Let’s stock up some winter clothings!

Hi everyone! I have been meaning to type this post since long. But I have been busy planning Ivanka’s half birthday instead! Half birthday because first birthday is way too special. I believe that firsts of life are very important and I strongly believe that family is everything. Hence her first birthday is only going to be celebrated within close family….however her half birthday is a different game altogether..with many many many friends! Friends who have met Ivanka before and those who haven’t met her till now! A perfect meet and greet is being hosted for Ivanka! I can’t contain my excitement 0:)!

Meanwhile, I am aware that winters are coming….and I need to stock up Ivanka’s clothes. Especially since I want it to be more exclusive than your local H&M etc (I am very particular about what Ivanka wears or does not wear, just can’t let her wear any random thing…not even for nightsuit). Can’t believe how disappointed I am to know that all these stores have same clothes all over the world! The bulk manufacturing kills the exclusivity. I picked up some stuff from London for Ivanka and was in for a rude shock to find a. the same clothes b. cheaper at these clothing chains in India.

However, in order to finally plunge into the world of finding the right clothes for Ivanka, I have been on a journey to discover these exclusive home country owned brands! And they are such a pleasant surprise! I almost always end up binge shopping for Ivanka on many of these cute little kids’ websites that I have discovered. One of these amazing finds is Pluie Kids .

Pluie Kids is one such website that I turn to for Ivanka’s summer dresses and winter clothes alike. There has not been one moment that I haven’t wanted to hoard all the stuff from their website but time is my enemy here.

Anyway let me show you the most beautiful quilted jacket (which is reversible by the way) that has big yellow bow on it! Oh bowsssss! How pretty you make everything look! Especially little pretty girls look prettier in those!

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Pluie Quilted Jacket

I also found the Pluie doll bag absolutely beautiful, as it has been upcycled from the fabric of their collection. This bag literally took my heart away and I can’t imagine the effect it has on little girls who get to carry it around! I think it’s a great idea to stuff return gifts in for a Kid’s birthday!

pluie doll bag, pluie kids india
Pluie Bag and Pluie gift box

There’s also an option of getting a Pluie gift box that you can get filled with quirky accessories like socks, pom pom hair bands and other goodies!


All in all do not miss out on Pluie Kids’ collection! It’s not just unique, it’s exquisite! Check out more beautiful stuff from their collection here.

Adios amigos!



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