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Take it from a mother, there comes a time when your baby sleeps through the night. It happened to me. Yesterday. It’s too soon to say that it’s a pattern. But it happened. I couldn’t believe. I woke up at all the intervals in the night she usually wakes up at, my biological clock is set that way, each time I woke up I was amazed that she is asleep. I just checked whether she was breathing and then went back to sleeping. Though the scare of SIDS is maximum till 1 year of birth. I continue to keep a check on her. Enough about the scares that motherhood brings on and onto something that’s stress free!


So yay to skin care! Very frankly before becoming a mother I actually had a routine and a strict regimen of skin care, which I gave up on as soon as I became pregnant as I was just against letting any harmful chemicals seep through my pores and into the blood stream of my baby.

However, now that she is 1 and I am trying to wean her off I think it’s ok that I start indulging myself again. But with me there are always rules that I swear by when it comes to skin care. Here’s to reviewing Natio’s products that I got at the bloggers’ meet that you had to wait for me to unbox and now review.

NATIOis an Australian Beauty brand. Natio combines the finest natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oil blends. The brand caters for both women and men and includes nurturing products for the face, body, eyes and hair.

NATIO aromatherapy Gentle Facial Scrub


I have been using this product for over a week now (not daily as it’s a scrub). Now about my face skin type, it’s oily in the t-zone rest it’s all dry. I have always used cream based face washes because my face has a tendency to dry up after face wash and act all stretchy, dry and annoying in general. I hate things that make me feel that way. Their face wash is an excellent experience until your face has been pat dried with the towel. First of all, it doesn’t lather unless a generous amount is taken consider a large pea sized. I consider that a generous amount because the face wash that I use right now takes 2 tiny ant sized amounts. It’s a funny size chart but that’s because the tube has a thin outlet and trust me it’s ant sized – the amount I use. I use Kiehl’s facewash and mix sugar granules to it to make a nice hybrid scrub. It works for me every time to remove dead skin cells without drying my face. This Natio facial scrub made my skin feel dry and flaky. Which I wasn’t surprised with because a quick glance at the ingredients and you will see it has alcohol in it’s ingredient. Any skin care product for your face that has alocohol in it, should not be used unless you want to age faster! Also, it has a fragrance. I only trust fragrance free products. This is an expensive product priced at Rs. 1,075/-. The product does not justify it’s cost. I would rather spend more on a product like Kiehl’s  which is Paraben free, SLS free, and even Alcohol free than switch to Natio.





NATIO Aromatherapy Eye Contour Treatment Gel (Refreshing Morning)


First things first, this bloggers’ meet where I received these products to try out was at Shopper’s Stop at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. Do yourself a favor and go 2-3 shops down and locate a store called EPIQUE opposite Kiehl’s if you are looking for a nice under eye cream. You would have not seen such a revolutionary product (worth the cost) before. The eye cream tube even vibrates to give your under eye a relaxing soothing massage. Now how does one move from that?

But as a beauty blogger, I continue to try to find products that I have already been using so that I can level up to the next game changer. one can’t compromise with their skin right and most importantly the face!

I was very excited to try out their under eye cream as when I saw the ingredients I saw a healthy mix of natural extracts and products (alarm raising points being EDTA and Parabens). As a passing note I hope you all know that you need to use your ring finger for correct application of the cream under your eye as your skin is very thin and delicate under your eye and ring finger exerts the least amount of pressure.

What I missed about Natio’s under eye cream is that it gave me the cooling sensation after application (also the Parabens and EDTA kills my joy instantly). The cooling sensation that is commonly associated with nice branded under eye creams was missing in their product, it made my under eye feel heavy as though I had dabbed too many layers. It gave me no visible relief or benefit. But I guess I will use it as it is natural, consume it till I get to hit the mall and buy Epique which I love. It’s also ok to carry this Natio under eye cream in my swim bag as I usually keep less favorite products in that bag for quick application (whose loss would not bother me, I have a great tendency to be clumsy and losing things after baby) and faves are at home.That being said it’s an intermediary solution and is going to be quickly replaced. Before I forget, it’s priced at Rs. 1,130/-.


Hope you enjoyed the review and it will help you take your decision accordingly!





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  1. Hi Ruchi,

    I spotted you at the Kiko Launch event ! I am a blogger myself! Its really nice to see your work!

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