Due date essentials: Checklist for Hospital bags

Hi guys,

With so many of my friends getting pregnant, being pregnant and wanting to be pregnant I decided to blog this post. For the benefit of all. Simply because I am amongst the first few of the circle to have been blessed with a baby and I have my research all in place! Ah what a wonderful feeling (if I ignore my zombie like behaviour and attitude to most things now.) The list below was all I needed in the hospital, trust me you wouldn’t need anything else apart from this. (Maybe a hospital visitor book and return favors but those don’t go into your hospital bags!)



So I am dividing this blog post into 2 parts, that is, hospital bag checklist for moms and hospital bag checklist for babies.




  1. Car Seat (you need this to bring your baby back home, and no your lap or your arms are not safe for your precious bundle of joy, also I suggest you do not compromise on the quality of the car seat, the brand I chose was Stokke)
  2. Receiving blanket/ baby blanket (used to wrap up the baby as soon as the baby is cleaned after birth)
  3. Baby bag/ diaper bag (I chose a dark color as I expect this bag to get dirty earlier than anticipated)
  4. Muslin cloth/ Burp Cloth (quantity 5)
  5. Cotton balls (1 bag from Mother Care)
  6. Hat/ Cap quantity 3 (since my hospital had the policy of 3 days for C-sec and 2 days for normal delivery, I chose to carry 3 caps as the outer limit)
  7. Onesies quantity 5 (try buying the ones that cover the baby entirely like jumpsuits, and preferably with buttons or zips, makes changing clothes and diapers easier for you and your baby)
  8. Bibs quantity 5
  9. Cotton wipes/ Baby wipes quantity 4 packs (buy as many as you want to stock in one go, that’s all you will be using to clean the baby for a very long time, I purchased from Mother Care)
  10. Diapers (quantity 10 to 12 per day) (I chose pampers new born/swaddles, the yellow packet that’s imported from Dubai), if you choose cotton nappies then you can purchase re-usable cotton diaper liners, or disposable cotton liners. Pampers swaddles comes with a wetness indicator and has to be imported from abroad, you can place your order on Amazon. The brand of disposable cotton liners that I chose was Bumkins. The brand of cotton diapers I purchased was Bumgenius snap diaper with nappy inserts)
  11. Swaddle Blankets (quantity 2) Babies love to be swaddled as it gives them the feeling of being in the womb and prevents them from getting startled while they sleep, you can buy them at Mother Care but the design variety is very limited and boring
  12. Babywrap Towel 
  13. Mittens (Buy as many as you want, they are very important as they help in preventing a baby from scratching himself/herself, the baby’s nails grow very fast, also babies have a habit of sucking their hands, so it’s best you keep changing the mittens every 1-2 hours)
  14. Camera (you ought to capture as many magical moments as possible!)

MOMMY (Shopping list essentials for the hospital bag post delivery of the baby)

  1. Soft towels (you really don’t want to use hospital towels)
  2. Maternity pads/ Sanitary pads (buy from Mother Care, they sell out very fast)
  3. Disposable underwears
  4. Nursing bras
  5. Gowns/ nursing nighty (because why hospital gowns?)
  6. Socks (if you have a c section you are going to end up feeling REALLY REALLY REALLY cold)
  7. Laundry bag
  8. Breast pads
  9. Toiletries and make up
  10. Dry Shampoo and hair brush
  11. Rubber bands/ hair bands
  12. New clothes TO GO HOME yayyyyy

In case you have more questions or want me to add something to my list, please mail me on theblogofruchi@gmail.com

Also I hope you are following me on my Instagram and Facebook!

Adios Amigos!


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