Ankita Juneja’s Vintage Romance collection: Romancing with Meera and Radha!

This time on my recent travel to Coorg I had taken some amazing outfits from the label Ankita Juneja. I love photographs. I love taking great photographs. I like the kind of pictures that speak of a tale without having to put a word to it.

I did just that with the outfits from Ankita Juneja. That took my pictures to the next level and made all my photos look like a piece of art in themselves. What also helped was the lovely location that I created my frame on.

Contemporary Meera

My favourite shoot has to be the one where I play dress up with a lovely White skirt and blouse made of White self net. This outfit is primarily catered to create a look around what a modern day Meera would look like. If I had to re-do this shoot, I would do this shoot with a Red Bindi on my forehead! That being said, I still love all these pictures and how they have turned out post processing. Undoubtedly the credit goes to the incredible outfit, with a flair of it’s own. The skirt is brilliantly stitched and the flare that it has is to die for.

The skirt and blouse that I love so much!
The skirt and blouse that I love so much!
Contemporary Meera themed outfit by Ankita Juneja
Contemporary Meera themed outfit by Ankita Juneja

I think this outfit is very me. Something that I can wear to any formal occasion and still stand out in the crowd, without having to put in any extra effort, because this outfit does everything for you. I would prefer a day outdoor gathering for this as I just love my sunglasses, and feel at peace only when my sunglasses are on but it would be an ideal choice for night too, with a dash of Red lipstick and nice eye makeup.

Secret Garden!
Secret Garden!
Titania- Midsummer night's dream
Titania- Midsummer night’s dream
Gypsy soul and wanderlust in veins!
Modern Meera outfit priced at Rs.11,000

Also if you noticed, this outfit stands out without me even having to accessorize it. You can also convert this outfit to look more Indian with,like I said before, a Red bindi, a nice dupatta and any halter blouse (like I did) that you may have. That’s the beauty of this contemporary Meera outfit!  This outfit is priced at Rs.11,000.

Vintage Radha

This outfit is made of something that is a complete rage this season. A long slit top. This long Red slit top is made in self crepe and is paired with a gorgeous high waist cotton floral pant in Grey and Pink.

Vintage Radha, priced at Rs.15,500.
Vintage Radha outfit, priced at Rs.15,500.
Vintage look for a modern day Radha.
Vintage look for a modern day Radha.

I loved the pants, in fact they look perfect with your regular crop tops too. For the purpose of the shoot I wore it with the gorgeous Red slit top, but I would be equally comfortable in wearing the very breathable and airy Floral Pants with a number of crop tops that I have in my wardrobe. This, I believe is a refreshing break from pairing the crop tops with the usual skirts, jeans and everything else that you can think of. This outfit is priced at Rs.15,500.

Both these outfits are summer ready and you have to have these outfits to get a dose of Vintage Romance in your Wardrobe this season!

Also on another note, I would like to add that, while getting myself fitted for these two outfits, I asked Ankita, what was her exact motivation and what actually led her to create this beautiful Vintage Romance collection, that has even more clothes than the ones I have shown here in this blog post (you can check her Instagram account and Facebook for more looks from her collection). To this she simply replied, that she wanted to create outfits that bring out the elegance in every body that tries these clothes on.She firmly believes that even a simple outfit can do wonders to a body than what an intricate design might not be able to pull off. True to her word, her work, in my opinion truly is all about simplicity and elegance!

[About: Ankita has solid education background from Pearl Academy of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, London.

You can get your customised outfits as per your own needs and requirements (throw ideas at her) by visiting her studio or by talking to her directly!

Ankita Juneja Official Studio Address:

7/55 old double story. Lajpat Nagar – 4. New Delhi – 110024

Phone number: 9910066206]

Signing off,



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