Diwali gift inspiration: Sophie La Girafe comes to India!

We had an amazing time at Ivanka’s half birthday last Friday.I will share more about the birthday once the photographer delivers the pictures as we had no time to take pictures.. except at the very end.

With Diwali right around the corner we have been very excited to show Ivanka around the very lit up Delhi and most often with her favorite toy that she refuses to part with. Her favorite toy continues to be VULLI’s Sophie La Girafe. I knew of Sophie La Girafe and how babies love it and how celeb moms are often spotted around with this one toy for their kids and I wanted to see if this toy was actually that good. Sophie La Girafe thus made to my London-Shopping-List.







Sophie La Girafe is a unique toy, made from 100% natural rubber and still traditionally produced for more than 50 years. Sophie La Girafe is Baby’s first toy stimulating the baby’s 5 senses from the age of 3 months.

The thing that I really love about it is that I feel it is completely safe for Ivanka, especially since she has the urge to put everything she sees in her mouth. Sophie is made from the latex of the Havea tree and the paint that is used on top of it is all food paint. So I picked it up from London. After the instant success the toy had with Ivanka I wanted to try more of their products and Lo and Behold now you can purchase Sophie La Girafe in India too! Sophie La Girafe India team gave me a chance to try out So Pure teether for Ivanka thus completing my Sophie La Girafe set of must haves! Needless to say it was again a success with my baby because of the ease of grip it offers and the soothing sensation it brings to her gums.




I think that Sophie La Girafe is a perfect Diwali gift for an infant! To know more about Sophie La Girafe India log on to their website here or you can also drop them an email at info@sophielagirafe.co.in or directly contact them on +91-022-40034221/ +91 07718050002.



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