Top 3 Summer accessorizing trends that you need to stock up on now!

July is the time when sale arrives in full swing across all major outlets known to us Delhites.July is also my birthday month. With this, comes the memory of me trying to play smart for many years, before I finally gave up on trying to be on the winning side in this epic sale month. During my childhood, I would try and choose some special birthday outfit before the sale officially started and wait it out till the sale began (usually a gap of a week at max) only to be left with the stock of last season items on sale  and never the outfit that I chose in the first place.

Believe me, not even once have I been able to buy an outfit for my birthday during sale throughout my teens! I am this reallllly choosy person and the people who shop with me now usually give in to buying me or letting me buy the outfits (no matter the price) whenever I like them. This I believe has been the result of me driving them crazy for months for something even as small as a pair of jeans (I don’t think a pair of jeans is a small thing, just for the record!). I just don’t like stuff easily. So whenever I like something, (after series of bad decisions in sale and regrets of not buying something haunting me and now sheerly out of habit) I buy it. And sale, hence, never remained a deciding factor. In fact, I remember now not entering shops that had sale mentioned on them! Call me crazy but my shopping style developed to be the kind where I paid price in full and only then felt good about my shopping.

That was the past. This season, I have again been the one on the losing end. To be very frank, this has happened to me thrice now (and I am afraid I am still counting)!  I am already doubting my prowess of good decision making when it comes to shopping during sale (or let’s just blame it on luck?).

So in the beginning of this year I bought a nice cherry colored cape from Marks and Spencer, that you must have seen me wear in my Jaipur trip earlier this year on my Instagram and I was regretting paying the price on it so bad, but was still happy with my purchase. Until I walked into Marks and Spencer this month to help my friend choose a bikini for her Euro trip (love love love) and I saw the same cape at 50% the price I paid for it. I cringed inwardly. Finally, unable to mask my feelings, I literally shrieked, as coincidentally I had purchased this very cape with the same friend! The ordeal was not over. I went into the FCUK store with my friend where I had purchased a swimming costume just few weeks back, and the same costume was on a heavily discounted price! When did the sales become so genuine?  After my initial outburst I finally relaxed, maybe sales are the right time to shop.

What finally convinced me to shop during sale and make the best out of it? Well this awesome accessory website that I found, called Youshine! This website is of one of the most prominent accessory stores in Select Citywalk, Saket. The mistake I made was (hopefully the third and final mistake for this season) that I chose these products last month, only to visit their website today and find a huge 50% off on majority of products! Can you believe that? This definitely is an eye opener to me, for I believe now, the era of genuine sales has finally arrived, and I have awoken a tad too late!

3 summer accessorizing trends that I picked out and predict to be prevalent for a long time during this year are listed down below! Shop them now! Good things like sale don’t last too long and I have learnt that the hard way!

  1. IKAT or IKKAT (pronounced ee-KAHT)

IKAT IKKAT hairband accessories

I like Ikat for the fact that it is uniquely ethnic and can be equally modern depending upon the kind of use you decide for it. Also, when I found something like a woven and threaded (unlike the conventional tie-died) Ikat on a hairband, I just had to have it (I love hair accessories more than any other accessories, simply because it helps to keep my fringe behind when I want a cleaner look and I prefer that mostly during summers).

While I saw two of the options on Youshine one in Blue and one in Beige, I got majorly confused, simply because I loved the Blue one too much and yet settled for the universal appeal of the Beige, because hell that’s such a neutral color and would go with practically everything I decide to wear it with.

In fact you might be surprised to know that I styled my look for an ethnic function with this Ikat wonder. It suited my personality by giving me the sporty, casual, chirpy yet ethnically Indo-western  look that I was aiming for. (About the look- keep waiting for some time because that blogpost is a work in progress at this time… and you have been getting glimpses of my hush hush outfit project on my Instagram! I hope you are enjoying the teasers haha. What’s more? You will get a glimpse of another lovely outfit here towards the end that I will give full details of “laters, baby”. )

The Blue one I had my eyes on! Both Beige and Blue are priced at Rs.549.
The Blue one I had my eyes on! Both Beige and Blue are priced at Rs.549. Image Source.
Blue studded collar pins. Image Source.
Blue studded collar pins. Image Source.

I aim for elegant looks with full sleeves shirt and these days pair them with body hugging mid calf skirts and nude heels. I like to go in for collar pins to neatly pin them in on my collars and they just make my face look more lit up and radiant than usual. I go for minimal earrings whenever I use my collar pins.

I chose 2 collar pins from Youshine. One was in Blue (to make up for the lack of blue in my hair band choice) and one was neutral and elegant Pearl White , again to go with any color.

Image source.
Image source.

I approve of collar pins because I usually end up wearing them in 3 different ways. One, as the traditional way of pinning the collar pin. Second, by wearing them as traditional collar pin yet hanging a simple golden chain (preferably without any pendants)and pining them in with the collar pins or using the edges of the collar pins to act as a support while I hang the minimal chain on them to make an inverted triangle of sort. Lastly, as my favourite, I clip them in as earrings!

collar pin as an ear pin styling guide

  1. Tassles

Though I am not a major tassle fan when it comes to bags and clothes, surprisingly I loved the thought of tassles on my earrings. I guess it falls under the category of acquired taste for me! I was majorly disappointed when the earring of my choice got sold out before I could finalise the order! I am sure you all know of that feeling. They have said that it would be restocked again in future and I am waiting. However, I settled for a pretty and unique other tassle earring that I loved!

Image Source.
Image Source.

vintage rose crop top and rosette earrings with tassles pastel pink

You see, this website has so much variety that I can choose from the comfort of my home, that it practically becomes impossible to not fall in love with a minimum of 10 things at the same time from each category they offer. I just love this comfort of choice that I get with Youshine. Not to forget the prompt delivery and high quality products. Their website allows you to see 2-3 images of the same product at once, and that is really helpful and comes to aid when you are making the decision about whether to purchase  a particular product or not. Just makes one more confident about the decision. The colors are largely accurate and the zoom in option is just perfect.

Completely unrelated, but another product that I got from Youshine was this metallic golden links hair band! I love it!

golden hair bad styling tips metallic yellow affordable price

One other product that I saw that got added during this sale is the earring organizer(a lot of options are available on their website), this I am ordering as soon as I clear my dressing table and make some space for it. How useful this is and so pretty!

Image Source.
Image Source.

Find a Youshine store close to where you live here there are so many Youshine stores in major cities of India and good news is that they are expanding to more. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their official website is

Happy shopping everyone!

Signing off,


Chief Faffing Officer



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