Kate Spade themed party + giveaway!

Hi guys!

I have been too much into Netflix these days! I don’t get time to read at all and I have unsubscribed myself from various subscriptions that I was addicted to, though I continue to buy lots of books which are just gathering dust! Ivanka exhausts me! As she is growing up she is less content being by herself and more content looking straight into my eyes imploring me to chat with her each and every waking moment. I suspect she is finally beginning to know me as someone, I am sure she doesn’t know what mommy means as of now and it’s more like “hey she is around me all the time”. Also, I think stranger anxiety is just around the corner for her! She has already started crying in arms of those who don’t handle her with care. My girl is growing up !



As promised I am here to share the pictures of Ivanka’s fifth month birthday (that was on September 21, 2016) decor which was sponsored by Charmed Celebrations (find them on Instagram @CharmedCelebrations)! I had a Kate Spade theme in my mind when I asked Charmed Celebrations to execute this idea with clear instructions of dominating Black, White, Gold and Pink colored theme. (Hey didn’t I mention in my previous blogpost that this was one of my favorite color palettes?)


In the images above you can see cupcake toppers with Ivanka’s name on it and a matching cake bunting. I used the cup cake toppers to make the cake look more beautiful, the cake bunting was to go on top of the cake however I chose that to go around the cake as I had chosen a half Kg cake this time around and the bunting would look best on a bigger cake. But again I love how it beautifies the cake when put around the cake.



We are celebrating her fifth month with this giveaway, which gives you an opportunity to win custom made products of a theme of your choice for a party. Today (September 30,2016)is the last day for you to participate in the giveaway to win:

  1. Happy Birthday banner
  2. Matching cup cake toppers (12 in a pack)
  3. Matching cake bunting
  4. Thank you cards (12 in a pack)
Birthday Banner in Kate Spade theme
Thank you cards in Kate Spade theme

All you have to do is:

  1. Follow @the_blog_of_Ruchi and @CharmedCelebrations on Instagram
  2. Tag 3 of your friends on the comments of the giveaway image on my Instagram account (@the_blog_of_Ruchi)
  3. Tell your favorite theme in the comments under the giveaway image on my Instagram account (@the_blog_of_Ruchi)

All the best you guys!


lotsa love,



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