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Hi everyone!

This is a long due blogpost! As I am packing everything to be on my way to London tonight (if you are on my Snapchat- The Blog Of Ruchi then you are already aware of this travel) I can’t but help figure the essentials that I am to carry for Ivanka. Now times have changed such that not everything fits into one bag. Let’s just say me and my husband used to be big on travelling light and once upon a time not so long ago everything used to fit into one big suitcase- his and my stuff both (this included shoes, umbrellas, camera lenses, tripod and any other thing that you can think of which occupies more space than it necessarily should!…all thanks to my expert packing skills! *wink wink*). Well, now we carry two bags just for the baby! Call it my inexperience but I carry every little thing that Ivanka has, needs, uses or can use!

It was hard discovering things that I know are not just great on value for money but also great in quality. All the things that Ivanka has, have been well researched by me, given all the modest amount of skills that I am equipped with.

For my little firecracker! You can buy this onesie here for Rs.549/-

One thing that particularly strikes chord with me is Organic cotton and I prefer all her clothes to be made of organic cotton as much as possible (else I settle for the regular cotton). I was lucky to discover a brand called Zeezeezoo. It’s a fun, light-hearted, quirky, colourful, whimsical, non-excessive brand attractive to Indian parents around the world. Think of onesies and tshirts with tag lines like Cheek Pinching mana hai, IIT Material and bollywood punchlines like Main apni favourite hoon, , Bachna ae haseeno, Main tera hero, musafir hoon yaaron and so many more!


Papa kehte hai- BeeBeeBoo gift set (Multipurpose Blanket, Burp Cloth and Reversible Bib) for Rs. 1649/- I got this for a friend’s baby boy!  I loved how soft it was! You can buy it here.

Owners Rahil Shah and Ashini Shah of Zeezeezoo tell that ” Zeezeezoo is 100% Organic Cotton with sourcing and production in India and 100% Indian inspired.” With such a unique inspiration pool, they were excited to create an emotional connect with today’s parents by capturing the fun and whimsy of Indian life, past and present. They pride themselves on “celebrating what makes us Indian, from Bollywood and cricket to festivals and pop culture.”

This lovely organic cotton blanket for my little pretty pretty! It’s perfect for wrapping her up and also for tucking her in with during summers. You can buy it for Rs. 999/-here.


When prodded further they tell the reasons as to why they started the label. Ashini said “I grew up in the US, have lived in London for the past 6 years, and make frequent trips to India. When I became a mum, I realised that I wanted my daughter to grow up celebrating Holi and Halloween, and everything in between that was a part of my upbringing.

It is important to carry forward traditions my husband and I grew up with, while embracing new ones every day. This is where the idea for Zeezeezoo was born. To create products that new age parents can relate to, and get a laugh out of.

The concept was originally designed to cater to the Indian diaspora worldwide – but soon we discovered that there was a huge gap in the Indian market for something of this nature – western quality levels, design aesthetic, and customer experience – with an Indian heart.Obviously, to have the reach that we desired, something like this could only be done online.
As for the inspiration for the brand name, Zeezeezoo is the buzzy song of the black-throated green warbler. Interesting because this is a migratory bird. And like migratory birds, we as humans travel in search of better, bigger, more interesting opportunities. Whether to another city or another land, we follow our dreams. This is something my dad’s done, my husband’s done, plenty of friends have done… So it hit close to home.”
Whereas Rahil reasoned saying that “E-commerce was growing rapidly. The ease and convenience of shopping online, the variety of options available, the speed of delivery, the low pricing, the smooth return and refund policies, and having a clear upper hand in every transaction – the Indian e-commerce environment had everything that could spoil a customer. And for me, there was no escaping this e-space addiction. There was a lot happening. But the one thing missing was some nice stuff being made for kids? No one was focusing on this or was taking this seriously. That’s where we saw a gap!”
So all you lovely people out there waste no time and go ahead find their amazing quirky products at your nearest store or place an order online on their website . Zeezeezoo retails at:
Crossword – flashcards selling in more than 20 branches around india
BabyOye – online and various retail
First Cry – online and various retail
A little fable – Delhi and Jaipur
Tappu ki dukaan -Mumbai
Bliss – Mumbai
White brick wall – Goa
Jaypore – boutique planned for August
You can also mail them at or whatsapp/call 9586105050 for any questions.


Hope you enjoyed the post, I promise to keep searching for such lovely brands for you all to indulge in!

Lots of love,




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