10 art inspired tattoos that you can gift your valentine

“Look through art history, there’s always an art form that’s emerging that’s not as accepted.” says  Lee Anne Hurt Chesterfeld who works as a curator at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Bringing forth the case to tattoos, they can’t be framed and put up in a museum, thereby making them lack commercialization aspect.

That being said, I believe, as a counter to this predicament, conversely art can be tattooed and the debate on tattoo being a form of art can continue as long as we are alive or thereafter. Questions about originality and copyright have also emerged in the field of tattoo art just like contemporary art.

If you have been waiting for inspiration to strike you for that tattoo you have been wanting forever. The one that you would lay your eyes on and it would just be one word- Perfect. The kind that would speak up for you, and represent every little bit of the component of your soul, then look no further, maybe by the end of this post the inspiration will strike! The best part about the tattoo inspiration list curated here is that it is not run of the mill and is not something that is commonly spotted and has become a cliché – no feathers, hearts, butterflies, anchors, crosses, Chinese characters  and never ever names or god forbid initials. That for one is the most essential aspect that I would personally look for in the tattoo. Something that is going to be a permanent part of my body, if it may not be unique (like me) it should at least be rare (wink).

  1. The treachery of images by Rene Magritte

In all honesty I was introduced to this piece of art from a book I read an year ago. The meaning behind this piece stayed with me. The deeper you think about this piece the more and more insane the meaning gets. This piece of art is nothing short of image treachery. The image in French states  “This is not a pipe”. The meaning is simple that it is an image of a pipe and not a pipe in real sense itself. It is one of my favourite examples of classic surrealism.

Image Source

2. Dove of Peace by Pablo Picasso

The dove of peace in modern times becomes more and more relevant with its rising importance in today’s increasingly complex and violent world. Alternatively, you may also choose to get one that I feel is particularly a love worthy combination of dove and the face.

peace dove
Image Source.
face and dove
Image Source.

3. The persistence of memory by Salvador Dali

The beauty of art is that while drawing inspiration from your favourite piece of art you can customise it into a version that best pleases you. This adaptation of the melting away time along with a crescent shaped moon is my choicest favorite. If I considered it to be sane I would get all the tattoos mentioned in this article. Maybe miniatures, but all!

persistence of memory
Image Source.

4. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

This is a timeless piece of art that continues to be my favourite valentine day choice each and every valentine’s day. With all the mush in the air and the run down to Valentine’s day, this adaptation which is a section of The Kiss becomes one of my recommended choices.  Wondering where to get it done? This image should be clue enough! Make it intimate and personal is my advice.

the kiss
Image Source.

5. Chanteur by Joan Miro

Feeling colourful? Then Chanteur (meaning a male singer) by the Spanish painter Joan Miro  has to be the first choice for all you color lovers. Surrealism dotted with childlike manifestations is what sums up this art piece the best.

Image Source.

6. Girl with a red balloon by Banksy

I hope it’s ok to be partial to one of the biggest mysteries of our time in the world of pop art- that is what I call as the phenomenon that makes up Banksy! Probably the only time when I feel a cliché is alright, art this good has to be reproduced endlessly. For the sheer joy it brings. Check out the image below and my choice of where the tattoo’s placement would look best.

Image Source.

7. Le Violon d’Ingres by Man Ray

F – holes represented on a woman’s body is one of the popular tattoo design amongst various musicians. The sound holes transform the woman’s body into a musical instrument in this work of art where Man Ray plays with the idea of objectifying an animate body. This tattoo’s placement is for those who don’t believe in showing off their tattoo, like the general masses often do! This tattoo and it’s placement gets a big thumbs up from me.

Image Source.

8. The Crown by Jean Michel Basquiat

If you are a minimalist lover, then this iconic crown motif by the American artist Jean Michel is your best bet. His art is best described as neo-expressionist.

Image Source.  

9. The Pieta by Michelangelo

If you are the kind of guy who wants an extreme all over back piece body art that is stunning, masculine and marvellous at the same time then The Pieta which is a famous statue in Vatican city comes out very well on a larger surface of skin.

Image Source.   

10. Starry night by Vincent Van Gogh

A larger than life tattoo that is not an adaptation but a direct replication of the art by the grand master himself  is what you would like to opt then you can go for the mystical starry night and preserve your favourite art on your body for the rest of your life.

Image Source.   

Hope you make your valentine extremely special by gifting your valentine something that is unique and permanent like a tattoo!


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