3 things your infant or toddler is missing out on right now

Hi everyone,

How tiring it is to be a mom 24X7. I am just taking a moment to thank my mom right about now who I still continue to depend on for almost everything. This dependence doesn’t ever end does it? We keep counting on our mums forever. Because mums know best! For everything baby I try benchmark myself with my mom and see how miserably behind her I am in every aspect. But guys you all know how partial we are towards are mums. Puneet says I judge myself too harshly.

In my endeavor to be a better mom I research a lot. I am a nerd that way. I love to read and find out what’s best for my baby. I also take immense pleasure in sharing with you guys what I feel has worked for me and Ivanka. We mums need as much help we can from anywhere we can get. After all, it takes an entire village to raise a baby.

Right now Ivanka is about to turn 1 and I am working on her sensory skills, language skills, vocab and exposing her to various tactile toys, situations, places and people. I can’t help but think of Ivanka as an adult who just doesn’t know the common tongue to communicate with us. Hence, I think of it like I have to teach her about this other planet that she has come, to bide her time on and explain to her how everything works! On her planet, where she came from, I am sure she was more than just excellent.

So to mitigate this barrier, what has come to my aid are the following objects (in no particular order of preference as Ivanka treats them all with equal amount of interest) that I believe will make your life easier and your baby will be able  to understand your world better:

  1. Guidecraft Jumbo Textures Food Dominoes


We ordered the Guidecraft Jumbo Textures Food Dominoes that have a lot of texture in them because all the solid food items Ivanka has been introduced to have always been named for her but she continues to refuse to feed herself by herself, hence no touch is involved. So a great idea to make her understand the textures of these food items and put names to them to build up her vocab by association of words to textured dominoes is a great plan which has been largely successful. and oh it’s non messy too!

a. Because she loves throwing all her toys from her highchair and search for them to see where they have fallen, with dominoes there are 28 pieces per stack to throw around. Makes my life easier while I am making her have food as she finds innovative ways to throw them around. (Note that the Guidecraft Jumbo Textures Food dominoes are meant for kids 2+ of age, but I am introducing them to her early on because I see how she tries to acquaint herself with different textures.)



b. she definitely comprehends Broccoli, Banana and Strawberry from the set because she daily nibbles on these food items and enjoys them tremendously, but with Guidecraft’s Jumbo Textures Food dominoes she is able to develop recognition for what these food items are called and what they feel like without any mess. She loves to feel these textures. It’s a total knock out success at my home. Guidecraft’s Jumbo Textures Food dominoes also comes for a variety of farm animals! Guidecraft has to be my totally magical find simply because of the incredibly educational products they have that I believe would leave a long lasting impact on any child. My heart is set on their wooden blocks. You can check out their website by clicking here. It’s a U.S. based website but they deliver to India so fast! I received my order within 3 days of the day this product was shipped via FedEx.


You can also follow them on Instagram: @guidecraft_official

2. Getting Bookish with Bookyboo Kids and other books



Lots of people ask me what’s the CR 3/75 written on my Instagram Bio. Let’s demystify this simple abbreviation, it’s my reading goal (i.e. Currently Read) for the year and I am failing miserably. I am an absolute read and write person (No surprise here). However, I am just done with 3 books out of my targetted 75 for the year. The average is turning out to be pretty lousy isn’t it? Not even 1 book per month as 4th month has started and I am stuck on 3/75! However, if we talk about the tally for the number of baby books I have read, it will have to be a completely different ball game. I want or rather hope Ivanka gets bitten by the reading bug! Hence, I am introducing her to books. Here are listed some of the best titles we have come across:


Bookyboo Kids


C’mon guys who wouldn’t love a book that’s dedicated to them in entirety. Ivanka has a personalised Book which has her as the hero of the book. It’s even titled “Ivanka” to the rescue. Inside it, is, contained a personalised message too making it an absolutely unique gift. This book is a keepsake forever. The page quality is great, the colors in it are attractive to kids. I love the fact that there’s a great rhyme to the entire book, anything that becomes musical becomes appealing to Ivanka. If Ivanka loses her attention and spot in the book then there’s always the repetition of her name to bring her back engrossed into the book. We love reading it together. It’s a visual treat to Ivanka and Ivanka is exposed to a jungle theme full of animals. However, like I mentioned before Ivanka loves throwing things around so I just hope that in future it comes in the format of a board book for kids who are Ivanka’s age to make it more sturdy. Because I loved how it is so memorable a book for children as they enjoy listening to their name again and again I even got these books done for a couple of Ivanka’s friends. It’s a steal, priced at Rs.1499/- and has worldwide free delivery at the moment. You can view your own template of personalised story by clicking here with options like – book only for girl, only for boy and other permutations. They have even incorporated a very thoughtful option for Single Parents.

You can also find them on their Instagram handle for direct dialogue on their Direct Message: @bookyboo.kids



IMG_6757Other current favorite titles that Ivanka has at the moment are the classic Good Night Moon, The very hungry caterpillar and the touchy feely books by Usborne namely That’s not my Penguin. They have such beautiful textures and are in the form of a board book and even have a matching cuddly stuffed Penguin toy to go with! These books are targeted to very young kids.



3. Sophie La Girafe


I am saving the best for the last! What can any mom do without Sophie? It targets all the five senses of the baby from the day the baby is born.  It is made from 100% natural rubber making it the safest teether in the world. It’s an iconic toy which is passed on from one baby to another. We started our Sophie Family with Sophie La Girafe. However, I did the mistake of cleaning it by submerging it into water and diluting her toy cleaner in water for washing Sophie La Girafe. Biggest mistake, as Sophie La Girafe didn’t get her squeak back for a very long time because of the wetness inside. However, because of great result with Ivanka we expanded the Sophie La Girafe family to include Gnon, Sophie Cubes- So’ Pure Building Blocks, So’ Pure Teether Soft.


Luckily for us all of this is now available in India! All their products have great textures and colors on them. Ivanka’s current favorite is the Green Gnon, I think she holds it with even more ease than Sophie La Girafe because of the ease of grip and ease of getting the squeak out! The cubes are excellent for Ivanka to learn how to manipulate them as blocks. The cubes have different protruding shapes on all of it’s faces making it a truly treasured toy. Their bath toys are on my radar next!

You can find Sophie La Girafe on Instagram for quick conversation on what would suit your child’s need best on Instagram handle:  @sophielagirafe_india or you can visit their website by clicking here.



Hope you guys enjoyed this post that I made burning midnight oil! I really hope it helps all your babies or your loved ones’ babies!

Lots of good vibes sent to all the mums and their precious little ones,



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  1. shilpashetty86 April 5, 2017 — 5:57 pm

    Waaw,.. She is very beautiful,.. Thank you for this post,.. Actually Me and my hubby are planning for the baby and this post comes handy 🙂 Thank you

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