Top 5 Summer Cocktails at The Hungry Monkey

We had great conversation on the lovely terrace overlooking the deer park, under the blue black skies for starters when we went to The Hungry Monkey on a Wednesday night (You know how I favor Wednesdays right? You must be acquainted with my ‘The Mid-week break’ theory,if you are a constant follower of my blog!).

Chef Noah at The Hungry Monkey, is as magical with words, as he is with the restaurants he helps establish! Our conversations and cocktail session was as much a pleasure as it was a delight!

The Hungry Monkey has recently been awarded with the title of ‘Best Cocktails in Delhi’ by Times Food and Nightlife awards 2015. The Hungry Monkey bar, is a hexagonal chemical bond inspired display, designed personally by the owners who have left no stone unturned to bring you an exciting array of premium drinks.

So you can imagine the excitement we had when we were invited by The Hungry Monkey, for an absolutely out of the world tasting session of their all new Summer Cocktail Menu that have been launched this June itself! The Summer Specials Menu is divided into three sections Low Calorie Cocktails(30ml), Coolers(30ml) and Summer Signatures (60ml).

Before you start reading out the review any further, let me be very clear about the partiality I have for Champagne and Vodka. I am the Champagne, Vodka, Wine, Sangria kinda girl!

The all new Summer special cocktails that I tried at The Hungry Monkey, have been reviewed in the order I loved them the most.

5. COOL AS A CUCUMBER (Coolers)  priced at Rs.525

This is a very light and low alcohol content cocktail. This is a Gin based drink blended well with Cucumber slices, lemon juice, soda and mint. The taste of cucumber lingers for an eternity and the touches of the mint reach the nose too! It’s a good break from the summer heat. Any beginner would like to be introduced to this mild cocktail.

Cool as a Cucumber
Cool as a Cucumber

4. THE MONK (Summer Signatures) priced at Rs.675

This is one of the most bestselling cocktails and a known favourite amongst the people who frequent The Hungry Monkey. It is a beautiful red colored cocktail, which is big on the taste of Basil with a smooth Gin, muddled with berries. The warmth on the tongue felt after sipping is hard to miss. This cocktail is on the bitter end because of the use of Basil.

The Monk
The Monk

3. GOLDEN LOVE (Summer Signature) priced at Rs.595

This drink has to be the one that’s all set to be a party starter! With Crimson Saffron dancing on top of the Yellow cocktail that comes with a live demonstration which involves the flaming of Cointreau to diffuse the essence that adds the fragrance of a ripe orange to it, right on your table to your fancy drink! This Gin Based drink is silky smooth with an aroma that is extremely crisp with the citrus flavor. This cocktail also comprises of lemon and egg white orange peel, also one too many ice cubes!

Golden Love
Golden Love

2. ANJUM BEACH (Summer Signature) priced at Rs.675

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars”, nothing  describes the beloved bubbly better than this. Anjum Beach is a cocktail comprising of Champagne, made together with the blackcurrant liquer or Creme De Cassis that is accompanied with Blue berry compote and subtle fragrance of Lavender in the drink. The name in itself cajoles you back to one of the glorious times one has had in Goa, lazing around with friends on this beach. This is the drink to the good times in life. It is an easy drink. You can alter the sweetness of the champagne by adding the compote in the quantities that your senses love to indulge in most. The drink is dark yellowish brown in color and is sophisticated with a nice fruity and flowery flavour to it. A splendid effort all in all.

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Beach

1. THE CARNIVAL  (Summer Signatures) priced at Rs.675

Hands down, this tops the list! My A-Ranker! My favourite drink! My drink fairy! The happy high I got after gulping down this one is my favourite memory of the all new Summer special Cocktail menu! This is a soft, smooth and sweet vodka based cocktail. The cocktail is slightly creamy. The vodka has been soaked with vanilla marshmallows for flavour and has the right amount of Pineapple foam for the garnish and oh extra marshmallows to eat on the top! Now, who says no to marshmallows combined with Pineapples right? Not the awesome kind of tipsy (by this point in the tasting session) like me for sure!

The Carnival
The Carnival

The other bonus drinks to try are:

Genie in a bottle which is a white rum based concoction of blueberries, lavender syrup, lime juice and soda.

Insider Tip!

There is also one very strong, old fashioned cocktail that’s not listed on the menu but is still up for sips! It’s Jameson whiskey in the wooden barrel which has been aged for over1 month in the house with berries and orange! Ask your server for this special hard drink!

Swirl on the glasses and keep the conversations going and drinks pouring,


Details for The Hungry Monkey:

Address – B 6/6 DDA Market, opposite Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

Contact No. – 011 46049801, +91 9810788196

Image source: The hungry monkey



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  1. Nice Share..

    Cocktails can add zing to your party and in summer we have more options due to seasonal fruits.

    The cocktails shared are amazing and the you have explained them in such a splendid way. I like to hire professional bartenders for my party’s from as they can prepare and serve such great cocktails to all my guests.


  2. Great share,,,
    Amazing recipe, I will love to prepare it for my mother and enjoy this with her on mothers day.
    I am planning to surprise her with a party and calling her old friends to it.
    Planning surprise party is no easy task but at least I am not worried about the drinks and bartenders as I have hired them from
    Just hoping she likes the gift and enjoy the evening..

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