Review: Quarterly subscription of the luxury subscription box My Envy Box, India

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you will know that I had done an in depth review of the My Envy Box for the month of February 2015.

(See also: Review of My Envy Box for the month of February 2015)

This post however lays more emphasis on the subscription side of story. Specifically quarterly subscription of one of the most amazing luxury subscription boxes available in market.

REVIEW: Month of March 2015 with My Envy Box

My Envy Box for the month of March 2015 was a soothing sight in its beautiful pastel green box. I have a weakness for the amazing colors they have chosen in these 3 months. The contents were equally satisfying. If I was disappointed with the Balmain Paris blonde color fringe extension in the month of February 2015, then it was more than made up for in the month of March 2015.

MyEnvy Box for the month of March 2015. Image: The blog of Ruchi
My Envy Box for the month of March 2015. Image: The blog of Ruchi

The samples received in the March box were many, ensuring that you can fully try the product for success and then decide about making the final purchase.

Contents of the March 2015 My Envy Box

  1. BABOR Extra Firming Cream

This is one of the star products of Babor, and the quantity received was 12ml. The price of the full sized product of 50ml volume is Rs. 11,999. So it’s not hard to see that you have received quite an expensive product in the box. This product helps to improve and strengthen the elasticity to help prevent wrinkles from appearing.

Babor. Image: The blog of Ruchi
Image: The blog of Ruchi

You can explore the entire collection of Babor cosmetics here.

  1. BABOR Advanced Biogen Intensive Repair Cream

This cream is for the tired skin that needs regeneration. There were 3 sample pouches included in the last month’s My Envy Box. These pouches lasted for upto a week. Hence quite enough quantity for the trial purposes. This product’s actual cost for a full sized product of 50 ml is Rs.4900. This product was definitely a hit as now if you visit the My Envy Box website to shop for skin care products, you will find that it is sold out.

  1. BABOR Daily Calming Cream

This cream immediately soothes redness and irritations helping you gain a balanced complexion. There were 3 samples of this product as well. The actual full sized product of 50ml costs Rs. 4999.

You can purchase this product here.

Babor. Image: The blog of Ruchi
3  samples of Babor Advanced Biogen Intensive Repair Cream and 3 samples of Babor Daily calming cream. Image: The blog of Ruchi

So far March 2015 My Envy Box has been my favourite in terms of the products I received. As this is what I would like to expect from a luxury subscription box on a consistent basis. This box in fact confused me whether theme boxes should be bought as a single box from time to time when My Envy Box does a tie up or collaboration, or is it wiser to just go in for their quarterly, half yearly or annual subscriptions.

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  1. Givenchy DAHLIA DIVIN perfume

It’s a delicate and delightful scent with a little element of woody in it. I just like being treated to these different perfume samples that I get to choose sitting in the comfort of my home. Since I have still not discovered my signature scent, it always pleases me to receive these perfume samples.

The full sized product’s cost for 50 ml is Rs. 6775, and 75ml is Rs. 8275.

Dahlia Divin.Image: The blog of Ruchi
Dahlia Divin.Image: The blog of Ruchi

This product too appears as sold out on the My Envy Box official website.

One thing that I have learnt from this is that, it is advisable to make the purchase of full sized products in the month you receive the samples for it, especially the purchases of popular brands. Do not delay or postpone your final purchase under any circumstance.

  1. CATRICE Absolute eye color

Since the color you receive is pure luck, I was glad that I received an amazing Pearl Mac Cartney eye color. I know that I will use this color for sure. Needless to say this product is not going to finish for months even though the quantity is just 2gm. But then ofcourse it depends upon the usage. The price of the full sized product is Rs.445.   You can check the full collection of Catrice here.

One more reason that I loved last month’s My Envy Box was that they were celebrating women’s month by giving 15% discount on all full sized products.

REVIEW: My Envy Box Month of April 2015

This month’s My Envy Box is a feminine pastel peach in shade. This is the third month of my continuous use of My Envy Box India. But I noticed stark differences from the box that I started off with in February 2015(review of My Envy Box for the month of February 2015 here). The differences that stood out were: No pink satin pouch which usually carries the product,  Lack of vouchers on external brands, No placards indicating what to expect from the brands or products. All this when I thought that My Envy Box was going to continue acing their game at being one of the best subscription boxes in India. But thankfully one thing is continuous, that is, introduction of luxury brands that are well known.

Is My Envy Box Worth the hype?
My Envy Box unveiled for the month of April 2015. Image: The blog of Ruchi

Contents of the April 2015 My Envy Box

  1. Avène Sunscreen VHP SPF 50+ Dry Touch Emulsion

Finally I got to try something from Avène! I was so glad that this product was paraben free. This product can be used for Normal to combination sensitive skin. It is for products like these that I am addicted to My Envy Box. Best part is that such products are not gender specific so others in your family can also try and make the purchase. The 50 ml bottle costs Rs. 1250.

Orange love! Iamge: The blog of Ruchi
Orange love! Iamge: The blog of Ruchi

You can find full range of products from Avène here.

The entire range of Avène  products that you can purchase on My Envy Box can be found here.

  1. Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

I had wanted to try something from Kama Ayurveda too, so it came as a pleasant surprise to see 2 small bottles of the product in this month’s My Envy Box. Thought this product is great, but remember that using only this product without a CTM routine would lead to less effect. I hope you have your CTM in place! You can find lots of products from Kama Ayurveda on My Envy Box’s website here.

Two samples received. Image: The blog of Ruchi
Two samples received. Image: The blog of Ruchi

The best part is that there is 20% referral discount available this month on their website.

  1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

A pure treat! These perfume samples last for upto 7 days depending upon usage. I sometimes use them as wardrobe fragrances. 100ml full size bottle costs Rs. 5700.

Image: The blog of Ruchi
Image: The blog of Ruchi


  1. Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil

I am guessing one can expect Catrice products in next month’s subscription box too. The good part about the products from this brand is that they are mostly full sized. I received the waterproof lip liner in the shade named Sweet Auberginia which is close to the color Burgundy. The price of the product is Rs.300

Image: The blog of Ruchi
Image: The blog of Ruchi
  1. Za True White Exfoliating Clay

This is a brand that I have not heard of, It’s a product from Vietnam. The product seemed ok for exfoliation purposes to remove impurities. The quantity received in the box is 30gm. The full sized product of 100gm costs Rs. 399.

Image: The blog of Ruchi
Image: The blog of Ruchi

One thing that makes me indecisive about all these subscription boxes sometimes is that why should I pay for samples that actually have zero cost. Each sample clearly mentions “Free Sample Not For Sale”. Whatever be the reason, I still find myself getting attracted to subscription boxes, because after all, not all samples are available readily! My Envy Box is one box that I am hooked to, because I am always happy with brands that I receive in the box. I think this is why even if I sometimes don’t like something about a particular month’s My Envy Box I still find myself wanting this box, simply because the things I like are more than the ones that I don’t like.

Coupon code for the month of April for My Envy Box!
Coupon code for the month of April for My Envy Box!


I am impressed with their impeccable delivery which is always on time.


The coupons and vouchers missing.

The multiple placards giving details has been replaced with a single placard (lots of cost cutting seems to be happening which hampers the luxury experience), feedback and tips about the products are missing.

The pink satin bag is missing.

You can get your own My Envy Box as monthly subscription for Rs.850/- , quarterly subscription for Rs. 2,250, half yearly for Rs. 4350 or annual subscription for Rs. 8,500 here.

So hope you are able to make your decision super quick now!


Your friendly faffer,



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