The half birthday that went by

It’s a Royal Affair!

Once upon a time in a kingdom not so far away,

there lived a princess named Ivanka.

In honor of this sparkling shiny new princess’s half birthday

the Lords and Ladies of the land are invited

to the Magical Castle for a meet and greet

celebration fit for a princess!


It’s a weekend ..a weekend which has come around a month late to post about Ivanka’s half birthday, but as promised, here it is. It was a really fun event for us, especially since this was the birthday that involved more people than I would prefer to be there for her first birthday. All the firsts of life are special, afterall! The charm of an unforgettable first is cherished for the rest of the life. The in betweens just fly by.

Her first birthday is going to be a very private affair. This thought has stemmed from the fact how me and Puneet wanted a very small and personal wedding and it turned out to be quite the opposite. I couldn’t quite shrug the feeling that the wedding was more so for others than for us. Such a BIG milestone of our life and not for us at all! It involved too many unknown faces, or faces lost in time, or faces you meet in time here and there.

Also, one of the good things that has come out of this half birthday tradition is that now our princess has 2 birthdays, one for the winter and one for the summer! How merry a thought is that!

Ivanka is usually a happy child who at such a tender age expects people to respect her boundaries. She doesn’t like being touched by everyone and is not up for a hug or cuddle by all. But that’s exactly what happened, everyone came and tried to scoop her up especially since it was a meet and greet affair for all those who hadn’t been able to make it to the hospital when she was born or otherwise and she was left aghast as the outcome on her birthday. Reminder: Babies don’t like being touched!








Ivanka’s return gifts for the party 


This blogpost is being completed today, something that started on the weekend is getting done today all because Ivanka doesn’t like Avocado. I tried multi tasking and finishing both the blogpost and her first superfood Avcado together. She threw a tantrum and here we are now, sitting on the blogpost scheduled for Sunday going live on Monday!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! We roped in Morvi Images for photography and I absolutely love the final product that Morvi gave me.  We chose to opt for 2 cakes, the fondant cake to go with the theme and the melt in mouth chocolate cake for the taste! I don’t know about you but I hate how the fondant cakes taste! You will notice that we all have changed our outfits somewhere in the middle of her half birthday to accommodate for the princess theme we kept for her birthday, which is quite clear with the opening lines of this blogpost which are an extract of the invitation that was sent out.


Outfit details:

I wore a gown by Ritu Kumar which I was pleasantly surprised to spot on Kareena Kapoor later as you must have seen on my instagram @the_blog_of_Ruchi, shoes are my prized possession, the “sole” reason (pun intended) for the London trip was to pick up my precious Sophia Websters! Puneet wore an Armani blazer which he took off as soon as I realised I couldn’t pick up Ivanka in my heels and he had to hold her throughout! Ivanka is wearing a cotton onesie that reads “It’s my half birthday” in golden color customised specially for her by THE LITTLE GIFT CO you can Click here to visit their page and place your orders and a tutu which like her father she took off as soon as she realised it was her birthday party and she can do anything she pleases, her shoes are again Chiaras from Sophia Webster, we twinned!

Our second outfit was my favorite! It was a set of King, Queen, Princess tees which we were so comfortable in, and I was very comfortable in as I continue to breast feed Ivanka and I am proud that I haven’t ever given her formula, so it was very convenient to get into those gorgeous tees!

Again the set of T Shirts was customised for us by THE LITTLE GIFT CO. Visit their Facebook page by clicking here. You can also check out their Instagram page @The.Little.Gift.Co for more options of customised gifts, t shirts,night suit sets, towels, baby shower gifts etc that they do and I adore! Or you can directly call and place your orders by calling on +91 9870107078! I strongly suggest that you look at the Instagram for more interesting options to delight yourself!


Cheers, here’s me wishing me a happy wedding anniversary, to you too Puneet.





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