t really gorge upon all the delights as much as we did and also all this sweetness was followed by chicken at Angelina’s and maybe, maybe, maybe a sip of their chocolaty goodness too!

Ivanka comfy in her Tiny Joy outfit, browsing the menu like the diva she is!
Passing time till the food arrives like…..a…yes..diva.
Ignore healthy foods by being one with the chair


Let’s just say she was given a free hand to eat whatever she wanted and we forgot to carry the bib in her diaper bag. Resulting in our precious first outfit from Tiny Joy getting dirty on the first day of vacation.
This Alice back in the theme of her birthday! This Blue outfit from Tiny Joy went perfectly with her birthday theme “Ivanka’s adventures in One-derland”. Because we don’t stick to just the cliche Pink for girls syndrome! We love our Blue too! Thank you Tiny Joy for such a lovely outfit!
Lil Missy practicing standing in the humble Angelina for lunch and oooh look at the back button details this outfit from Tiny Joy has! Made getting her into this outfit as simple as 1,2,3!
Ivanka refuse the carbs! Please don’t contemplate eating them! Don’t be a bad girl like mom! Carboholic mom that is!
Drool worthy chicken.


Summery Dubai was chosen for her first birthday majorly because there’s such a little time zone difference and there’s always the pleasant sea breeze! After having traveled extensively with Ivanka during her first year, I know from experience that I do not want to play with her body adapting to different time zones over and over again. It was very easy to travel with her internationally when she was just 2 months old, it became slightly tough when she turned 4 months old. We got caught in this parenthood business so much that we knew we wouldn’t be travelling internationally for the third time until she is a complete 1 year old because being with her made us realise that even a trip in the car can be an exasperating experience.

One major thing I knew was that to cope up with Dubai summer which I anticipated was going to be far more worse than Delhi, with only solace being everything over there is air conditioned was that I wanted Ivanka to be in comfortable cottons all throughout her big day.

Ivanka’s skirt is from Tiny Joy, it came with a matching doll dress yippee! The onesie is from Baby Gap.

As you all have been following my Instagram and know by now how meticulously I had planned Ivanka’s birthday, then you must already know by now that I had all the outfits she wore on her birthday custom stitched or had purchased designer clothing. She had party wear alright, but a mother knows how cottons are the only thing that a mother can trust on her baby for a very long duration without thinking twice.

For this very reason I had turned to Tiny Joy to get comfy clothes done for Ivanka in which she could not only relax but enjoy her big day thoroughly dabbling in the land of sweet and salt after having conquered the land of bland.

I had been provided with samples of their latest fabric designs from their “MADE TO ORDER” summer collection, wherein I picked 3 fabrics of my choice from the summer collection sample image which you can see below.  Out of which I was told that different fabrics will be tailored in different styles.  I chose Blue Mist, Baby Orange and Playful Kittens (my favorite print). Since Ivanka is petite and on lean side I asked for 9-12 month size.


However, it was her birthday and I guess I did go a little bit overboard, I even asked them to make matching doll outfits along with the 3 outfits that I got done for Ivanka! Afterall just twinning with mama can be a bit boring for baby, twinning with a doll sounds like a fab idea! However, I am yet to find the doll of the right size.

So here is the price range for all you excited people! Spoiler alert! It’s soooo affordable for the quality they give and uniqueness they blend into their clothes.
  • Clothes for ages 0-18 months are priced between Rs.750 and Rs.900 (depending on the style)
  • Clothes for kids aged 18 months to 7 years are priced between Rs.900 and Rs.1150 (depending on the style)
  • Doll dress if purchased along with the matching child dress is priced @ Rs.200
  • Doll dress if purchased separately is priced @ Rs.300
I know! I know! You want me to share how you can get hands on these exciting outfits immediately, so here it is:
Check out their Facebook page immediately by clicking here.
Check out their Instagram: @tinyjoy_ and Dm your order after a discussion with them or
there’s always email! Discuss with them as to what you want and get an outfit customised for your little one by just dropping them a line on
Send me some love for helping you find such great finds! I love the love you all shower on me.
Love right back at you all,

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  1. Ivanka is lucky to have a mother like you who pays so much attention to every detail making her special days even more memorable! God bless you both! ❤

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