Kashmiri Wazwan Festival at Tamra – Shangri La, New Delhi

“Wazwan”- if you have never heard of the word before and a sort of mental imagery forms in your mind, I am certain that the image bears close resemblance to something that’s authentically delicious. You wouldn’t be wrong to assume so too! The Kashmiri Cuisine is also known as Wazwan. For those of you who don’t know, Kashmiri Cuisine is extremely rich in flavours, with dishes imbued with spices like cardamom, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and saffron.


My close experience with Kashmiri cuisine was first when I had visited Kashmir and second was at a close friend’s Kashmiri wedding. Now, the first experience made me order for Biryani at every order I gave for butter chicken wherever I went. This was literally frustrating because it was impossible to find these tastes at restaurants that served proper Punjabi food! Eventually I came to write off every Biryani and to Puneet’s delight, stopped ordering it altogether. We completely forgot about this Biryani craving that got triggered in Kashmir and after a very long time subsided in Delhi. Until, I went to this Kashmiri friend’s wedding and had tea which had salt in it (that’s quintessential to Kashmiri cuisine). That put me off Kashmiri food for a very long time.

When the invitation to indulge myself in ‘a taste of Kashmir’ presented itself in the form of The Kashmiri Wazwan Festival at TAMRA -Shangri La Hotel, I along with Puneet decided to give it a shot once again. The exotic and authentic experience was curated by Executive Chef Neeraj and guest Chefs: Chef Mushtaq and Chef Hamied.


The food presented itself in the form of delicacies such as: Tabak Maaz (pan-fried lamb ribs cooked with spices and yoghurt or milk), Rogan Josh (spicy lamb curry), Gushtaba (minced mutton balls cooked in curd and spices), Haaq (Kashmiri spinach cooked in mustard oil with mild spices) and much more.

Chef Mushtaq and Chef Hamied’s signature dishes such as the Kokur Kanti (chicken prepared with onions, green chilli and tomato puree), Seekh Tujh (soft marinated meat pieces prepared on low charcoal flame, on the table) and the Marchwangan Korma (spicy minced mutton) were the stars!

The meal ended on a sweet note, to the fragrant and sinful Kashmiri Zafrani Phirni, made with rice, milk and saffron.The Kashmiri journey was completed with Kahwa, an aromatic traditional Kashmiri green tea made with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and almonds.


The festival ended on February 12, luckily I found time to go on February 11. Just writing about the food has started to make my mouth water again. The food was very good and most dishes exceeded expectations.

However, we didn’t stop ourselves there..TAMRA was our oyster and we took a plunge in everything this multi cuisine restaurant presented us with! It’s a perfect place to come with family, especially when you can’t mutually agree on a particular cuisine. They house a spectacular display that would please even the most hard to please people.

Hope you pay a visit to Tamra at Shangri La Eros Hotel, New Delhi soon!

Have fun and stay wild,




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  1. Waaw,.. Food pictures made my mouth watering 🙂 Awesome post,… I love Kashmiri navratan biryani,.. But none in my home loves it, because its bit sweeter than any other biriyanis,..

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