Have you experienced Olaplex and Wetbrush yet?

Hi everyone,

To all those who have been texting me, DMing me to review Olaplex sooner than soon, here is the review just for you. So, yes, I put my hair through a lot of tests and finally a hair wash to tell you how does the treatment fare.


Before I begin the review I will let you know what my hair has already been subjected to (I am a Looks Salon regular hence every major hair turning event has been done at Looks for me). I have L’Oreal Inoa hair color in my hair done by Rakesh at Looks Salon, Vasant Kunj (the same guy who had apparently given me 2 uneven sides of haircut as I had told you in my previous post.but he is still my one person to turn to for quick cuts, blow dries and he always woos me back with the way he does my hair color). Last week before I was invited for the Olaplex treatment to Looks Salon, G.K.2 I had already got a Kerastase deep conditioning  done to my hair at Looks Salon VK followed by Air dry as on weekends all the senior stylists are jam packed and they aren’t free for walk ins. However, I had tried to make a reservation but somehow 5 out of 10 times their landline doesn’t work (VK Branch). Why I don’t trust junior stylists? Believe me it’s got nothing to do with snobbery, who wouldn’t want to save extra bucks! But I have had such terrible experience at Look Salon’s Nehru Place branch that I swore to never ever let a junior stylist touch my hair again. One day a few months back I had gone to Nehru Place and their senior stylist Dheeraj was busy so I was forced to get my blow dry done by their junior oh goddddd the only thing he did to my hair was spray spray spray! Dammit! The blow dry took an hour. None of my blow dries have taken more than 15 minutes flat maximum 20 minutes. It was not only a torture but the final product was also a disaster, this when their entire parlor was empty and only Dheeraj seemed to be working.

Anyway coming back to Looks Salon G.K.2 this has to be my favorite Looks Salon. They have more options and variety in terms of stylists and experience. You can go here and take your pick from Junior stylist, Senior stylist or even Celebrity Stylist! Even their Junior stylists are good, at least I was stisfied with the blow dry I received at the hands of the Junior Stylist who only took 15 minutes tops for my blow dry and no spray.

At Looks Salon GK2 my hair underwent a mini Olaplex treatment which roughly costs around Rs.600- Rs.800, I think it’s a great deal especially since it’s result was better than the deep conditioning my hair under went. I recommend if you want a deep hair conditioning go for Olaplex instead. Where my hair felt no difference with deep hair conditioning , I felt a slight difference in the texture of my hair with Olaplex. But know that my hair is very dry and damaged. So much that I have been advised to not let my hair be exposed to too much heat. Slight difference is nothing but Olaplex penetrating into the hair and rebuilding broken bonds. For instance when you are using your conditioner on your hair and every bit of your hair seems smooth? That’s the kind of effect that already exists in your hair if you have got an Olaplex treatment done, this softness can be instantly felt when you are rinsing your hair with water in your hair wash after the treatment. It’s as simple as when your bonds are healed the hair will automatically become smooth.


However after wash my hair is just the same- frizzy and dry. Maybe a notch less frizzy and dry? Perhaps I need more extensive treatment from them and less heat and color on my hair. And always—-more water to keep myself hydrated.

I was warned that it at least requires 3 sittings of mini Olaplex to experience the full effect and the effect lasts until you expose your hair to any new chemical. Ideally an Olaplex treatment should be done after hair color. Also, it’s recommended you get the actual complete Olaplex treatment (priced at Rs. 2000/- + depending upon the hair length) instead of mini Olaplex treatment. In my opinion if a single mini Olaplex can give instant softness to the hair (that lasted for me only till the first hair wash) then maybe the full Olaplex treatment might have a better effect.

One excellent thing about Olaplex treatment is that it is chemical free. It can be used on Cancer patients, pregnant women etc. That I think is fantastic.

Olaplex treatment is done broadly in 3 steps:

  • Olaplex applied to hair and kept for around 15-20 minutes and hair is combed with Wetbrush (priced at Rs. 1100/- available at Looks Salon, G.K.2)
  • Hair washed
  • Mask applied and then washed






You can also opt for a splitender treatment that removes your split ends without compromising your length. The splitender treatment is priced at Rs.600-Rs. 800. However, my hair didn’t undergo the Splitender treatment.

Olaplex is boasted of as a revolutionary hair treatment, which is globally dubbed as ‘insurance for hair’. The bottled goodness is a complete salon system that delves deeper into the hair’s structural integrity and rebuilds broken hair bonds. It helps undo the damage caused by repeated heat, styling, bleaching, coloring and other chemical treatments with a healthy solution.

Also, the event was also the launch for Wet Brush in India. It is an extra ordinary, innovative, sensational hair brush that has taken the world by storm. It detangles your locks with minimum effort, relieving you from the daily battle with knotted hair. Wet or dry hair the Wet Brush is great for any type of hair and the best thing is it evenly distributes your natural oil through out your hair without tugging or pulling your hair.


This my friends is the product you will end up loving. However, if someone claims that it doesn’t break your hair. That’s not true. Your dead hair will obviously fall off!


All in all go try out the Olaplex treatment and not the mini treatment and ask to experience the wet brush before purchasing it! Also, don’t forget to use the take home product with you every night. In this case the Balmain Pari Argan Elixir shown in the image above for extra benefit. in case you don’t have this please feel free to use Moroccan Oil.

Have fun my ladies! I am going to catch you guys after I binge watch Netflix with my bag of pop corn and Ice cream soda!




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