Review of My Envy Box for the month of February

Whenever I am travelling I look for travel sized products, as I am a huge fan of travelling light. So this time for Valentine’s day when I went to Gulmarg, the most beautiful place in India, I couldn’t thank My Envy Box enough for having delivered (as promised) the box full of goodies right before Valentine’s Day! Perfect timing for un-boxing and surprising myself to 5 luxury samples in the February’s My Envy Box( . Out of these samples that arrived, I chose a few to travel with me, thanks to their size.

MY ENVY BOX pouch with me in Gulmarg, Kashmir. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
MY ENVY BOX pouch with me in Gulmarg, Kashmir. Copyright The blog of Ruchi

There are a lot of subscription boxes in the market now, in fact, every month I hear the launch of a new subscription box. However, I think the oldest subscription boxes  in this game are by far the best, simply for their experience in the field, their developed outlook towards consumers’ tastes and preferences, and their know-how of what will please their customers the most.

But, that being said, every industry or line of service waits for a breakthrough and a new product that will be the game changer. Me, as an enthusiastic consumer wishes for a new entrant to come and beat the existing competition with even better products. A healthy competition is always welcomed by the consumer!


Though samples are not that difficult to obtain when you are abroad, they are quite hard to come by in our country (don’t forget to ask for samples at various luxury cosmetic stores, in case you are not sure whether you will like the product or not). The approach of try and testing before making the final purchase is the most logical thing to do from consumer’s perspective, that too when you are talking about luxury items which are far more expensive than the local brands that you can afford to use and throw, or even not use and still throw.

Making these samples accessible is My Envy Box, which is a game changer in its own right, introducing consumers, month on month with luxury product samples.  The brands My Envy Box has been associated with are Elie Saab, Nina Ricci, Clarins, L’Occitane, Crabtree and Evelyn, Lancome, Givenchy, Davidoff, Clinique, O.P.I, Shiseido, Balmain Hair etc to name a few.

The most appealing thing about My Envy Box is the Shop it factor. Out of the 4 categories of subscriptions available with them which are 1 Month , 3 Months6 months1 year. The USP of My Envy Box is the points you accumulate worth 25% the value of the box that you can use for your purchase of a full sized product from their online store. For example, a 1 month subscription of Rs. 850 gives you 213 ENVY POINTS where 1 ENVY POINT is worth Rs. 1.  That means you can purchase a product for Rs.213 less!  For more details on the points per subscription, please click here.

The products that came in this month’s Black and Red My Envy Box with a pink pouch inside are ranked below in my order of preference:

  1. Review of Calvin Klein’s REVEAL
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Calvin Klein’s Reveal. Copyright The blog of Ruchi

The fragrance for the Valentine’s Day in the snow covered mountains was 1.2 ml of Calvin Klein’s Reveal. A fragrance that was launched in late 2014 and was announced as ‘ a sensual oriental; a scent of sun-kissed skin, sea salt, summer sunset and a cashmere scarf that covers the shoulders when the evening approaches.’ Well it doesn’t hurt to bring some summer to the land of frozen! The fragrance is nice and summery with overpowering fragrances of powdery iris and ambergris with tinges of pepper and more! However, I am not too sure whether it is enough to make me switch to it from my favoured Coco. But heck who doesn’t mind hauling fragrances! I may buy the full sized bottle which costs Rs. 5600 for 100ml and Rs. 4500 for 50ml.

Calvin Klein's Reveal. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Calvin Klein’s Reveal. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
  1. Review of Skin Yoga’s Post workout Neem purifier
Skin Yoga. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Skin Yoga’s Post Workout Neem Purifier. Copyright The blog of Ruchi

Skin Yoga is a new skin care brand which claims to provide you with 100% plant based skin care. I like the product which is enriched with Neem leaves, Barley powder and pure coconut meal. The natural body exfoliating scrub suited my skin well.  I have been plucking the Neem leaves and boiling them in water, there after cooling them and making a supply for at least 2-3 days in order to have a nice purifying bath before this, but the addition of coconut meal to provide a scrub is a nice touch of natural and can help me eliminate the tiresome process of preparing supplies! Still, I am not sure if I would be purchasing this particular product. I think that the other range of fresh products that they offer such as Oats and Roses face wash and Green tea face mask have definitely caught my fancy.

The quantity of sample of Skin Yoga’s post workout neem purifier is 22gm. The price for 200gm is Rs.1550.

  1. Review of Vana Vidhi

Simply put I enjoyed my bath in these yet to be launched Himalayan wild rose bath salts. It is made with Himalayan salts and rose petals. What is not there to like in a product that is 100% natural and free of chemicals and preservatives? This product is a pre launch exclusive for My Envy Box subscribers and will soon be available here.

Vana Vidhi. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Vana Vidhi’s Himalayan Wild rose bath salts. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
  1. Review of LYN Nail Lacquers
LYN Nail Lacquers. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
LYN Nail Lacquers. Copyright The blog of Ruchi

This nail paint is of a brand that I have never heard of before. When it comes to nail paint I don’t usually mind. As I divide my nail paint collection into colors that I like for my hands, which make their way to my finger nails, or colors that I don’t like too much which make their way for my feet! This one is for my feet not because I don’t like it too much but because I know that summers are coming and it will go well as a contrast to my bright flip flops! So far the nail paint has stayed for pretty long. It dried fast too. The product in My Envy Box was a full sized one i.e. 12 ml which is priced at Rs.350/-

  1. Review of Balmain Paris Color fringe extensions

I am a fringe person. I have a fringe for as long as I can remember. So this product should have ideally been my most favourite,  for a simple reason that it would have helped me add more volume and length to my fringe and it is very easy to put on. Also it has a great quality, and is the most expensive product in the entire curated  box, priced at Rs. 800. The only problem……it is blonde!!!!!!

Balmain Paris's hair extension. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Balmain Paris’s color fringe extension. Copyright The blog of Ruchi

I can’t imagine my brown hair with a chestnut and red Ombre  to go with a blonde fringe! However, I have been thinking of an alternative way of placing it below my fringe, perhaps, with only strands of blonde coming through. Uhh not too sure, again. The color is simply wrong for my taste.


  1. Review of Sephora Voucher

This Sephora voucher in addition to being a Sephora Voucher also announces the 15% off on all products available on with use of the code ENVYLOVE.

Plus you get a free make over at Sephora for you and your friend! I am saving this make over for a special occasion!

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Sephora Voucher. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Sephora Voucher. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
  1. Review of h2o+ gift voucher

The voucher is worth Rs. 500 and is redeemable at select stores (Select City, Saket; Pacific Mall, Khayala, GIP Noida, MGF, Gurgaon, R City Mall, Mumbai, PMC Pune. I plan to pick up and try a product from their outlet soon!

H2O voucher. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
H2O voucher. Copyright The blog of Ruchi

Overall I have had a pleasant experience with My Envy Box for the month of February!

My Envy Box for the month of February. Copyright The blog of Ruchi
My Envy Box for the month of February. Copyright The blog of Ruchi

Don’t forget to make a subscription to this monthly surprise at your door step, for subscribing please click here.

Your super happy faffer,



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