3 outfit styles that you must invest in to make this wedding season picture perfect

If you like receiving compliments, then this blogpost is just for you. “There’s only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about!” How I wish I had come up with this quote. But in the context of this blogpost this is the most relevant thing ever. Do you want to be the centre of attention this wedding season? Do you want to be the one who gets to hold the gaze of people for more than just a flutter of an eyelid? Do you want to be the trend setter? Most importantly, do you want to be the one to whom people become desperate to come up to, to ask the details of the outfit that you are wearing (has happened to me so many times that I get embarrassed)? If yes, then you are on the right blogpost. Because voila, mon cherie Imma gonna show you the outfits that are the solution to alllll the questions above!

There’s this best friend of mine who knows I have an extremely special wedding coming up in my family. Since the beginning of this year, I have told her “No, I have NOT come up with what I am going to wear”. She knows it very well that if I don’t find the exact outfit of my dreams I am going to dress up like a rag picker (no offense to the rag pickers, yikes) . I am this really extreme kind of person, either I dress well or don’t give a…… (you know what I mean)! Also, one major reason why I had not made the purchase for the year end wedding was my fear that I was going to wear the outfit to any occasion that came before the wedding! Just can’t resist the temptation to wear an excellent outfit, why miss the opportunity to look good!

I am at the moment content and at peace that I know exactly the kind of outfits I am going to be wearing! Saachi Thahryamal is the label that I found which met my expectations in all the ways I had imagined. Saachi Tharyamal the label was Launched in March 2015 by Saachi Thahryamal. Ask her about why she decided to start the label, her prompt response is “I have always loved fashion ever since I was a little girl! I think by 5th grade I knew that my life would lead up to a fashion career. Also, my mother – Monisha Thahryamal is one of the leading designers in India and has been my BIGGEST inspiration”.  Not hard to say fashion runs in the veins of these fantastic women!

What impresses me the most is the ability of the label to dabble with fun silhouettes, stylish cuts, beautiful color combinations, innovative embroideries and the kind of Indo-western clothing which can make anyone look taller and thinner. It is for the new age women who aren’t afraid to experiment with style. She also enthusiastically tells us “My styles are extremely comfortable because of their cuts since they are so flowey, yet they look so fashionable. It’s the best buy for any fashionista out there who wants to stand out. I have always experimented with clothes personally as well- I love making new cuts which compliment different body types. Since, I have studied Image Consultation partly, it greatly helps me in understanding human bodies and what would suit them best.”  We put our bucks on these words because they are so true!

The 3 outfits that I chose from her latest collection are shown below. I absolutely loved getting clicked in these brilliant outfits. You can notice the difference in the entire kind of personality that comes with these outfits. I styled an Artsy Indian look, Quirksome Casual look and Victorian Chic look. Needless to say, you need not restrict yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment with these outfits and go ahead making Indo-western look contemporarily modern. And please do not invest in the salma sitara suits and sarees that end up making you look like shiny tent houses. Less is more. Always. (In the context of embroidery….don’t get any other ideas).




Trend alert: Cape with a gown

Yes my dearies you guessed it right, this outfit has a cape! Remember that beautiful saree with a cape that Sonam Kapoor had worn and swooned us all over with? Only, this is not a saree but a gown, in one of the most flowy use of pure georgette. This outfit is priced at Rs.23,500/-

fashion designer's exquisite work for mehendiYou can see the stunning embroidery that falls shoulder down on to your arms. Perfect outfit for a winter mehendi function that you may want to attend i.e. if you don’t want to go in for the common Greens and Oranges!

what indian brides must know before marriage back side of the outfit perfect for mehendi The alternative way to style this outfit is to make the cape serve a dual purpose of an attached dupatta.attached dupatta with a gown aaDSC_0085 This outfit has a very pretty border where the outfit ends. You will understand how minimal yet appealing this outfit is.



This lovely pure Georgette and Crepe dhoti outfit with Georgette Crop that has a pure Georgette cape attached behind  is what I wore to my friend’s Roka, but you can alternatively wear it for a cocktail night too. This rocking outfit is priced at Rs. 24,000. I think this was perfect for me. It fit well, gave me a slimmer look, considering I have not lost a single ounce despite swimming all summer (all I have gained is a massive tan, which I am working up on with a fantastic skin care routine).

nude make up look should be your choice this wedding season

Again you can see here, I have kept minimal accessories to make the outfit standout more. So as to not let my accessories steal the show. Also, I have maintained a nude make up look for my face.

nude make up look

aDSC_0243 navy blue outfit for cocktail 3. VICTORIAN CHIC

Victorian look floral blouses crop top and skirt

Trend Alert: Crop top and Skirt

If last year was the year of long gowns, then this year has been big on crop tops and skirts. This will continue to remain so till year end atleast or as long as this look continues to look so timelessly elegant. I haven’t gotten over the skirts and crop tops till date. This outfit by Saachi Thahryamal, has it’s crop top made in printed silk and skirt is made in cotton. The skirt has many layers underneath. This outfit priced at Rs.9000/- would look great at a day function so that the subtle feminine colors come out well.

victorain chic pink floral pattern pink outfit with flowers ruchi total outfit details luxury travel blogger india into the looking glass skirt details

One more thing that I have not captured herebut I think should be the Trend Alert#4 is the arrival of stitched sarees! They have got the swag bro!

So I think I have tempted you enough with these gorgeous outfits.  If you would like to buy one of these, or get any outfit customised with some other colors or have a design in your mind and would like to use the help of Saachi to bring that design to life then just simply contact her guys. Drop her an email ASAP on saachithahryamal@gmail.com! Follow her on Facebook to check out more of her designs or place order for the ones you saw here. You can also follow her on Instagram.


Jaipur Store
Monisha Thahryamal
Shree Sheel Mohar Appts
Subhash Marg
Crescent Mall, near Qutub
New Delhi
2/2 Townshend Road
Opp Sharma Petrol Pump, Bhawanipore
Kolkatta- 700025

Saachi Thahryamal’s future plans that you may want to know:

AZA– Juhu
ELAN– Ahemdabad
OGAAN– New Delhi
Almari– Hyderabad-(Promo on 18th September)
IMC Exhibition in Bombay (2nd and 3rd September 2015)
Will also be stocking at Bridal Asia,October 2015

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