Painting London pink!





Yesterday we celebrated Daughter’s Day with Ivanka and that came soon after we celebrated her fifth month birthday last week. While celebrating I realised how I haven’t blogged anything about Moscow and almost gave London a miss too. I haven’t even blogged about her monthly birthdays much so allow me to make this blogpost about her fourth month birthday which was very memorable for us!  Well, yes, Ivanka has been keeping me very busy. I am resorting to sleeping all day blogging all night syndrome. I sleep at 05:30 in the morning. I couldn’t stop reminiscing about how wonderful London was and always is! It was our last day in London and we ended our wonderful visit to London and Scotland by celebrating our princess’s birthday! I chose to add a dash of pink to the beautifully grey London by picking up these lovely statement earrings from TI Couture (born out of the esteemed styling company Trendy Innovations run by Tania. M. Kathuria). The brand’s supremacy lies in it’s breathtaking Luxury Statement Jewellery. TI Couture’s fabulous jewellery can be found at Ambar (Shahpurjat), Agashe (MG Road) and Ekatra (Def. Col.) also online you can find it on Perniaspopupshop and Rocknshop.

Monthly birthdays is something that I am complimented for, but it was Ivanka’s grandma’s idea to begin with! It all started when she got Ivanka a cake for completing her very first week!

We started our day with a stroll at the St. James’s Park and then went for afternoon tea and celebrated Ivanka’s  fourth month at Peggy Porschen, our favorite cafe in London.

St. James’s park!


I was always a lover of pink (after black, white and gold) but I am more so obsessed with it ever since Ivanka has come to our life. Also, I am going through my Alice in Wonderland phase where everything either seems like a trip down the rabbit hole or my choicest forms of relatability comes from the quotes of the mad hatter. So it made perfect sense to have a pink tea party for Ivanka’s fourth! ANDDDDD what better place than Peggy Porschen where it’s always tea time! 😉







Have fun guys! I am already drooling and want to go back to London all over again! It’s almost like living with all those writers you have always loved! I can’t ever stop gushing about London. Period.

Your serial mommy faffer,

Her Ruchiness


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