Secret to fall in love with your natural hair

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So the summer has finally kicked in full throttle hasn’t it? As it happens with summers and months when I am just too bored and wish for a change, I just go do something to my hair. From weird colors, good colors, hair spas, hair cuts, pretty massive inch reduction to the tresses, blow dries, curls, I think I have pretty much done it all. Just that I always felt the need to go take it to the next level and by that I meant get a hair cut everywhere I travel. Unfortunately for me that hasn’t happened. Fortunately for Puneet that hasn’t happened. That being said I have always hated my hair. Except when they were really long and my mum used to take care of them. After the last to last year whim of going really short with my hair I am still trying to grow them. Any alteration to my length of hair is A BIG NO to my hair dresser. Also, let’s face it I miss my pregnancy hair! Yes, guys the hair becomes so shiny and nice during pregnancy and the hair fall miraculously stops. I mean it.


Coming back to the alteration of length bit, and the safety haven that my current hair stylist provides me, I am not much of a person to experiment with change. Especially when change tends to sway in both directions..the good and the bad. The change in this case being a change of stylist. My stylist needs to get to know what I want and deliver just that. So far this one I go to has delivered just that. But but but that was until I went to Rossano Ferreti Hairspa that has finally opened in Delhi at Zehen at The Manor hotel.



As I was ushered into the Rossano Ferretti Hairspa after being invited to experience Rossano Ferretti at the day of the launch, Laurent (International hair stylist) my hair dresser at the launch came to greet me and understand what I wanted, I just told him “Please trim my fringe” to which he just replied back “just the fringe nothing else?” I think he was disappointed (even I would be if I had the skills to show off as Laurent does) and hell it was Rossano Ferreti I just had to experiment with the hairdresser and I told Laurent “…alright let’s do the hair cut” (what I should have told him was “let’s do Balayage”… like most of the others were doing but I love my present hair color so much that I was not ready to give up on it just hindsight I should have..maybe next month people).




As Laurent started sectioning my hair in the most methodical manner that I have ever experienced at any of my hair stylists’ before, it’s hard to say that I knew a miracle was about to happen (sixth sense and all). First thing that he pointed out to me was that my hair was cut into 2 unequal halves, how insane is that (and might I add embarassing?) The Senior Hairstylist who I had been going to had done this to me? My faith in Indian hair stylist game shattered a bit. Let’s just say that the difference was not visible to naked eye but only to an expert eye like Laurent’s, I think I knew at that moment that my hair had reached the right destination. He had me at unequal hair, he had me at unequal hair (add a bit of Jerry Maguire ring to it).

Then I was taken for a deep conditioning hair wash as my hair has become very dry no surprise here, because I can either take care of myself or Ivanka at one time. In my defense, Ivanka has silky hair.

It’s hard to not notice the ever courteous staff at Rossano Ferreti, it’s so much different than the usual politeness of staff we are waited upon with at Salons.. it adds to the luxury hair styling experience, in my opinion. At this moment I even have to talk about how pretty a choice they have made with choosing The Manor hotel, the hidden gem of Delhi. It’s quiet boutique hotel feel is hard to miss. Commenting on the launch Mr. Rossano Ferretti, Founder & Chairman, Rossano Ferretti said: “Our locations are carefully chosen to ensure clients receive a five-star experience from the very moment they enter. We strive to position our salons in buildings that are beautiful, have strong historical ties, and perpetuate our appreciation for art, architecture, design, fashion, and the culinary arts, as well as for the overall notion of refinement that we value within our brand. We’ve waited a long time to find the perfect location in New Delhi and in Zehen at The Manor, the epitome of well-being, we’ve found an exceptional match.”

I loved how when Laurent started trimming my tresses he started explaining everything he was doing to my hair and why. I came out knowing my hair a ‘lot’tle bit more. The way my hair turned out in the end was just how my hair naturally looks with my natural curls, only with more layers added and my request of length not being compromised but all the damaged ends be removed was also met with. He made me fall in love with my natural hair and gave me styling tips to make best out of my curls and at the beginning he even told me I have beautiful curls (what a joke?) I knew what he meant with it by the end of my session… he saw in my hair what I never did. It was my ‘Edward Scissorhands’ moment. The effect was so hard to not notice… yet my hair looked same… just with oodles of technique added to them. You won’t know what it means unless you go experience it yourself. It’s actually how that saying goes same-same-but different. Don’t expect a fake glamorous blow dry at the end of the session that gives you a major ego boost because let’s face it that’s not the real you. At Rossano’s you will come back with your natural hair looking the best they ever had the chance to look like. Go experience your natural hair like never before.

AFTER HAIRCUT. Seen here with Rossano Ferretti who came for the launch to New Delhi


I guess I will not stop here and tell you about what took me so long to put together this review. I was so in love with the experience I had at one of the world’s most expensive hairdressers that I wanted Puneet to get the bite of the pie as well! We waited for Puneet’s hair to grow and then we went for his session with Laurent. Girl’s hairstyling costs Rs. 6500/- with the international hair stylist and men’s is relatively cheaper at Rs. 3500/-. We had to compare the experience at Rossano Ferretti to the one at Truefitt and Hill. Needless to say Rossano Ferretti fared better. Go to Truefitt and Hill only for a shave. Puneet loves his new hair cut.


That leads me to the conclusion that this Rossano Ferretti experience holds true for both sexes of the species.



While Puneet was busy with hair cut that took close to an hour (have you ever seen Men’s hair cut last that long? I haven’t.) I whiled away my time getting a pedicure done. I was so surprised when my normal pedicure lasted over an hour! Can you even imagine how relaxing it was? Has any body’s pedicure lasted that long…that too on a weekend? It was one of the most relaxing experiences for me and their pedicure steps were also different and more than the steps you would experience at your regular salons. These are the only 3 services we have tried so far but we are definitely going back for more every month. As always the staff was more warm than other parlors you go to, catering to your slightest whims. The view of the terrace from where I sat for pedicure is also very inviting during Delhi winters.



This wonderful afternoon was concluded with a sumptuous veg and non veg chef’s table at Indian Accent. This is a tip that you have been waiting for and would appreciate if you try to make last minute telephonic bookings at Indian Accent at The Manor. Just go to Indian Accent as a normal walk in and ask them to call you in case some one cancels out on their reservation. As you all know they are fully booked on weekends and that too weeks in advance. In the mean time you can enjoy the luxurious experience at Rossano Ferretti. More often than not I guess you will get a call. Risk-Reward ratio you see!








Italian born Rossano Ferretti has revolutionized the beauty and hairdressing industry with his novel inclination towards his customers’ individual and natural beauty. Ferretti believes in highlighting and enhancing the inherent beauty in each of his customers, and finds his inspiration in the natural fall of the hair and its individual characteristics. In having stripped down beauty and hairdressing to its most natural, organic elements, Rossano Ferretti has done away with the staged perceptions and norms of beauty in his Hair Spas, and has thus transformed the way people perceive hairdressing and hair salons. This fresh, yet luxurious approach to hairdressing has been termed as “Metodo Rossano Ferretti”, or “The Method.” The Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Dakota Fanning, Monica Bellucci, Vanessa Paradis, Uma Thurman, Kylie Minogue and Elizabeth Hurley, among many others have visited the salons globally.

Making up the rest of Ferretti’s team are international stylists, Michele Finessi & Laurent Visco, both of whom will be available at The Manor.

Michele Finessi has worked at the Ferretti Hair Spas in Venice, Parma & Beverly Hills. Deriving from Ferretti’s approach, Finessi too, incorporates his client’s personality, personal style, & their facial structure into his ideal look specifically tailored to compliment each person’s unique identity, making them feel and look their most beautiful. Finessi has styled many renowned personalities and has also been a stylist at the Oscars. He is now at The Zehen at The Manor, New Delhi to work his magic in India. Laurent Visco too has worked with many French and International renowned personalities. At the age of 23, Laurent Visco came to India to pursue his passion for hairdressing and has been creating magic with his personal style for the past 10 years.


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