Holidays and picnics

Hi everyone,


As most of you know by now, that all my blogposts happen when Ivanka is sleeping. I still continue to refuse help of any sort when it comes to raising Ivanka. Puneet’s a darling and helps in whatever way he can (like throwing Ivanka up in the air till she laughs herself silly and I lose series of heart beats. For trivial reasons like safety of my life he attempts such attempts only when there’s safety of bed underneath her.). But mostly it’s both of us girls together taking care of each other. Be it playing peekaboo, watching the airplanes together waving them goodbye, finding pleasures in barks of a dog and her associating the sound with the animal, aimlessly soaking up the winter sun reading a good book or two or just the sheer joy of getting out of the house at any time of the day.


For Holi we decided to keep it very simple doing what Ivanka loves best and that’s going out. As it turns out Ivanka is just not the indoor kinds, she throws a tantrum or two whenever she is inside closed spaces.. especially elevators ..even within confines of restaurants or home.


So for Holi after having a session of colors which comprised solely of Kesar and Chandan with family, we decided to take the Holi outdoors somewhere where we could spend family time together and Ivanka could enjoy the festival too, from a distance. We created a mini picnic and headed out to our favorite picnic spot in Delhi none other than Lodhi Gardens.




Since the day was all about colors and we wanted to add more colors to her day we even drew a Simba for her for which we have special plans..maybe a few blogposts later the plan would be unveiled!


The day ended waving goodbyes to the Parrots that flock the gardens in plenty, making friends with Peacocks and Spotting Ducks that gathered around the car and Ivanka shrieked in delight from her window next to the car seat.


And oh we also smeared strawberry on Ivanka’s face making it all Red, don’t begin judging…she did it all by herself.







On Ivanka – You can see her wearing the personalised Team India onesie. This onesie is from and is extremely affordable at Rs.739/- inclusive of personalisation. What’s more you can even get a 15% discount on it and all the other products on their website till the end of this month if you use the coupon code ruchi15 (all alphabets in lower case) at the check out. 

Her Grey sweater is personalised with her name too, we got it done from Gap in London, they have incredible personalisation options.

Since it’s been long since we last travelled with Ivanka we were delighted to receive travel themed products to inspire us to travel again! We adore the personalised luggage tag which I personally think is sturdier than the plastic ones I got personalised from somewhere else for Ivanka for her first travel abroad. Even the Nanha Munha Rahee Hoon Passport cover is a sheer delight!


Here’s to winters that are going and onset of summers,




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  1. Beautiful pictures,..

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