I tasted Chinese for the first time and…


Shangtastic DimSum Lunch by Chef Ye Haijun at Shang Palace. Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi:
Timing: 12:30 pm to 2:45 pm from Monday to Saturday
Price​: 1500 + Taxes Per Person
Venue: Shang Palace at Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi


If you are waiting for the verdict on the title of the blogpost then the answer is- I loved it. I tasted Chinese food after 1 year and 10 months. It feels like so long that I think I even forgot to mention that Chinese is one of my favorite cuisines right after Indian. I have no idea how Italian rose up to second place in my list of favorites. But now after experiencing ancient Chinese culinary tradition with Chef Ye Haijun’s new Dim Sum Lunch menu this summer at Shangri -La’s Eros Hotel’s award winning Chinese restaurant Shang Palace, the Chinese cuisine has safely secured it’s spot at place 2 in my list of favorite cuisines (right after Indian).

I love Chinese food so much that leaving it during my pregnancy (I have still not touched coffee- waiting for the right decaf coffee) felt like a major sacrifice. Major sacrifice because I am still supposed to not eat Chinese food as I am breastfeeding my baby. The major concern with Chinese food is MSG that is generously used in Chinese food in India at majority of restaurants. I was so scared that I dared not touch Chinese for, yes, you read it right 1 year and 10 months. This major sacrifice was also forced upon poor Puneet because I emotionally blackmailed him into not eating Chinese as I am not allowed to have it. But but but but this was way before the sous chef at Shangri- La on my several visits convinced me that not even the sauces they use have MSG in them as it’s a strict hotel policy. It felt so unbelievable at first that I thought maybe he did not hear me right or I did not hear him right. After having repeatedly met him and assured with patience that their food in fact DOES NOT contain any form of MSG and is absolutely safe for pregnant and breast feeding mums I delved into the Chinese food paradise at none other than the best of the best place in New Delhi for Chinese that is Shang Palace! Both me and Puneet finally enjoyed an excellent Chinese meal together!


It’s not just me here sitting, gushing about the Chinese food that I got to eat, what I am actually gushing about is the fact that it’s the best value bargain deal that you would just not believe possible!

What’s so unbelievable? Everything mentioned below is available @Rs.1500/-+ taxes per person

The culinary master Chef Ye Haijun has meticulously crafted a signature Dim Sum Lunch menu, comprising of an assortment of dim sums, signature clay pots and homemade ice cream for its patrons at Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi.

That’s not it! You get to eat AS MUCH AS YOU WANT of the 14 choicest Dim Sums’ varieties that will “touch your heart” instantly, just like they are supposed to. The varieties are both vegetarian and non vegetarian to choose from and there’s a wide option of steamed, fried and baked Dim Sums!

The steamed and poached dim sum are light and flavourful featuring favourites such as steamed corn & chive dumpling, spicy edamame and pickled mustard leaves dumpling, prawn har gao, chicKen xioa bao and more. 

The fried and pan fried dim sum selection includes fried mapo tofu pockets, prawn crackling balls, & deep-fried savoury chicken dumpling among others.

While the baked dim sum section features popular favourites like baked eggplant puffs with chilli garlic and baked char sui pork bun. 


Prawn Crackling Ball (These are not crisps but an actual dim sum!)
Isn’t that Prawn Crackling ball behind the front facing 2 Dim sums an actual showstopper! Being a Prawn lover I just loved it!
This Baked Char Sui Pork Bun (non veg) and Baked Eggplant puff with Chilli garlic (veg) is a true gastronomic wonder! Whoever thought of a baked Dim Sum! I didn’t! This very much resembles a choux pastry only yummier!


After the incredible amount of Dim Sums you are able to eat up (I suggest you try all and don’t skip any. Also repeat as many times as you like the ones that you loved, but again, after sampling them all first!) They are so unique that you will love this authentic experience if you are a true Chinese food lover like me or actually even a person with little bit of interest in Chinese food will get converted into loving Chinese cuisine after trying their Dim Sums.

If you think it’s just for Dim Sums that you should go then you are mistaken there’s a main course that follows, a choice of dessert of Home Made ice creams and endless supply of tea too!

Further into the menu one can choose any one dish from a classic selection of signature clay pots offering sliced lamb in Sichuan chili broth, clay pot chicken with lotus root and garlic chili sauce, sichuan style mapo tofu, Yunnan stir-fried eggplant, hot stone pot rice with crispy potatoes, pickled chili and chilli garlic noodles 


Seen here is the Tofu! Sure to delight a vegetarian and non vegetarian alike!


For dessert, one can enjoy homemade ice cream from an innovative assortment of seasonal flavours such as mango with dehydrated mango and lavender pearls, banana-caramel with banana chips and caramel, fresh lychee & coconut and more to perfectly round up the meal.


The Dim Sum feast engages with the unique elements of Shang Palace. My recommendation for Dim Sums like I mentioned before is try them all and repeat the ones you love the most. For main course (there’s a choice of rice or noodles) if you are a non vegetarian try the clay pot chicken with lotus root and garlic chilli sauce (I just feel like going there again just to eat this right now!), if you are a lamb person then try the sliced lamb in Sichuan chili broth. Accompany these with Chilli Garlic noodles. For vegetarians the Sichuan style mapo tofu is undoubtedly the most comfortable choice but if you are slightly more adventurous then go for Yunnan stir fried egg plant with rice.

For desserts, each and every dessert is so real that it becomes hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to do it all over again I would go for Banana Caramel with Banana Chips and Caramel.

I have saved the best point for the end: all of this is available for only Rs.1500/- + taxes per person!



With expansive interiors that include an exquisitely designed dining area, three private dining rooms for a tailored dining experience, and a large outdoor deck overlooking lush green gardens for alfresco dining, Shang Palace offers its patrons a heavenly dining experience.

Shangri-La Eros Hotel New Delhi

So what are you eating for your next lunch now?





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  1. Hey! Loved your post! You write really well! And Ivanka is a very cute baby girl! ❤
    Loads of love

  2. I am sure! She looks like an Angel too especially in all the outfits you get designed for her. 😘
    I have recently started my own blog and I need to thank you for that because you were one of those acted like an inspiration for me. Hope you like reading my posts. 😘

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