Review of FRIVIL app: The new dating app in India!

I remember the time when everything went online almost too suddenly. It seemed like it happened overnight. I am glad hundred times over to have been privy to this change, at least the kids from my generation know the difference between how things were and how things are. From writing Telegrams to pen friends to email exchanges that did not take more than seconds, to the time we got introduced to Orkut and transition to Facebook when friendships and overnight messages and chats became the norm. We embraced the change technology brought to us over and over again. Of course, it helped bridge distances. Making directories and slam books become redundant. Then came the day of mobile phones and I just believe each and every enhancement in technology helped facilitate the dating scene even more. Aah the ease of access. Now we are so addicted to the apps that make our life simpler than they already are. Lot of apps are out there in the market that help you sort out your dating scene with ever so much ease that one could not even think of probably a decade ago.

I got an opportunity to review a dating app and I decided to check it out. The dating app called FRIVIL is currently in the invite only stage. It is a popularity app that shows you 2 good looking people, and you get the choice of tapping the one you find more attractive. Frivil finds you matches on the basis of your popularity everyday.

frivil the dating app

Here’s the link to the app for iOS users:

Google Play Store :
Also, as of now the app is invite only, you can use the code “RUCHIHEARTS” to download it.

To explain more, you get to choose between images of 2 people of the opposite sex. Similarly your image (along with an introduction line by you) is also made available to the people of the opposite gender. Depending upon how many people like you compared to your opponent in the game of choice, you are awarded ranks that change immediately to reflect how popular you are on the app. So it actually boils down to the profile image being too good to get chance of making yourself rank higher. How rank helps is that the matches you get at the end of the day at 9pm are in accordance to your rank. Your date arrives everyday at 9pm based on your popularity and corresponding popularity matches of the date. There’s a personal inbox that you have wherein you can chat with the people suggested to you if you like and there’s an option to block them too. So far I have not experienced any obscenity on the app, also, the quality of guys are filtered/screened and great emphasis is put on this aspect by FRIVIL.

Inside the app
Inside the app
The ranks within the app based on your popularity and wins over others.
The ranks within the app based on your popularity and wins over others.
The choices that you make impact your ranks and your date quality.
The choices that you make impact your ranks and your date quality.
The dates that arrive at 9pm each day, that you are free to chat with.
The dates that arrive at 9pm each day, that you are free to chat with.
You are free to block them!
You are free to block them!
Especially when something like this comes up...just block...
Especially when something like this comes up…just block…

Some FAQs that I feel are very helpful about the FRIVIL app are:

What is FRIVIL rank?

It shows where you stand amongst your Facebook friends who are on FRIVIL.

What is a match?

A ‘Match’ is a person who is in the same league as you on that given day.

What is a league?

A ‘League’ is a group of people falling in the same popularity range. You can be in one league on one day and the other on another day.

How do I get matched?

You are matched based on your performance on the app- The matches that have similar scores are matched.

My verdict on FRIVIL, the new dating app in India:

Because you will definitely keep wanting more! Go get hooked on FRIVIL now.

It’s a fun app, to browse through in your free time, and I see my ranks going up and down all the time during the day. However, one basic flaw I feel that exists is that I should not be forced into choosing one out of 2 people, as sometimes I like neither. There should definitely be an option to not choose amongst both the people who I have been asked to rank. Also, since the app is new and is only invitation based, the people here are exclusive but sometimes you will meet with disappoinment when you don’t see new options and you get notified to check out the FRIVIL’ers in a while. I am confidant that as and when FRIVIL app becomes largely available this issue won’t persist.


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