I don’t like paying service taxes and I found a way out! You can do it too!

Trying different restaurants and different cuisines is one of the best things in life. Keeping up with the very busy city life often leaves us with weekends, that we like to spend out with friends, at old haunts or by discovering new places.  If you are a foodie like me then, well, you probably love eating out as much as I do. But I hate paying the taxes on the food! The menu reads something and the bill that pops up at the end just makes me go through the bill once again… wishing maybe perhaps this time they incorrectly billed an extra dish or maybe the bill is actually not mine! The instant gratification achieved by having had one’s tummy’s fill of share falls down by notches at the sight of the bill.

There is a simple way out now! How about you get discounts as huge as 20% on each of your meal at one of your favourite restaurants every time? Takes care of the service taxes to an extent, doesn’t it? What if I tell you that you have the option of 200 places where you can avail discount and these places happen to be your favourite? Not possible you say? Ok, continue reading and think what it feels like on your pocket.

Costa Coffee your favourite coffee place in Delhi where you have done your endless group discussions on your common college projects or just sat all day to read a book, to use your laptop….and never once been chucked out, well continue doing the same, but now avail 20% discount on your bill!

Amici how many times have you fought with people saying no one makes a better pizza than Amici? Infact you have given it the title of best pizza in Delhi! Fight more, and now at 20% discount on your bill!

Delhi Heights Your favourite Juicy Lucy burger, the best burger in Delhi, along with everything else from their menu now at 20% less

Ok not satisfied? Then how about

The all new Smokey’s that lets you get away with 15% off! Or The Yum Yum Tree, The flying saucer cafe, Warehouse cafe, Nom Nom, Yeti,Olive, Out of the box,  Sakley’s, Lodi, Monkey Bar, LAP, Mamgoto, Cinnabon, Skooter, Elma’s, RAAS, Shalom, Kainoosh, and many more that give you these mind boggling number of discounts, check here for more of your favourite outlets!

The benefits are not limited to just Food and Beverages, they expand to Lifestyle and Retail too! Now every time I get my hair cut done from Affinity Salon, I get 20% off! Whenever I book a spa treat for my mother at Aroma Thai, I get a neat 20% off! These discount benefits expand to Ferns & Petals, Oma Living and god forbid, but Max Hospitals too!

Now wondering how is this possible? This is possible with just one card and if you are living in Delhi!

All you have to do is subscribe to the Exclusive Delhi card then go to the partner locations from which you want to make a purchase. Before the billing flash your Exclusive Delhi card at the counter, and wham! You get the heavy discount on your grand total! Pretty neat huh?

The Exclusive Delhi Platinum Card Kit.
The Exclusive Delhi Platinum Card Kit.

Exclusive Delhi card is ‘A privilege card, which makes you an esteemed member of the social circle. A platform to share and ask opinions of other locals like yourself on anything happening in the city. Makes going out, a totally new and unique experience. A place where you can get a list of things you should definitely try every month. First of its kind website where a member can add their events, launches etc on our event calendar.’ And DISCOUNTS! All this for cards starting at Rs.250 per month! Excited much?

How to get Exclusive Delhi privilege card?

Simply check www.exclusivedelhi.com for more on how you can subscribe to Exclusive Delhi card in easy quarterly, semi annual and annual plans!

Review of Exclusive Delhi card can't be anything short of Excellent!
Review of Exclusive Delhi card can’t be anything short of Excellent!
Exclusive Delhi Platinum Card kit.
Exclusive Delhi Platinum Card kit.

Now, I can’t do without this and I wanted to pass over the benefit to you! You too can get exclusive!

Review of Exclusive Delhi card.
Review of Exclusive Delhi card.

Your exclusive faffer,



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