Cupid on the little west street

Hi everyone!

Last week was very hectic, in terms of the number of events and reviews I had to attend. Interestingly, one of my clients tried to understand what I really do as a blogger..very frankly the answer surprised me and her equally.. The conversation response  (after pondering over it for a split second) from my end was “I get to travel, eat good food, get to wear nice things, admire art, reflect on books, check out new interiors, dabble with some fine make up and have fun.” So ya that’s all that I am really doing when I am blogging..having fun!


To all those who email me asking how they can become a blogger like me- first of all thank you that you consider me worthy enough..secondly, my tip for all of you is- just have fun and be yourself! You needn’t please anyone but yourself. Also, find something or someone to love. A life full of love will necessarily result in happiness that is infectious! You get to pass on that happiness and sprinkle some sunshine everywhere you go! Last but not the least thank god for everything!


Also, also, also I get to raise a baby. If that’s not a god sent miracle then what is? I don’t know of any love that’s deeper than a mother’s love for her baby. Which brings me to my first valentine with Ivanka! (Technically second, as for the first we had gone to Taj Dum Duma if you remember?.. when she was still snoozing safe in my very pregnant belly).


This time we decided to stay indoors and spend some quality family time (ordering cake, pepsi  and lots of Domino’s pizza, dressing up my doll, reading to her, playing with her till we all fell short of breath from laughing) together.  I love making memories, they are my favorite to go back to time after time. I preserve them as photographs. Photographs have always been a big part of me.

Little West Street was sweet to surprise our little Ivanka with these pretty personalised heart cushions / Alphabet applique pillows.


Coming back inside to a crib full of beautifully packaged pillows was such a pleasant surprise! The packaging by Little West Street always makes me want to not open their goodies ever in anticipation that the fairy tale will continue forever (but it does come to an end..once you open it..which in my opinion is a happy ending that has cast it’s spell for a long time to come) and quality/finishing is as always the epitome of perfection ! If you had missed out on my previous review raving about their quality products earlier then please click here to check out that review.

These heart shaped applique alphabet pillows were an instant hit with Ivanka who loves to test her strength with objects around her in her playtime, she loved tossing these pillows around by tossing, I just mean, lifting them…a bit. Mon petite bebe. I am not always the bumper kind of person so these cushions act like a safe cocoon whenever she sleeps surrounded by them. This is usually during day time when I can monitor her sleep, during late night naps everything that surrounds her goes as I am very afraid of SIDS.


The day time crib has to be complete with her favorite floral La Rose duvet also from Little West Street and buntings. Now, the bumpers have been replaced with these playful cushions, till I am in mood for bumpers again. This comes with an option for duvet insert as this dohar has a zip on it’s back. This is what got us through Ivanka’s first winter along with our constant favorite first Puppy Love quilt. The greatest thing about Puppy Love Quilt is it’s light weight. Ivanka can easily turn in it in her sleep without waking up. She is a very light sleeper and it used to break her sleep all the time when she couldn’t turn in heavy blankets we put on her. I always reverse the puppy love quilt in night time because of the beautiful Grey star burst it has on the back side. Makes me feel that Ivanka is sleeping peacefully under the stars with Mr. Moon looking over her lovingly (She has a musical moon box) (Also think Sleeping Child by MLTR). When it comes to the La Rose Duvet, I think it’s a complete steal because of how it is smoothly transitioning for summer months ahead.. all we have to do is remove the duvet insert and we have a lovely dohar to help her by in all the Ac she has to get used to while sleeping in summer months (we regulate the temperature at 26 degree C). Her first summer was with the Starry Night swaddle muslin in Ac. Believe me it also kept her adequately warm.






Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. I am just going to go cure my cold with help of some Tassyam Experience Tea’s Shanti Chamomile. I have been recommended by the folks at Tassyam to rely on it and let it do wonders. The giveaway I am hosting with  Tassyam Teas is live on my page. You get to win a lot of goodies from All you need to do is check out my Instagram page or Facebook Page for more details about the great Holi Giveaway.

Sniff, sniff,







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  1. Shradha Choudhary March 3, 2017 — 11:10 pm

    Hi… I love reading ur blog.. and must say ur great at it…also love ur daughters name.. 😊 if u could please let me know where did u pick up the light box from? (the one which says you are loved )

  2. A really cute post..!! Looking forward to more…

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