5 Monsoon perfect jewellery pieces that you must have this season

Since most of you know how active I am on my Instagram (I am literally addicted to that app, my blog and my Facebook) I happen to discover some things that I really like from both established brands and the other upcoming brands! Often these things are not easily spotted in the markets so I take it up on me to blog about them.

I like things that are personalized just for me. I like to feel special that way, it has a kind of ring to it, things that are just meant for you, in your own unique way. It was amazing to discover Zahra Jani accessories’ Instagram shop which specially customised and sent over my name necklace and another necklace with the pendant ‘Wanderlust’ that I believe truly resonates with my personality, and more than anything now it is a constant reminder of how I am lagging behind in planning my next trip.

My trip is getting delayed drastically because of the monsoon season that is predicted to come soon enough and also because my favourite travel companion is kind of not well since last 1.5 months. I am praying to god that he gets well soon. I had wanted to hit the north-east India in June and July, the plans however are a work in progress.

baby pineapple and grapes wanderlust world map

Another jewellery piece that I received from Zahra Jani accessories was a statement pendant that I have been wearing religiously at every social outing I have had in the last month! Thank you so much, Zahra!

Zahra Jani Customised pendants

So if you too are into getting your customized necklaces at highly affordable prices then you can visit Zahra Jani Instagram shop here or drop an email at info@zahrajani.com. So simple! (These customized pendants are exclusively listed out on Instagram only!)

ZAHRA JANI’s newly launched website

One uber cool thing that happened last month is that now Zahra Jani has their easy to surf Website all live for you little divas and the gentlemen who want to pamper their girls. Now you just have to tap and click for your order.

These unforgettable and unique pieces are priced at I-Can’t-Believe-My-Eyes kind of low prices! Their collection on the website is divided into Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Ear Cuffs, Anklets and hand harnesses. Zahra Jani has recently stocked up on a new Maldives collection as well. Zahra Jani products are one of the top notch sellers at most of the exhibitions and their exclusive merchandise can also be spotted at the Uberologie store!

Visit the website and make use of this exclusive discount coupon code!
Visit the website and make use of this exclusive discount voucher code!

Some of the stuff that I shortlisted from their website, simply because they are unique, affordable and typically perfect for this odd summer-monsoon season are listed below

Perfect monsoon accessories

  1. ZJ Charm Bracelet priced at Rs.250

I love the zesty color combination that this bracelet offers. It is perfect to break the grey monotony that the grey blue monsoon casts over us happy souls.

republic day indian tricolor bracelet monsoon perfect jewellery

  1. ZJ Blue Splash studs priced at Rs. 550

Loved these signature British motif earrings. Can imagine wearing them with a crisp white full sleeves collared shirt and black wayfarers. These can be bought here.

british victorian era antique blue earrings metal

  1. ZJ Stone stud Ear cuff priced at Rs.499

I like minimal and classic jewellery and have fascination with diamonds (and in this case lookalikes). I like the off beat look this ZJ Stone and stud ear cuff offers. ‘This is a two piece ear cuff. It comes with a stud earring and a clip on which can be worn as a ear cuff. ‘ You can buy it here for Rs.499 (discounted from Rs.599).

diamond ear cuffs trendy latest style tips

  1. ZJ Double line B-Stone anklet priced at Rs. 550

This anklet is my another favourite from the ZJ collection which can be bought here for Rs.550. Imagine wearing it at the pool side while you are sipping on your favorite drinks!

pool side accessories anklet

  1. ZJ Clear Stone Pendant priced at Rs.690 but currently available on discounted price of Rs.399

unique necklace designs bridal

I love it for it’s elegance and I agree with the website that it is ideal for office wear. It would definitely stand out on formals in a classy way. Buy it here.

For same price of Rs.399 (originally priced at Rs.725) you can also buy the ZJ Branch pendent necklace shown below here.

branch pendant pink drop necklace

I also found a matching earring pair priced at Rs.499 (after discount on Rs.695) here.pink drop earrings classy

So don’t miss out on these lovely pieces and more on Zahra Jani’s official website here or call them up or Whatsapp them on +91 9820063438. If any more queries come your way then ease them with an email to info@zahrajani.com. Then again there’s always Facebook too!

Lots of fun catching up with you all!




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