Reminiscing with Satya Paul

Alright, I accept it. I haven’t been posting much since my birthday. Guilty, as charged. Let me be honest and admit that not all has been hunky dory in my part of the world. Also, I have been sick for quite a few days now, blame it on the changing weather? So, expect a short blog post this time around.

What’s adding more to my misery is the fact that I was sitting on the passes to the ongoing Amazon India Couture Week (perks of being a blogger ta-da!). Sadly, I am not going today. Damn you weather.

The schedule of Amazon India Couture Week, that started yesterday, for your convenience is listed out below:

amazon india couture week schedule and passes
Image Source: FDCI

I am dispelling these sad thoughts. How I am doing this? Thinking about another favourite designer. Satya Paul. Now, Satya Paul has been my favourite since a very long time. Think Class 12 farewell? And the but of course choice of every girl being the gorgeous Satya Paul saree for the farewell! Safe to say, my affair with the label Satya Paul has been going on for close to a decade now. Now, what girl didn’t drool over them then and what girl doesn’t drool over them now? Pictured below are few of the outfits that I chose out of the collection that was sent as a courtesy to me from the team at Satya Paul earlier this month.

These outfits have been shared below in my order of preference. Though, I have styled these in the traditional Indian way (by giving it the feel of something that you can make a part of your everyday wardrobe effortlessly), don’t be afraid to experiment to make them more western as they are essentially tunics.Think jeans or shorts and color dominating tubes, leaving the knot loose and accessorising with a casual bag and minimal jewellery.

1. Abstract digitally printed tunic  || Breakfast with family outfit choice

I liked this outfit the most because it is made up of my favorite colors and also because I think it adds an extra amount of color for any sort of a casual day occasion.This super georgette tunic originally priced at Rs. 5,995 is now priced at Rs. 2998/- and can be found here. I like my day to start with bursting colors. Just can’t say no to colors!

satya paul sale must buy july

satyapaul abstract digitally printed

itc maurya new delhi pool side

swimming pools in delhi, itc maurya new delhi2. Embellished and Printed Tunic || Dinner with family outfit choice

satya paul itc maurya new delhi

satya paul itc maurya new delhi

3. Palm leaf printed Tunic || Lunch with family outfit choice

palm leaf printed satya paul outfit tian itc maurya

Here’s to a good throwback, additional cheer and amazing time I had flaunting these outfits for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The End of Season Sale is still on at Satya Paul I am really digging some of their accessories like handbags, clutches, scarves and ready to wear products. I am having fun browsing the heavily discounted products on their official website. You too can make the best by shopping their sale items by clicking here.

And oh I think Amazon India Couture Week Day 2 just got started while this blogpost got freshly pressed. Tsk tsk.


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