Valentine’s day gifting with Gucci

Hi all!

This is coming from the desk of a very very tired mother who can’t even enter the baby’s room because the baby just went on a cat nap..and even my pin drop silence wakes her up. So I sit out in the cold writing this post because I forgot my winter layers in her room while making her sleep. While the struggle continues to get as real each day as it is rewarding, I can’t help but fast forward myself into thinking about the beautiful month of love that’s coming up next!

I have shortlisted some gifting options for you guys that I instantly fell in love with! Even if you are up on the singles’ table this valentine’s day then gifting yourself with something you truly like is not a very bad idea. I personally dislike gifts that I don’t get to choose but keep them anyway for sentimental reasons. There’s hardly ever been a present that I have liked that has not been chosen by me. But but but….these choices below would make any “serial surprise-hater” like me also love these! Puneet?are you listening? reading? [Hint: you too can drop hints like mailing this blogpost to the loverboy….Like I just did by writing an entire blogpost]

There are some beautiful options for Valentine’s Day from Gucci that I think you must have a look at:

1.Medium shoulder bag in white blue red leather with rhinestone bee patch and tiger head closure


2.Evening bag in white leather with pearls, bee jewel detail, chain shoulder and additional web shoulder strap


This one is my absolute favorite. I think it goes really well with a  black sweater with chandelier pearls they have in store! It’s hard to not see a trend here i.e. my weakness for anything Black or White. Co-incidentaly that black sweater was also worn by Deepika Padukone.

3.Mini top handle bag in white leather with blue-red-blue web detail, chain closure and leather, torchon straps


4.High heel sandal in red patent leather


5.Brooch in metal embellished with red silk maxi flower




So get excited! The month of love is right around the corner and you have a valentine’s day wishlist all ready!


Much love,


***********All images have been sourced from Gucci************

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