Postfold|| Diwali that went by…

As I sit here hogging on brownies from Theobrama and sipping my hazelnut milk, I know for a fact that winters have finally arrived! Well, at least the lack of warmth in my hands and feet are proving that to me!

Though I am more of a flowers, rangoli and light for Diwali kind of person but I have to admit that I enjoyed bursting crackers while growing up. That has needless to say changed. This change is more permanent now given the fact that I have a baby and I do not ever wish harm to my child. I wonder about the kind of world that I have brought her in, and the environment that we as a generation are handing over to the next generation.

It was certainly expected that it would be smoky this Diwali, but I was reassured that a lot of school children wouldn’t be bursting crackers as they have pledged in school to not burst crackers, and the economist in me assumed that since Diwali is so close to end of month this time around that maybe people who are day wagers or who live from month to month wouldn’t be having funds to actually buy as many crackers at the end of month…and blah blah blah I reasoned and hoped that it would all be true and there would be less pollution..for sake of my child, if nothing else. However, I took measures like booking a room in a hotel so that I could give a little better environment to Ivanka. To be honest we slept well that night and there was significantly less pollution in the sealed hotel room where we did not switch off the air conditioning as the chill of the wintery season had just started! But what happened in the coming week was something that we were totally unprepared for! The smog. Something that turned our Delhi into something worse than a gas chamber.

I hope this would be an eye opener for many people! Environmental threat couldn’t get more real than the week we all went through! Maybe we would all learn and not burst crackers next Diwali.

Anyway, let me get away from the gloomy topic and take you to the day after Diwali and how we had fun spending time with Ivanka on a nice sunny wintery morning after Diwali!


You all know my weakness for plaid! I am wearing this beautiful plaid antique dress from Postfold. I love how amazing their collection is! It is equal parts practical as it is trendy! More details of the outfit are below:


I accessorised the outfit  with my brooch. It uplifted and enhanced the look even more. It is absolutely ok if you decide to go without another brooch to the already existing  brooch like pattern on the dress.




Postfold has modern, functional and essential clothing for both men and women! If you liked this outfit then it is essential to go see their entire collection. Do have a peep at their Autumn-Winter collection on their website by clicking here. My top 3 outfit choices for girls after the Plaid antique dress from Postfold are :


  1. The shirt dress frost grey, click here to get the details
  2. The tri embellished Bardot top, click here to get the details
  3. The cold shoulder dress, grey melange, click here to get the details


Details of the outfit on me:

Plaid Antique Dress

Price: Rs. 2199/-

Website . Facebook . Twitter. Instagram





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  1. Nice dress,..

  2. Absolutely amazing this outfit looks on you. I have been reading your blogs and every time I read your blogs on clothes I get an idea that sitting here in Canada what all I can shop for myself and my daughter from India. I have been talking to people at my work that I follow this blogger but now I will encourage them to follow you.
    Great going! Love to your daughter “Ivanka”

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