All because two people fell in love

Hi guys! It’s been long since I personally wrote something and logged in to make an entry here. Well I have a great news to share, that should duly make up for my absence online! If you are following me on my Instagram or Facebook account you would already know the great news that I have a baby girl in tow now! Ivanka is finally here and I can not ask for anything more. Being her mother is the best feeling. Something that makes me feel complete.

This is going to be a rushed rushed post because she may wake up any moment now after having kept us awake all night (makes me wish that I should have been a party goer for a major part of my life, partying till wee hours in the night, just so that I would know how to cope up with staying awake all night, and, no, exams don’t count because there was always coffee, and now I am forbidden to touch coffee, chinese food, cheese, basically, that covers all my favorite C words.)

This is my favorite picture that summarizes our life these days. We sleep anywhere at any hour now. That is if we get to sleep. Screw you body clock.

It almost feels like an year now, since I have travelled. In fact it was on one of our travels that we got to know we were pregnant. To be precise it was the Bangalore airport, and incidentally our last travel. Since then I refrained myself from travelling, disconnecting myself from wifi, mobile radiations and all the other paranoia that comes along with the raging hormones when you are pregnant. Well, at least that happened to me! Regardless to say it was all self imposed. An exile. But hoorah all that’s in the past now, and the reward is so sweet! A baby girl! Truly, I wouldn’t have known how to connect with a baby boy, I am so glad it’s a girl. So much to shop. What do men shop for any way?

A quick recap of my last month before delivery is captured in pictures below when I ventured out to Taj Gateway Resort also known as The Gateway Resort Dam Dama Lake (Farthest I dared to go during pregnancy).

It was a perfect weekend getaway and I think it is one of the great properties to visit around Delhi to spend some quality time with your loved ones or…. to host a baby shower. Life’s all about baby baby baby now. Oh the resort has great many activities to keep your little ones busy. I satisfied myself with a pottery class and sunset!

maternity pictures, baby shower ideas, taj dum duma lake, taj dam dama lake, the gateway resort, sohna road
Pregnant and proud
review of the taj property thegateway resort, taj gateway
Cake brought to us by the lovely people at The Gateway Resort Dam Dama Lake
Birth announcement ideas we were working with
Coffee -my favorite drug. Worked around the coffee theme for birth announcement too.
…and then there were three
Complete family-You, me, baby and a dog! 

That’s all for now! Keep checking the blog for Ivanka’s online debut.

Adios amigos,

Ivanka’s marmee




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  1. shilpashetty86 June 9, 2016 — 1:04 pm

    Cute pics,…

  2. Can’t wait to see the little one

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