Food Review: Junkyard Cafe, Rajouri Garden

Hi Guys,

First things first, I broke my Iphone screen for the third time yesterday. Is that even possible? Does it really happen to anyone else whose name is not Ruchi? I miss my Blackberry so much. Hate hate hate the touch. Hate you Iphone for getting me used to the touch screen and the camera.

Now, about the food review. Today, I am reviewing Junkyard Cafe, Rajouri Garden. Rajouri Garden is not the place that I frequent much, to be very honest it was the second time in my life that I went and checked out some restaurant in Rajouri. Being in South Delhi, I’d rather prefer to go to one of the malls or max to Khan Market, maybe Cyber Hub, and worst case scenario is CP. Definitely not Rajouri , never Rajouri. Too out of the way for me.

However, I was thrilled to be invited for reviewing Junkyard Cafe in Rajouri Garden because I have always generally liked other branches of Junkyard Cafe.So the expectation of good food pulled me there! Also, I am a teetotaller when it comes to alcohol so this is a non alcoholic review!

SERVICE =2.5/5

For the review we were sent to the second level of Junkyard Cafe, Rajouri Garden, where there was no one except us, and this was around 730pm on a Sunday. We were welcomed with exceptionally slow service and confusion amongst waiters as to who was going to serve us and you know how whenever I go to restaurants I am always looking for good service before anything else. All that I was at the receiving end was lack of attention from the servers (or server because for a very long time there was only one server on the deserted floor we were made to sit). Servers were not comfortable with English and we had to keep repeating the order in 2 languages.


I get it guys that the restaurant is named Junkyard and has to stay true to it’s name but this “anything works in name of decor” approach needs to go! This was the second restaurant within a span of month that had something to do with a container for decor and I don’t know what number of restaurant with cycle wheels for chandelier! I think this decor in general has become very repetitive, it needs to go as do the distasteful placement of fairy lights on the second floor. I have never seen fairy lights make any thing look bad ever! But they are largely an outdoorsy concept, if you have brought it indoors you need to pay a lot of attention to it’s placement it can’t be random or without symmetry as it is then very well capable of killing the ambiance! Also, reaching the second floor entailed us getting in on a lift full of mosquitoes.

FOOD=3/5  and service again

The menu has a lot of variety for the health conscious, resulting in great amount of nutritious options. In fact the menu is so good that I feel it would cater to all taste buds. We decided to order Sambal Prawn, as you all know I like sea food, I have to have some prawn. I wasn’t quite sure what “Sambal” Prawn meant, a reagion? a technique? a style of cooking? hence I asked one of my servers, shockingly he just started to re-read the quote the menu had for the dish, like literally picked up the menu to read! Then due to his inability to explain I asked him to get me someone else, the other server couldn’t explain either. Out of the 3 waiters that came to the table, none was able to explain, one of them who attempted to explain finally said it was Chinese. Now the word chinese always prompts me to double check with restaurants whether the food has MSG in it. When I asked the server, if it had MSG in it, after giving me the most vacant look on his face as though I spoke some alien dialect he finally answered “yes”! In my opinion he has no clue what MSG is. Hopefully, after this review this knowledge of MSG would be passed on. Also, if this chap had the knowledge and answered “Yes” correctly then guys please don’t order any food which contains MSG, Most of the Chinese food served at bad joints serve food laced with MSG. Whatever be the case I didn’t want to take the chances which is why we didn’t order this Sambal Prawn.


What we ended up ordering instead was Tandoori Mushroom. It was point blank just PERFECT. I loved it. I can go to Junkyard again even if it means all the way to Rajouri just for their Tandoori Mushrooms (I am one of those who at Indian restaurants order Tandoori Mushroom for appetisers instead of Paneer ..that is how strong my love for Mushroom is!) It was better than the Tandoori Mushrooms I like at my 2 other favorite places namely Kainoosh and Gulati! I can never stop gushing about my favorite starter of all time!

Next, we ordered Mutton Seekh,  don’t expect it to be anything authentic. It has an amazing street food yumness. I could only think of how it could taste more yum in a Kathi Roll along with some mayo. What generous quantity they serve! Both of Tandoori Mushroom and Mutton Seekh.

The Tandoori Mushrooms however beat Mutton Kebabs too.  For the first time in my experience a veg dish has outdone a non veg dish. I just couldn’t stop eating those mushroom even though I knew I had to sample other food too!

Later, we ordered Penne in Rose sauce with vodka with Chicken added. Not sure why the grilled chicken would be served cold with  a hot dish like Pasta. It made the entire dish bad. Perhaps they shouldn’t keep the option of getting chicken added to pasta. Cold chicken is served best with Salads. Even then I would prefer it hot off the grill. Pasta was average. Their expertise lies in Indian not Italain. The bread served along with Pasta was also not warm.


Since, I wasn’t going to let go off Prawn, we ordered a Pizza with Mushroom and Prawn topping. My 2 loves together. After, Sorrento at Shangri La the previous day I was still in mood for Sea Food. Prawn turned out to be too chewy for my liking.

Lastly we ordered Jerkin Chicken. Oil wasn’t properly drained from the fried chicken but finally hot food was served. You can still try it but you would be better off with KFC who specialize in fried chicken.

For drinking alongside I had ordered Peanut Buttershake, it was too sweet. Moving on to dessert, we ordered White Raspberry Chocolate Truffle, it wasn’t available hence, we skipped the dessert.

Thereafter, we had a family scene at Garam Dharam downstairs by the same company which owns Junkyard Cafe. We had a fabulous time at Garam Dharam, really great food and pleasant change from Junkyard Cafe.

Hope you enjoyed my honest review! I became very hungry while writing and ordered Pepperoni Pizza takeaway from The Cafe while doing this food review.

About The Cafe, Vasant Kunj? Will review it soon guys!

Eat Well,





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