5 Things you need to know before heading out for casual fishing

Good news is that fishing is a lifetime sport and can be learnt at any age.  In past couple of years or so I have learnt a bit about fishing. I try to combine my vacations with fishing whenever I can, wherever I can. Though I have to admit the opportunities are rather rare. Mostly it has been a self taught hobby or if I have a local or an expert who can help me around, well then, it’s sort of great to learn a bit about angling!

Truthfully, my fishing skills are modest to speak the least. But the joy I get out of fishing is immense. It’s all in the chase and the final catch!

There are various types of fishing, fresh water fishing (pond fishing, lake fishing, river fishing, stream fishing), salt water fishing, fly fishing etc

I indulged extensively in inarguably the easiest type of fishing which was pond fishing when I went to Coorg in India. It is a recreation that gives you your own time to think and be with yourself, at the same time providing you with leisure and thrill beyond belief.

Pond for fishing in Coorg.
Pond for fishing in Coorg.

The following points are worth keeping in mind if you too decide your hand at casual fishing.

  1. Right Gear

The gear depends upon the location you choose for fishing and also on the type of fish you want to reel in. I used a very simple/primitive rod and thread with hook and little balls of dough to catch the tiny little fish. That was sufficient for the purpose of pond fishing. No fancy equipment was required. There was a lake with bigger fish close by too, but I just went and fed the fish there, instead of catching them!

Gone fishing!
Gone fishing!
  1. Right Bait

Till date I haven’t caught worms to bait the fish, but maybe at a little more intermediary level of skill set I might even start doing that! Keep in mind the kind of fish you want to fish for and choose the bait accordingly. Wrong bait could mean endless hours spent fishing with no catch to boast of! You may also choose an artificial bait, if you would like, as it lasts much longer than the natural bait like grasshoppers, worms, cut fish etc.

Primitive fishing rod and the dough bait!
Primitive fishing rod and the dough bait!
  1. Right Weather

Cloudy skies provide the best weather for fishing even though you can fish in any weather.

  1. Right Clothing

It’s necessary to dress for comfort when you are out for fishing. It gets quite sunny and humid in Coorg even though there’s plenty of shade from trees that are around. It’s always advisable to carry lots of cotton clothing in Coorg for the days. I chose a great quality 100% cotton T-shirt from Lbug Clothing, comfy pyjamas and sunglasses to go out fishing.

Celfie T-shirt from LBug Clothing.
Celfie T-shirt from Lbug Clothing. Priced at Rs.555. Click here to purchase.

Lbug Clothing is a website where every purchase you make matters, as it is one of the few websites in India that offer shopping for a cause. A portion of their profit is donated to a registered non-profit organization dedicated for the cause of education, healthcare and self sufficiency to the underprivileged in India. The t-shirt I am wearing can be purchased here.

  1. Patience and stillness

You have to be still and silent for the longest time. It is a great way of relieving yourself of all the tiredness that you are usually a part of in your regular hustle bustle of the big city life.

Tra la la
Tra la la
The catch!
The catch!

The slightest of bites from the fish that tug the string of the fishing rod call for immediate action, else you might lose the bait and the fish for better or for worse! Fishing is one of the great ways to enjoy outdoors and bond with people you love the most!

After my fishing session it was time to finally grab something to read and relax in the hammock. Aah, vacations! How I adore thee!



Happy fishing!

Your faffer,



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