Comfortable in chanderi: How to to be fun, frivolous and fabulous!

This season, Delhi is in the middle of monsoon and no monsoon zone! It’s such a torture to see the dark clouds come and go by with equal ease, parting and making way for the sun to burn us all with scorching heat!

I was looking for some clothes that can make me look elegant and yet make me feel comfortable in this humid and hot season. The kind of person that I am, doesn’t allow me to follow fashion blindly, so ya I am still not into fringes/ tassles (which are an apparent rage this season both home and abroad) everywhere on my body. The fringe on my forehead works well for me, thank you (the only kind I am interested in…)!

It’s also appalling to see that Indian markets have been flooded with fashionable clothes made completely out of cheap polyester and synthetics. Doesn’t everyone know that these are typically bad for your skin? A cotton rich country with absolutely unique textiles is now into importing, manufacturing and selling synthetics! What has the world come down to! (…Clouds of melodrama)

Chanderi is the choice of the elite worldwide for grace designated especially for royalty. It’s delicate elegance is something that even allows you to go out in them without ( if I dare say) make up! You know just without crowding your bed with endless heaps of clothes (before going out and deciding what to or not to wear), simply pick these up and you are ready, bang on time! Then again, at the cost of repetition, let me say, I choose comfort, every time!

I am an ardent believer of mix and match. I go with anything that I feel good in. So it should come as no surprise to you that for the purpose of this blog post I have actually mixed and matched saree blouse pieces with shararas in some places to suit the modern sensibilities. This is my take on originally ethnic and traditional outfits sourced from the new fashion designer studio in town- Chanderi Tiramisu!

Chanderi Tiramisu is the fashion studio which specialises in fashionably designed sarees, full suits, kurtas, interesting bottoms, breezy dupattas and stoles. They also curate sarees in Indian weaves such as Paithani, Benarsi, Mysore Silk, Kanjeevaram, Kantha, Patola and many more in all price ranges.

The Fun

This Red blouse is meant for sarees which will speak volumes on elegance. Come on! Let’s face it, don’t we always lay more emphasis on the blouse than the saree, or if you disagree, then you have to agree to put equal weight to both saree and the blouse? (That being said I have seen people buy a saree just for the blouse, or suit for the embroidery on the  dupatta and sometimes even suit for the salwaar etc )

Red crop top blouse from Chanderi Tiramisu

I styled this Red blouse as a top to go with Sharara meant for a kurta to give it an Indo-Western look, that can be worn as daily wear by any age group. Fashion and trends have a short life span, but the simplicity and elegance this outfit offers is timeless. This is a long term kind of combination!

cotton sharara is the perfect choice to beat the hot summers

chanderi red and white india shop now

Cool comfortable chic outfit ideas

nature fresh oranges

The Red blouse is Cotton Silk and is priced at Rs.2500, off white plain sharara in Cotton is priced at Rs.1650.

The Frivolous

I wanted to play with combinations at Chanderi Tiramisu that bring forth my creativity to the table. Since the collections stocked at Chanderi Tiramisu are not just Sarees and Suits, they can be combined in ways that will stun, surprise and gather attention everywhere you go.This is the reason why I styled this look for a fun night out at a traditional Indian function.

black designer blouse idea

black one shoulder blouse backless

black sharara georgetteI chose the extremely modern, one shoulder blouse with a beautifully detailed full sleeved arm along with a sheer net back and paired it up with a Black sharara ending in a Golden border. The best part about this material is that it hides all the recent weight gain I have had, also it is black, which as it is hides weight. You can accessorise it any way you want, and this combination can only end up looking more beautiful.Black blouse is made of Georgette lace and is priced at Rs.2580 and the Black sharara is semi Georgette priced at Rs.3250.

The Fabulous

offwhite White chanderi silk shararaNow what I particularly love about this outfit is the sharara. That is pure love. It is mindblowing, stunning, unique, chic and all the other adjectives that you can think up of! This Sharara can rock any kurti. Since it is white in color it will blend well with anything you decide to pair it up with. I love the stunning beauty it offers along with comfort that a roomy and airy sharara brings!

Here, this White Chanderi Silk Sharara priced at Rs.4200 has been paired with Blue Kurta which is Cotton Viscose and priced at Rs.2350, the pink dupatta is semi Chanderi and is priced at Rs. 650.


By now I am sure you want to know even more about how you can lay your hands on these pieces and more! I am pleased to tell you that Chanderi Tiramisu indulges you in exclusive customizations for large orders encompassing sarees, unique blouses and throws in free styling tips from the lovely mother-daughter duo of Shakun Maithel Mandal and Kritika Kumar! Also, grab whatever you see as early as possible because most of the pieces are limited editions and are not repeated. Some on the other hand can be redone with slight variations!

Feast your eyes with Exclusive Sarees from Chanderi Tiramisu


CHanderi tiramisu kritika

So fix up an appointment  to visit the Chanderi Tiramisu fashion studio in Delhi now by simply dropping a message on Whatsapp or call +91 9810885847! For all you virtual shoppers, check out the official website of Chanderi Tiramisu here or on their Facebook!

Happy Shopping to you!



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