Review of Uzzuri Deli& Bar: Sunday brunching solution in Delhi

Looking for a nice and quiet place in the heart of Connaught Place (C.P.) and you are already over all the other Big- and- in- your- face kind of options? Well, then, guess what? You are in luck! C.P. has opened doors to a new two-floored restaurant called Uzzuri Deli& Bar right opposite Janpath’s main market lane!

At Uzzuri Deli& Bar the ground floor functions as the Deli and the top floor doubles up as a Bar! What’s more it opens up as early as 8 a.m.! It’s interiors have a pastel pink hue to it with vintage floral seats to match.

Uzzuri Deli & Bar - Interiors 6

Uzzuri Deli &Bar - Interiors

We visited this quiet little spot on a rainy Sunday for brunch, and we were not disappointed! It definitely turned out to be a perfect Sunday Brunch place. In fact, I think, I liked it more in terms of options it offered, than my other favourite brunch places in town.

The main wall on the ground floor has the map of C.P. and points to various latitudes and longitudes, that are also a predominant part of the places you choose to sit at in the restaurant. Even the menus have these numbers written on them! The pictures on the walls hint at places worth seeing and a larger than life map helps you find them. Fascinating stuff!

Uzzuri Deli & Bar - Interiors 2

Speaking of menu, the menu is divided into Breakfast (which is served all day- that’s how I like my breakfast!Yay!), Appetizers, Sandwiches/Panini, Burgers,  Pizzas, Pasta,  Risotto, Mains and the Dessert Menu (which changes daily).

To begin with we ordered for Layered Pancakes with Bacon along with a hot creamy Cafe Latte that was served along with delicious Banana Bread!

In between my orders, I comfortably settled with a travel book. There are plenty of books available on the front glass window side of the Deli.

The stacked pancakes that arrived were above my expectations and I simply can’t get over the crunchiness and juiciness of the Bacon that came on top of the Pancakes! The portion offered here is massive. We had to especially request for a tasting portion and had to encourage the staff to reduce our portions, to have a successful tasting session, wherein we could sample as much as possible for the purpose of this review.

Pancake stack with bacon on top maple syrup uzzuri deli and bar cp
Image Source: The blog of Ruchi

What soon followed our great start to the brunch was Confit Chicken Salad, as I was not in the mood for Omelettes or the Traditional English Breakfast and also because my choice of Croissant with Ham and Cheese which is otherwise offered on the menu was sadly not available! Coming back to the Confit Chicken Salad which has a roast peanut dressing, will tantalize your taste buds, I finished every bit of this. The roast peanut dressing makes the salad a little greasy, the health conscious might want to reconsider this option in Salad.

coffee and banana bread
Image Source: The blog of Ruchi
Cafe latte and banana bread and confit salad uzzuri deli
Image Source: The blog of Ruchi

By this time, around 11:30 a.m. the restaurant was completely empty except for us and the courteous waiting staff, probably because of the heavy rain and a Sunday in C.P. which is often an off day for the major part of the bustling market.

Next came the Cajun Grilled Chicken Sandwich which I am afraid to say, was highly ordinary and a very basic kind of sandwich for a light breakfast on the go, perhaps. Suitably accompanied with a Hot Coffee.

The Mint and Creole Lamb Burger was a greater disappointment. The sauces don’t blend well with the Lamb patty inside, the entire combination of rosemary mayo, onion rings, confit tomatoes and pickled cucumber together tasted average. The Potato Wedges served along with the burger are it’s only saving grace as they taste pretty good.

You must be thinking about the drinks that we accompanied our meal with, we kept it strictly non alcoholic, and spent a leisurely long time at the Deli immersed in deep conversation, and yet again discussing about travel plans because of the travel books we found there and the entire ambience of the place that shouts- Go Explore! In fact the entire concept behind this Deli lies in unfolding simple pleasures – food, people and places.

What was strange and extraordinary in its own way was the fact, how I chose things from the menu and they magically disappeared from being offered! I was again met with disappointment when it happened for the second time when I ordered for Lavender and Elder-flower smoothie and it was not available, then the third time, when I ordered for Kaffir Mandarin Frappe, which too was not available (First time being the Croissant with Ham and Cheese, I mentioned about earlier, that was not available).

Anyway, what we finally sipped on was Kiwi and Cucumber smoothie and Strawberry and Elder-flower Frappe. If the smoothie was good then the frappes was divine! I was amazingly satisfied and content with the Strawberry and Elder-flower Frappe. It’s a must have when you go to Uzzuri Deli and Bar. So well, maybe everything happens for a reason, because this is how I ended up tasting the frappe! It’s different, a kind of uncommon flavour, so be mindful before you order this.

The Jerk Chicken Tortilla we ordered was decent not great. I wouldn’t recommend it, especially, when I now know, that they serve some of the best pizzas I have had in a long time! When it comes to pizzas my mind stops at the Creole Chicken Fully Loaded, this is so rich, so good and so meaty. It is perfect for a meat lover like me. This in fact has to be the star item of my entire tasting session along with the Strawberry and Elderflower Frappe! However, this choice of combination constitutes much of the lunch side of the brunch!

Special mention to the other pizzas I tasted as well,  Farm fresh pizza–very good, 3 cheese margherita– very good and Smoked Pimento– on the spicy end, but again very good. You just cannot go wrong with the pizzas that you order at Uzzuri Deli and Bar.

Take a look at some of my other favorite items that are available at Uzzuri Deli and Bar, tempting aren’t they?

All day traditional breakfast at Uzzuri Deli and Bar
All day traditional breakfast at Uzzuri Deli and Bar
BBQ Chicken Salad
BBQ Chicken Salad
Mutton meat balls
Mutton meat balls
Lemon Meringue
Lemon Meringue

All this food blogging is part of my job that I love quite a lot, and I have to admit that it has added inches in places that I don’t want them! But what is life without food right? I am a quality foodie and not a quantity foodie. On the tasting sessions that I am invited to (the ones which I do when I am not experimenting with cuisines of the places I travel to), I love tasting the things that are different from the usual that I eat regularly (because Yes I have favourites). Anyway I have a plan…to get rid of all these extra kilos! I am planning on starting with kickboxing sessions soon! Woohoo!

Your foodie faffer,


Uzzuri Deli and Bar details:

Address: 1/3, Scindia House, Next to TribhuvandasJewellers, Janpath, New Delhi – 110001Timings: 8 AM – 12:45 AM Meal for two: Rs.1500++Contact no.: 011- 43656516/17 Facebook: Instagram: @uzzurideli

Images in the blogpost not captioned otherwise are sourced from Uzzuri Deli & Bar.


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