Perfect and convenient: Easy to follow day and night time skin care routine

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are having a great Monday. I used to have this big hate-hate relationship with Monday, before I quit my job to become a full time blogger! Now my Mondays are so smoooooth and so sweet! In fact all the days of my week are like a big Sunday now. Life, the way I wanted it to be. It’s all about me now. Whatever I want to do and did never find time to do, I just do all of that and more. Like this skin care routine that I am just about to share with you.  My skin care regimen is less time consuming to fit my routine for the day and highly intensive during the night.

So I am splitting this blogpost into the skin care routine that I do during the day time and the one that I religiously follow for the night.

Skin care products hoarder a.k.a Me!
Skin care products hoarder!


Since mostly when I am not travelling, my day usually looks like heading to meetings or store launches or restaurant openings during the day. Or I am busy with an outdoor photoshoot, blogging or reading a book or magazines. If nothing else, then, coffee, cream and cookies with interesting people.

So as you can see most of these activities don’t allow me to strictly be inside a confined space or an office. I tend to spend a lot of time outside in the sun or rather exposure to sunlight and what comes with it is the harmful UV Rays.  My ideal day skin care routine is very basic, because I really can’t find enough time in the morning than for just a quick skin care routine for my face. So read below for the perfect routine that I have found for my skin type along with the correct order of using these products.


I have a combination skin type on my face, and I use a cleanser that is Alcohol free, Paraben free, Silicone free, Sulfate free, fragrance free and gentle. I make it a point to use cleanser early in the morning and splash my face with lots of cold water thereafter. This I believe readies my skin for the next and the last step of my day routine. I use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-free Cleanser which cleans my pores from deep within by dissolving all excess oil, debris and dirt. This is also recommended for people having normal to oily skin types.

Image source.
Price: Rs. 1200 for 150 ml. Image source.

UV Protection cream

my epiqueEssentially you should be following up your cleansing routine with toning and moisturising and serums for advanced skin care routine that you may want to follow, given your skin’s needs for nourishment but I just keep myself content with a UV Cream. A UV cream is a must no matter the season that is going on. Don’t think that a cloud cover is going to protect you from the UV Rays or even the fog! After cleanser I straightaway dab this new product called as Epique Advanced UV Protection System. It leaves skin feeling protected all throughout the day. With it’s powerful 50 SPF it provides protection from both UVA+UVB. This product is a miraculous discovery for me. I found the Epique store right opposite the Kiehl’s store when I went to shop my routine list from Kiehl’s (in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj,Delhi. 

You can also use an under eye cream to get rid of the puffiness after the UV cream like the one here) but I usually just use Shea Butter hand cream for my hands from L’Occitane and that’s all before my make up! Oh, this UV protection cream acts as an amazing base for my Make-up too, it leaves my face with a lovely shine after every use. Also, I will be reviewing  Epique Advance UV Protection System here on the blog soon. Keep checking the blog!

Price: Rs. 2700 for 15 ml. Image Source.
Price: Rs. 2700 for 15 ml. Image Source.


Make up remover facial tissues

Now unfortunately you can’t go to bed with your make up on. Whenever I reach home late at night and I am almost ready to crash in the bed I still have to go through the task of removing the make up. What comes in most handy during this time is the Epique Oil Free Cleansing and Make up Remover Wipes. It’s just so simple, effective and hassle free. The make up’s gone in just one easy wipe!

Price: Rs.400. Image Source.
Price: Rs.400 for 30 wipes. Image Source.


After cleaning the make up, I again use the same cleanser that I use for my day time skin care routine to clean up any residual make up that might be stuck in the pores. Post cleaning my skin of all the impurities, me and my skin are ready for the intensive skin care routine for the night.


Since I am very conscious about the products that I use regularly on skin, I make sure that they are as safe to use as possible. This toner again is alcohol free. Put a few drops of toner on a cotton ball and start off with your forehead and your nose then go on to the rest of the face. These are the oiliest spots and will benefit most from the toner. If you choose the right toner for your skin it will also help you to shrink your pores!

Price. Image Source.
Price: Rs.2500 for 250 ml. Image Source.


Targeted skin care that I really like to use to help my skin stay healthy and young comprises of 2 serums that I absolutely swear by. They are by far my favourite products from Kiehl’s. One of them is Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution which aims for you to have an even skin tone by reducing dark spots.

Price: Image Source.
Price: Rs.3800 for 30 ml. Image Source.

The other serum is the one that I am completely addicted to, it is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This is as natural as natural gets. I have no idea but whenever I apply this I usually tend to have a deeper sleep because of it’s relaxing fragrance. This serum I apply after I have applied the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot solution.

Image Source.
Price: Rs. 3960 for 30 ml. Image Source.

Now I hope you can understand why I don’t go in for an intensive day care routine! I have such a massive night care plan that I know will penetrate my skin without any disturbance during my beauty sleep hours and give maximum results.


To seal in all the serums, I use the moisturizer at the end. The product that I use is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream. This can be used during the day too, as it minimizes the appearance of oil but at the same time weightlessly and refreshingly hydrates your skin. It is completely non greasy.

Image source.
Price: Rs. 1900 for 50 ml. Image source.

Eye Cream

Last but not the least. I use an under eye cream that vibrates (no kidding). This is like my mini spa for my eyes. The Intensive Revitalizing  Eye Formula from Epique is my preferred under eye cream with an  inbuilt mechanism that makes the tube vibrate while you apply the cream.

Price: Image Source.
Price:Rs.3200 for 15 ml. Image Source.

Hope you have your skin care routine all sorted now. In case you have any more queries about the products that I use, do leave it in comments below or drop me an email on!

skin care toner essential why

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