SMAAASH-ing idea to make Valentine’s day fun for you and your kids

Hi guys! Finally found the laptop piled under dirty laundry and hence I am able to make this post. Yes, this post would not have been possible had I not been able to find this laptop from the depths of my chair-drobe (when you run out of a wardrobe your clothes end up on the chair..which turns into an easily accessible chairdrobe). But that’s just another page in the motherhood life. You absolutely learn to ignore all the messy and gory details of your home and move on with the day doting on your cherub.

So, I am sure you saw all about my weekend at Smaaash Pitstop and Sky Karting, Sector 29, Gurgaon on my Snapchat and Instagram story. Thank you so much Smaaash Pitstop and Sky Karting for inviting me over. The response and the views that I got were tremendous, so I decided to do this blog post just in time for those who are with children and don’t have a plan for the Valentine’s Day till now!


I know, how bad it felt, when as soon as I became a mother I had somehow crossed some invisible line and I was all of a sudden not allowed at many places and also had to frantically check if the places I wanted to go allowed children before making reservations or booking tickets. I missed out on Michelin Star dining experience and even various theaters when I went to London. Even in Delhi, if I want to go to a fine dining restaurant (eg: Sevilla) then I am turned down if I ask to bring along my baby or I am told I would be offered a corner table in the veranda outside with mosquitoes et al (eg: Indian Accent). Any way, if your babies have grown up and become kids who are up for better experiences then Smaaash Pitstop and Sky Karting in Sector 29, Gurgaon,  is the place you have to have to try with or without them!

A birthday party of school kids was in full swing when I went for my review. I can’t think of one reason why it wont make for a perfect corporate party either!

The place is designed like a container. As soon as you reach it, the door is literally a container door and it seems like you are about to be shipped off somewhere. Smaaash Pitstop and Sky Karting is huge and is presently divided into 2 floors. The ground floor is the pub area again divided into indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor area has the shape of a truck pulling the container giving it an uber cool transport vibe!

The thing I was most excited about was the never heard before Sky Karting! The karts at Smaaash Pitstop and Sky Karting are electronically charged (unlike the diesel karts you have been used to in past) and imported from France. They have 2 types of karts available- one for kids and one for adults.


The Karting area on the upper level also has a restaurant to eat and a glass screen from where you can see the speeding karts race while you enjoy your food. Needless to say we spent maximum time on the upper level sampling the best Smaaash Pitstop and Sky Karting had to offer along with the bird eye view for ongoing races. They presently charge Rs.550/- per race. However, they are also in the process of coming for a value saver season pass!

The best time to go Sky Karting is during night when the entire karting area is lit up Blue and gives you an experience of floating through sky. However, on the downside if you visit at night you would probably have to wait for a very long time to get your turn to do sky karting. They allow a maximum of 7 people in one go. I went there with Puneet, he had to wait for 5-6 rounds to be completed before he got his turn and we went in afternoon, knowing that waiting would be an issue! But I guess the waiting bit adds more anticipation and thrill to it!

The best part about Smaaash Pitstop and Sky Karting is, neither is it too far away from the city nor is it within the city. Even when you reach Sector 29, you will find that it’s not located in the main market but less than a kilometer away from there, where Smaaash Pitstop and Sky Karting’s grand structure awaits you in all it’s glory. It’s like the getaway from the city  with all the comfortable attributes making it a perfect hangout zone!

One thing that I felt was missing there was – bowling! And guess what!? They are coming up with that soon! Yay! Go there with your kids, family or friends for a round of sky karting! A little healhy competition never hurt anyone! Also, if you beat the current record lap time you stand to have a chance to win an Iphone 7! So go zip zap zoom with all the sped and moves you can muster up your sleeves!






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