Top 5 online stores where I shop all things baby

Hi guys!

Since the time I had Ivanka in my tummy, and I had to get shopping, I was first of all disturbed by the fact that everything in the brick and mortar set up in India in terms of clothes for new borns (0 months) was broadly categorised into Pinks and Blues….I mean why can’t a baby girl wear Blue and vice versa? I wear Blue! Ivanka also wears Blue! Strangely there were not many other color options available. I would just settle for plain Whites at these stores because White is my favorite colour, followed by Black! Most of my wardrobe is full of White and Black. Same was going to be the case with Ivanka’s wardrobe, until my mom intervened and declared she wants to see more colors on the baby and in the nursery. Thus began my search for everything with more colors. During my difficult pregnancy it was even more challenging for me to go door to door of any shop, thus I started searching for websites that could help me get whatever I wanted in the comfort of my home. Here are a few that I really crushed on and I think you should know of them if you don’t already know!

  1. Little West Street

This is my number one, absolute favorite website. Most of Ivanka’s things are from here. Though I was reluctant in the beginning when I thought the pricing was a little steep.. but let’s not forget that was the time when I had just started shopping all things baby and was yet to know what baby stuff costs like. My first purchase from them was muslin swaddles,it was called the starry night. I can safely say those three swaddles got her through her first few baby summer months. I think I just bought those on a whim at first go, but when I actually had the product in my hands..that was the beginning of my affair with Little West Street! What makes me go to Little West Street over and over again is it’s quality. The designs are just such an amazing additional bonus. It’s always such a win- win deal with them! I was not too convinced in the beginning about their quilts so I was glad I could actually go view their collection at Manan store in Khan Market. Thereafter, when I was deeply satisfied, I started placing my orders on their website, there are always so many discounts they dole out (which you get to know off once you subscribe to them)! What was further added to my collection from Little West Street was hooded towel- Cow Animal Wrap, Personalised reversible quilt- Puppy Love Quilt , I absolutely love the Grey starbust on the other side, I am literally in love with muted tones, Vintage La Rose quilt, and lots more that I keep gifting my friends! I am presently also crushing on their bandana bibs, come summer I am buying those beautiful muslin bibs so that they can stand out!






2. Nady’s Toys

This cute little online shop sends dolls all the way from Russia! I ordered a doll from this amazing woman’s store on Instagram and later found  how dolls didn’t have to necessarily be blonde in her store. You can opt any color of hair from her store. I like how it’s not racially discriminating, and I can teach Ivanka the same that all dolls need not be blonde and yet they can be beautiful.What I also loved was the long flowing hair her dolls have and how they are all handmade with love! You can order your doll from the Instagram handle @nadys_toys. She ships worldwide from Russia.




3. Pluie Kids

This website boasts of 100% cotton clothing and the accessories especially their signature Pluie doll Bag is my favorite! You can check out their reasonably priced personalised Notebooks and Pluie Doll bag here . Personally, I feel that Pluie Doll bag can make an excellent return gift once you fill it up with loads of goodies! At least I am planning on doing so. You might also want to check out their website right about now considering they have huge discounts on! Click here

4. Love the world today

I really liked their Dear Japan collection, it just feels so easy on skin, so light almost like the kid’s skin is breathing along. They have a great collection for both boys and girls. You can check their website here

5. Baby Monk

This website is damn outright cute! I assure you, you will binge shop here. It’s so so affordable and the variety is so good it makes your mouth water (if that phrase is applicable for clothes). It’s deliciously good! One catch however is the absolutely LONG time they take to deliver your clothes. It’s tragically long. But I assure you the products are worth the wait. Click here to view their website and start shopping.


And a special mention to zeezeezoo too! check them out for everything quirk!


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  1. Amazing compilation Ruchi. Except little west street I was not knowing about the other websites . Now I have visited each of them and hav favourites from each of them . Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Proud to be working with Love the World Today bringing their stunning girls dresses to the UK through House of Aiyla

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